2018 Travel Deals: When to Book & When To Fly

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Happy New Year, Seedly community! It has only been 2 weeks since we’ve returned to the daily grind, but I’m sure that most of us still can’t get enough of our year-end vacations from 2017. Well, things are going to change in 2018 because you can now travel the world without breaking the bank.

A simple infographic

Presenting to you – Seedly’s best travel deals of 2018 (so far). Not only did we curate the best deals for air ticket discounts, we’ve created a simple infographic, so you know when to book your tickets and when to fly off.

TL;DR: Here are the best travel deals for you:

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Long Weekends In The Year 2018

We have also attached a calendar of all the long weekends in the year 2018 for your reference to help you better plan your trips.

Long weekends 2018


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