Here Are Some Of The Personal Finance Articles We Love This Week

If you are hugging a bag of potato chips, binging some Korean Drama this weekend and would like to take a break between each episode, here’s a suggestion for you.

Below are 5 of our favourite articles of the week, do give it a good read and level up your personal finance game.

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1. Has the Wage Gap in Singapore Really Been Closing? – Valuepenguin

” Although Singapore’s wage gap may have declined somewhat since 2006, data shows that it has actually widened quite meaningfully since 2000. For instance, the top 10% of households in Singapore made S$15,946 per month in 2000, roughly 11.54x of S$1,382 of bottom 10% households in the country. By 2016, however, the top 10% made S$30,175 per month, which is 15.81x of S$1,909 that the bottom 10% made. All in all, the top 10%’s income grew by 89% since 2000, while the bottom 10%’s wage grew by only 38%, barely outpacing overall inflation of 32%.”

2. 4 Personal Finance Tips And Tricks Every Fresh Graduate Should Know – Drwealth

” Compound interest is going to be your new best friend as you enter adulthood. It is the biggest factor that will decide whether you are able to achieve financial freedom while you are still young or whether you will work till you are 65.”

3. Freelancing? Here’s how you can still get approval for a home loan. – SG Budget Babe

” The gig economy is growing, and even the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has now acknowledged the challenges faced by freelancers in Singapore. Aside from the insecurity that comes with not having a fixed monthly salary, many self-employed individuals often find their applications for personal loans rejected.

If you’re a freelancer and looking to build your own home, here’s how you can improve your chances of getting approved for a home loan.”

4. 4-steps Skincare Routine At Less Than $55 – Simple Budget, Simple Life

”  When it comes to skincare products or toiletries, I’ve a few rules that I follow:
– as best as possible, items should be free from SLS and parabens
– application should be hassle-free
– and most importantly, the product must be value for money

With that, I’m going to share with you my budget 4-steps skincare routine which cost you less than $55, bearing in mind some of the products could last over a year!”

5. How To Have $1 Million Dollars For Retirement – Sg Young Investment

” Why is $1 Million important for retirement? To lay out the context, $1 Million actually isn’t really a lot of money for retirement. Assuming you have $1 Million dollars at the age of 55 and retire and live till 85 years old, you can spend about $33,333 every year from age 55 onward. This is about $2777 per month for expenses which really is just enough factoring inflation in the future.”

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