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20 Easy Ways to Save Money in Singapore

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With Singapore ranked as the world’s most expensive city to live in, it is no wonder we don’t have much cash to spare after paying off our bills every month. Here are 20 effortless ways you can save some money:

Warehouse Sales

Use the warehouse sales opportunity to load up on products you need. As brands try to clear their stock to make way for the incoming season, prices of their current stocks will slash. If it’s nearing the end of the season and you’re still eyeing that rather pricey leather jacket, hold up a little more, and you may see it out on a warehouse sale.

Automate your savings

Set your bank account to automatically deduct an amount out of your paycheck and move it to a different account. This action makes saving money much more convenient, and you don’t have to think about it.

Get someone else to shop for you

Do you always end up buying stuff you had no intention to get? Write up a shopping list and get someone to buy them for you. This way, you don’t have to fight temptation and will not spend on unnecessary purchases.

Plan Your Groceries

Rather than buying groceries as and when you need to, sit yourself down and plan all the groceries you will need for the week. Not only will you face less temptation to buy things just because they’re on sale, getting your groceries in bulk can also save you quite a bit!

Do Not Save Your Credit Card Info Online

When you have credit card info saved on Autofill or your favourite online shopping sites, you are far more likely to make impulse purchases. If you have to enter your credit card information each time manually, you’re less liable to spend. This also helps protect you from identity theft.

Carousell it!

Get used to selling used items on Carousell. Not only will you get some money back from your initial purchases, it also helps reduce clutter in your room. Besides, it’s an excellent way to find cheap buys as well.

Meeting up for Coffee/Drinks? Turn Up Late.

Time your arrival to be about 30 minutes late. This way, all the drinks would already have been ordered by the time you reach, and you’ll likely just get iced water. Or ya know, drink off your friend’s beverages.

Don’t do it too often, though, or your friends will start distancing themselves from you!

Clear Your Cache When Booking Online

Clear your web browser’s cookies and cache to make sure you’re getting the best prices when you book flights or hotels online. This will make it appear as if it’s your first time visiting these sites, and you’re likely to see a much better price!

Take advantage of transport discounts

Did you know SMRT has a program where you can still get 50 cents off your train fare if you exit at any of the 18 stations* between 7.45am and 8.00am on weekdays?

*Bayfront, Bras Basah, Bugis, Chinatown, City Hall, Clarke Quay, Dhoby Ghaut, Downtown, Esplanade, Lavender, Marina Bay, Orchard, Outram Park, Promenade, Raffles Place, Somerset, Tanjong Pagar and Telok Ayer.

Travel Smart Rewards

While the previous tip only works for those heading towards the CBD every morning, this one is for everyone! Register your EZ-link on travelsmartrewards.sg and start earning points for all the trips you make on the MRT and LRT systems (at least 3x more points if you travel during decongesting hours). Use your points to win cash rewards on the Travel Smart Rewards website (they can automate this process if you have no time to track your points).

Use the best money-saving tools in Singapore

Shopback is number 1 at this! Find out the other 10 tools we recommend. Eg, Groupon Fave has TONS of incredible deals. Want to go for a fine dining meal on a budget? Just crawl through and you’ll find a multitude of places offering their vouchers at more than 50% off (no minimum spending vouchers are the best). These days you can get a bargain for anything and everything.

From spas to music classes, you are bound to find a good deal online.

Adopt a pet instead of buying one

Instead of buying a pet, adopt one! Not only do you save on upfront costs, you’ll get to save a life.

Take advantage of online Promotional Codes

Before paying for your online order, perform a quick Google search to check if the merchant is running any discounts.

This can easily be done by searching ‘xxx coupon code’ (replace xxx with the dealer’s name).

Purchase second-hand stuff

With platforms such as Carousell and Gumtree, you’re bound to find the exact item you want, at a much lower cost. Depending on what you’re looking for, they’re often still in good condition. Functionality over aesthetics anytime!


Rather than paying full price for a private car ride, why not go for the cheaper carpool option? With carpooling apps such as Uber and Grab neck and neck with tons of discount codes, there’s never been a better time to hitch a ride!

Look through your Bank Statements on a Weekly/Monthly basis

Find out what you’re spending too much on (e.g. $100 on that one night at the bar?!) and make an effort to spend lesser in that area for the next month. You may also find pesky fees such as a subscription you had forgotten to cancel after the free trial. Have a few bank accounts?

No worries, Seedly can help you aggregate all your transactions and make it easier for you to track your finances.

Unsubscribe from merchant newsletters and email deals

If you’re constantly receiving discount codes and sales alerts, you’ll be more tempted to shop. Unsubscribe from these emails and only perform a quick google search for promo codes when necessary.

Just say NO

Don’t feel pressured by friends or colleagues into spending money you don’t have. It’s okay to say “no” now and then. A fancy dinner + drinks could easily cost you $50 and if you stay home on such meals every month, you’ll get to save at least $600/year!

Use Your Card for Group Dining

When you dine with friends, offer to pay for the bill via credit card first, and collect cash from your friends at the table. By paying with a cashback card or reward points, you will be able to rack up points faster. As long as your friends pay you back, you lose nothing!


Bottle your water

A bottle of water may be cheap in Singapore, but spending 70 cents on water every day will eventually add up over the years. Start the habit early and invest in a good bottle. Refill it before you leave home or at your workplace/school’s water cooler. Can’t find a cooler? Just bottle it straight from the tap! Singapore’s tap water is perfectly safe to drink.

Got a money saving tip you don’t see on this list? Share it with us in the comments! We are all about managing your finance well.

Seedly can assist you in your personal finance journey by importing your banking transactions and categorizing them automatically. With your bank accounts collectively on the Seedly app, you can oversee your expenses all in one place and budget smarter!

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