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5 Types Of Singaporeans And The Best Credit Cards To Earn Cashback

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If you are like any other Singaporean who is kiasu, cynical, yet hungry to save more money, while you spend more – this is THE article for you. With too many options to spend (and save with cashback), which one is the best one for you? At Seedly, we know that Singaporeans are ‘Lazy Smart’, so we went the extra mile to find you the best card based on your personality traits.

The UBER-addict

” 2 blocks away also want to Uber.”

Standard Chartered Bank Unlimited Cashback Card

Get 20% Cashback on Uber Rides Globally. For example, If you take $20 x 10 days of Uber in a month = $200, you can get $40 cashback. At this rate, who needs a expensive car with a ridiculous COE. (oh yes, a Seedly tip: Look out for UBER codes to get additional discount deals as well)

Apply here by 31st March and receive $150 Uber Credits.


The Online Junkie

” Finger addicted to clicking on online shops and forgetting what he/she had spent on.”

Standard Chartered Bank Singpost Platinum Visa Credit Card

7% Cashback on eligible online purchases (min. $600 spend/month) For example, spend $130 online on LAZADA and get $9.10 cashback (Pro tip: Stack this with other forms of online shopping discounts as well). Some financial bloggers also have noted that this is clearly the best alternative to the OCBC FRANK cards which also offer up to 6% cashback on online purchases.

Apply here by 31st March and receives $138 Cashback + $30 Cashback in Apple/Android/SamsungPay*


The High Spenders

” Dream big and spend big!”

ANZ Optimum World MasterCard Credit Card

5% cash rebate on your chosen category every quarter – Dining & Leisure, Travel, Shopping or Groceries. Also receive a 1% cashback on all other retail expenses. According to Dollarsandsense.sg, this is a brilliant card to have where you are able to select a special category for that quarter and spend all out to maximise the cash rebates. For example, if you are planning for a huge shopping spree during the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) over a period of 2 months, get up to $50 cashback when you spend $1000 over that period on shopping alone.

Apply here by 31st March and receives Up to $168 Cash Rebate + 28” Luggage, and $100 Cash Back on Travel and Online Overseas Spend


The Foodie Express

” Eat Char Kway Teow, Nasi Lemak, International Buffet and still got room for dessert.”

OCBC 365 Credit Card

This card gives you a 6% Cashback on Weekend Dining and 3% Cashback on Weekday Dining and Overseas Dining. An example will be to spend $200 on Tunglok and get $12 cashback. Seedly’s strategy is to get more cashback by paying when you head out for group meals or family treats (this is actually a funny yet interesting… often among friends, it is actually not common for people to offer to pay)

15hourworkweek tried the OCBC 365 credit card for a year and received up to $1,490 in terms of rebates over a period of 1 year! That’s almost $125 in a month! 


The All-Rounder

” Expenses here, expenses there, expenses everywhere! Too lazy to track whichever card is for whichever category.”

AMEX True Cashback Card

This card gives you a 1.5% Cashback on any purchase you make, anytime (3% for first 6 months). There is also a first year fee waiver. One example will be to spend $5,000 on that year end Paris Holiday with your partner and get $150 back. Seedly’s strategy is to stack with cashback sites like Shopback and deal seasons.

Budgetbabe had used this as one of her main spending cards for her wedding expenses recently and she got a whopping $3,516 cash back using a mix of cards for a total expense of $40 to 70k.

Apply here by 31 March to get 3% cashback for the first 6 months up to $5000 spend.


After you get your cards, jump aboard Seedly – Your personal finance assistant which manages all your rebates, cashbacks and categorised spending from the 6 local banks. So now you can spend smarter today. Built in Singapore, trusted by over 10,000 smart spenders!

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