2016: Seedly’s App Journey (Infographic)

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The past 6 months has been nothing short of amazing, and we would like to thank our users for the support you’ve given us on this journey. We’re just getting started and are very excited for 2017. Do stay tuned as we work on new features to give you a better understanding of your finances.

Meanwhile, import your last 2016 transactions and have a great year ahead!

The Seedly Team

Seedly is an everyday personal finance assistant that aggregates your financial data across up to 6 local bank and card accounts and gives you a complete personal financial picture. We currently serve over 6,000 users and growing in Singapore and are supported by NUS Enterprise, TOP 9 DBS HOTSPOT startup and East Ventures. We aim to become the #1 personal finance management app in Singapore and the region.

Guides For Every Lifestage

Seedly understands that each phase in life requires different personal finance needs and risk appetite. With that, we compiled our articles into guides to help you out.