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5 Staycation Venues Under $100 For Couples

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Staycations have become a way of life for most couples in Singapore.

Among Singaporeans ages 15 to 34 who are unmarried, 97% still live with their parents. This is mainly due to the huge commitment involved and the high cost of getting your own home. This number is less than half in countries such as Britain and US. Hence, an occasional local getaway for the short span of full privacy once a while helps to bring the relationship to another level.

Also, if work has been stealing your quality time away from your partner, a staycation to make up for some lost time and embrace the weekend is a great solution.

Staycations do not necessary have to be at some really high-end hotel burning a hole in your pocket. Given that the time spent together is what matters most, here are 5 staycation suggestions that allow quality time spent with your partner and not leave you having to live on bread for meals in the weeks ahead.

Kam Leng Hotel

Website: http://www.kamleng.com/
Address: 383 Jalan Besar, Singapore 209001
Rooms from $88.27 per night

First established in 1927 by a mysterious owner whose identity remains unknown. Kam Leng is situated along the busy and colourful Jalan Besar road. It was one of Singapore’s most well-loved hotels favoured by tourists all over the world.

The re-opening of Kam Leng Hotel in 2012 will bring back the magic and nostalgia of yore. The contemporary hotel experience will be a refreshing take of the old dame where we dived into research of what she used to be, and recreate the mood and style by weaving new stories into the experience.

Sandpiper Hotel

Website: www.sandpiperhotels.com
Address: 63 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209391
Rooms from $72 per night

Targeted at savvy singles, couples & families who want to walk and talk the Singapore experience, the Sandpiper will be the ideal choice. Located conveniently at the Dunlop Street, the area is notified as conserved to preserve the history of yesteryear. Colour palates for the hotel are mostly muted and pastel, which gives a sense of serenity.

Keong Saik Hotel

Website: www.keongsaikhotel.com.sg
Address: 69 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 809165
Rooms from $100 per night

source: https://www.booking.com/hotel/sg/the-keong-saik.html

Located in the midst of a once-infamous street of days gone by The Keong Saik Hotel still evokes memories of rickshaw pullers and ladies of the night, opium dens and past delights.

At the hotel, you’ll be pampered with the kind of hospitality that was reserved only for the rich Chinese towkays (a Mandarin term for the rich businessmen) who used to patronise these very shophouses. Only better this time, with a warm smile and a commitment to please. The Keong Saik Hotel – for business or a private holiday, you can be sure of a memorable stay.

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Hotel Nuve

Website: www.hotelnuve.com
Address: No. 9 Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199141
Rooms from: $77.79

Centrally located in Bugis, enjoy easy access to Singapore’s famous shopping district and cultural haven. Nestled in the heart of Arab Street, immerse yourself in the rich, colourful multicultural environment of Kampong Glam and experience the bustling daily lives of the locals.
Housed in pre-war conservation shop houses, Hotel NuVe offers a comfortable, economical and affordable stay in Singapore.


Website: www.airbnb.com.sg

Thanks to the advancement of technology, one can search and book an apartment using Airbnb. This can help reduce some of the uneasiness and awkwardness that applies to some couple when at the reception counter of hotels they plan to have a staycation at.

We tried looking up for studio apartments for rent on Airbnb under $100 or close to it. If you are lucky like us, you should be able to book one of those for your staycation!

Know of any other awesome staycation venue below $100? Let us know!
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