$1 Million By The Time You Are 65, In Your CPF Account. How To Achieve This?

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Everyone Can Be A Millionaire

“Do this and become a millionaire!” – Every scam ever.

But what if we told you that it has been done before?

What is 1M65?

1M65 is a strategy for you to attain $1 million by the time you are 65, in your CPF account.

The person behind this is none other than Loo Cheng Chuan!

Not only has he achieved having $1 million in combined savings with his wife by the time he was 45, he even retired by 43 years old!

Read more about 1M65 from Loo here.

What should I do to achieve this?

At age 21: 

Build up a strong financial safety net using your CPF SA/MA account
With this safety net, you will have the guts to go for assets with higher risk but higher returns

At age 45:

Better late than never – top up your SA/ MA to the full retirement sum, and let it compound.
Let your target be a little more realistic (eg $1M by 70)

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If it’s so easy, why doesn’t everyone do it?


Problem: Many couples choose to use their CPF to alleviate the burden of buying a house, and to avoid taking a loan.
Loo: Why use CPF to pay for your BTO, when you can take a loan (2.5% int.), and arbitrage it by putting money into the CPF SA (4% int.)?


Problem: Some are afraid that the government might push back the age of retirement, or a change of political parties will affect the money that is put in CPF.
Loo: With every investment, there is always a risk. Compared to other investments with the same returns, how likely is a drastic change in policy or government going to happen?


Problem: What you save in CPF SA cannot be taken out until retirement, thus there is less you can spend on now.
Loo: The more illiquid an asset is, the more possible it is to harness the power of compounding to snowball your wealth.

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What if I’m not a Singaporean?

The strategy is the same: find a high interest and low risk asset and use it to build up a financial safety net for your retirement.

Then sequentially build up your equity portfolio without the butterflies in your tummy affecting you when markets go on a roller coaster.

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That’s all great advice for me- but how do I teach my kids?

  1. Be good role models
  2. Guide them to be rich and free, but not luxurious
  3. Make it fun and competitive

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What is retirement like for Loo?

I think retirement means having the freedom to do what you want without any worries of money.

At 43, I stepped down from my corporate life and start a business. Fortunately, I need not worry about money, living expenses or business funding. Strangely, my “retirement” life is more active than my corporate life.

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