Singles Day 2017: Biggest Shopping Event And How To Be Prepared

The world’s biggest annual shopping event is upon us! Started by Alibaba in 2009, is an opportunity for everyone (not only those who are single) to treat yourself. This has been proven by the US$17.8 billion in sales generated last year.

Not to worry, not only Alibaba affiliated companies like Taobao will be participating but regionally, eCommerce merchants such as Zalora, LAZADA, and Shopback have joined in! With the record-breaking sales last year, Alibaba is expecting 140,000 brands to be participating this year.

Companies Participating

With the day fast approaching, many Singaporeans are armed with their shopping lists as well as trying to find companies that are offering the best deals out there and we are here to help because if there is a time to spend money, this is one of those times! Here are some companies in Singapore that will be participating :

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Tips And Tricks:

Choose the right merchants

What’s better than buying what you what at a lower price? Getting some of your money back of course!
Buy from your favorite merchants through Shopback and you will be able to earn a percentage of your money back. Companies like LAZADA have up to 14% cashback and Taobao can go as high as 22%!

Choose The Right Credit Cards

This is another way you can stretch your cashback or rewards. Choose the credit card that would give you a high return for online spending. Check out our articles for the best rebate card and the best mile card!

Know What To Expect

Many companies have developed phone apps to ensure ease of use on your mobile. However, with hundreds and thousands of people patronizing the website, the phone app is bound to crash. Opt for your laptop or desktop to help you get through the buying process easily especially when you KNOW you will be having multiple tabs open!

Furthermore, download a financial tracking app that will help you keep tabs on your expenses during this crazy day to ensure you don’t overspend!

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