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10 Best Ma La Xiang Guo You Have To Try: Based On Real Reviews

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Ma La is not just an arguably expensive bowl of spicy, stir-fried food, it has become an obsession ā€” a way of life.

The Ma La craze has been in Singapore for quite a bit, and fortunately (or unfortunately for those nights in the toilets), itā€™s here to stay.

So, our community memberĀ asked for recommendationsĀ on Singaporeā€™s best Ma La Xiao Guo, and Ma La fans andĀ foodies all aroundĀ have answered.

1. Ri Ri Hong, Chinatown

Kenneth:Ā ā€œRi Ri Hong at Chinatown! Cheap and affordable!ā€

If you head down to the Peopleā€™s Park Complex Food Centre at Chinatown, you will realise that there are actually two Ma La stalls, one is Ri Ri Hong and one is simply names Ma La Xiang Guo. Both are popular, the former arguably more so, but there is a constant debate on which one is actually the better one.

Individuals look out for many different components when they eat their Ma La. Some like it more herbal, some spicier and some less numbing. This one has a bit more of a herbal taste to it. Our community members recommended Ri Ri Hong for its affordable prices and quality Ma La. Vegetables are $1 per portion, seafood is $3, meat is $2, and seafood $3. You can expect to spend less than $10 per person here!

Address:Ā Ri Ri Hong Ma La, 32 New Market Road, #01-1036 & #01-1152. Peopleā€™s Park Complex Food Centre. Singapore 050032

Opening Hours:Ā 11:00am ā€“ 09:00pm daily

2. Tian Tian Xiang Shang, Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre

Source: www.singaporebestfoods.com

Cheryl:Ā ā€œThereā€™s one atĀ pasir risĀ hawker centre level 2! Very cheap haha, $1 per veg portion and $2 per meat portion orĀ MaggiĀ mee.ā€

The Ma La here is on the ā€œhealthierā€ side based on what our community members say. It is generally less oily especially when you order your Ma La less spicy. This store charges by portion instead of weight, with vegetablesĀ atĀ $1Ā per portion, chickenĀ and pork atĀ $2Ā per portion and beef, mutton and seafood atĀ $3Ā per portion, one of the most affordable around with big portions.

Address:Ā Tian Tian Xiang Shang, #02-21,Ā 110 Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 519641Ā 

3. Fragrant Hotpot, 313@Somerset

Source: sg.openrice.com

Ming Feng: ā€œ313 Food Republic! Quite good. They fry the fish before tossing with mala.ā€

This place is a little more pricey with items going at @1.20 per 100g. Some items are also labelled as premium. Well, its Somerset after all! The best part about this place is that they fry your fish orders before stir-frying it with the Ma La spices which really adds the extra crisp and flavour!

Address:Ā 313 Orchard Road, #05-01/02/03Ā 313@Somerset, Food Republic Stall 20, Singapore 238895

Opening Hours:Ā 8am to 11pm, daily

4. Joyful Palace, Food Pavilion Clementi 443

Source: Burpple

This is another places that charges by weight, however much cheaper than the usual! It offers a good variety, less on the oily side but go easy on the spiciness level if you think you canā€™t take it!

This is the place for affordable, spicier Ma La!

Address:Ā 443 Clementi Avenue 3, #01-55, Singapore 120443

Opening Hours:Ā 12am to 12am, daily

5. Fat Bird All-You-Can-Eat Ma La, Heartbeat@Bedok

Source: Burpple

For you hardcore Ma La fans, unafraid of visiting the toilet after heaps of Ma La swallow into your desensitised stomachs, this is it. It has a wide and interesting range of food other than Ma La like Fried Mantou, Herbal Chicken, FrogsĀ (Tian Ji)Ā and so on!

The buffet is $14.80++ for 1 hour 30 minutes from Mondays to Thursdays and $17.80++ from Fridays to Sundays (including public holidays).

For a pretty decent price, you and your Ma La fanatic friends can have big bowls all to yourselves!

Address:Ā 11 Bedok North Street 1, #01-24, Heartbeat @ Bedok, SingaporeĀ 469662
Opening hoursĀ (for the buffet): 12pm to 4pm, 9pm to 11.15pm, daily.

6. Xiao Man Niu Ma La Xiang Guo, Star Vista / Suntec City


Josey:Ā ā€œStar Vista food court for consistency and taste!ā€

Consistent in delivering good Ma La thatā€™s not too herbal-tasting as well, Xiao Man Niu Ma La is a Ma La Xiang Guo chainĀ you can findĀ in several parts of Singapore and 6 are halal!


  • #02-25/26Ā The Star, 1Ā Vista Exchange Green,Ā 138617
  • Kopitiam, 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-367, Singapore, 038983

Opening Hours:Ā 11am to 9pm, daily

7. Ma La Xiang Guo, NUS Deck


You might think its peculiar to be adding some random schoolā€™s Ma La into this list, but NUS students rave about this Ma La, some even saying itā€™s better than the ones at Chinatown. The Ma La here is charged by weight but much cheaper than out-of-campus food courts. Plus, it is tasty and spicy with less of the numbness. If thatā€™s your kind of thing, this is it.

Address:Ā National University of Singapore,Ā 21 Lower Kent Ridge Road The Deck, Singapore 119077

Opening Hours:Ā 10am to 7.00pm (differs from time to time(

8. Ma La Xiang Guo, Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre

Source: BurppleĀ 

This place, like the Ma La buffet mentioned above, gives you the choice of ma tou buns instead of the normal rice! This place is cheap and good, more towards the spicy side but I think what you have to look out for will be the long queue!

Address:Ā Ma La Xiang Guo, #01-48, 208B, New Upper Changi Road, Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Singapore 462208

Opening Hours:Ā 10am ā€“ 10pm, daily

9. You Ma You La, Ang Mo Kio


Source:Ā Burpple Guides

This place is similar to the one at NUS deck mentioned above, more towards the tasty (albeit, salty) and spicy side. Ingredients are charged by weight but fairly affordable.

Address:Ā 51 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, S-11 Food House, Singapore 569922

Opening Hours:Ā 11am to 11pm daily.

10. Alexandra Village Hawker Centre


Source:Ā littlejoyofbeary.blogspot.com

Josey:Ā ā€œBukit Merah one for the affordable price!ā€

This one of on the spicier, number side so watch out! It charges by price but is rather affordable. Bonus, the owners are friendly!

Address:Ā Alexandra Village Hawker Centre, 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, 150123

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