7 Quirky Under $30 Secret Santa Gifts For Singaporeans

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It’s that time of the year, where friends, family, and colleagues start a game of Secret Santa. It’s always hard to pick a gift under a budget. What more if you’re getting it for someone you’re not familiar with. If you’re in a position where you can’t think of a gift, don’t worry. We came up with a list of items for the different types of people. All for under $30!

For the ladies with an extensive beauty regimen

Suga Daddy Scrub $25

This Australian-made Suga Daddy scrub is highly moisturising, reduces the appearance of fine lines, has a coffee aroma and is 100% natural. Perfect for the ladies huge on their beauty regimens, as this is sure to stand out amongst their collection of branded cleansers, moisturisers, lotions, etc.

Other benefits of this scrub include: specially formulated Arabian beans to actively target cellulite, stretch marks, acne and eczema. Not that all these would matter since you’re probably going to buy this for its namesake.

Before you decide to get this, make sure your receiver is fun-loving and can take a joke well. If she’s sensitive, she may interpret it as you implying she has daddy issues.

For the ones always looking for their keys

Keysmart $23.90

We all know someone who takes FOREVER to find their keys because they always put them on the table somewhere here or there. And by the time they manage to find their keys, 15 mins would have passed. Here’s the gift just for them! The standard pack allows you to fit 3 keys. Got more keys? You can purchase an expansion set too, where you can stack up to 100 keys. Though that would look, a little odd.

Also ideal for people with huge sets of keys which make a lot of noise. You can also attach a whole range of custom tools to your KeySmart (additional purchases of course). Some of these include USB thumb drives and bottle openers. Cool huh?

Cons: The risk of losing all your keys at once.

For the ones who don’t bring a wallet around

CardNinja $21.30

Know a colleague or friend who rocks their day with just a phone and a thin wallet? Help them simplify their already simple life by getting a CardNinja!

All you have to do is stick a CardNinja onto your device, and there you have it, an efficient phone-wallet contraption. The sleeve allows you to carry up to 8 cards. Perfect for 2 credits cards, your IC, driving license/EZ-link card, a $50 note and some other essential cards.

Go cashless and pay for everything with your card/phone. This way, it’ll be easier to track your spending as all your transactions will be accounted for. Afraid your bank statements will be too cluttered when you pay for everything by card? Sync your bank accounts to Seedly and have all your transactions categorised automatically!

For the cat-lovers (or perhaps, animal-haters? ?)

Bad Cat Page-A-Day Calendar 2017 $32

The perfect gift for the colleague always gushing over cat videos on Facebook. Examples include pictures of cats pretending they are celebrities from Animal Planet, cats wearing bunny ears to get out of jury duty, as well as cats sitting on computer keyboards to protest bad novels.

Give them a daily dose of bad cats with this calendar! Warning: be prepared to face random bursts of squeals on random mornings.

It goes for only $18.90 on Book Depository. Although it may not reach in time for Christmas, you can still get it for early 2017.

For the overseas ones who misses home

Curry Puff Cushion $29.90

You know the friend who lives abroad and is back in town only for the festive season? The one that regularly posts about missing home on Facebook? Yeah. You can get this for them. Remind them of all the local delicacies they could be having and make them feel more miserable than they already are.

Comes in 2 sizes: Small (35cm x 15CM x 20cm) at $29.90 and Large (55cm x 25cm x 35cm) at $34.90.

For the ones into Yoga

Germ-Free Yoga Mat and Linen Spray $8

Thanks to the uprise of fitness subscription models like Guavapass and KFit, an increasing number of people have been getting into fitness. A 2014 survey showed that 2.9% of the population participates in Yoga. That’ll come up to 156,000 people, though I’d imagine that figure to be much higher now with the introduction of different types of Yoga such as WeBarre, SUP Yoga, and Cat Yoga.

With more Yogis come more yoga mats. And with more yoga mats come more germs from all the sweat and grime. The only way to stay clean? Sanitise your mat. The great thing about this spray is that it has a lemon-tea tree-lavender scent and also works with other types of exercise gear.

For the one always complaining about train breakdowns

Ez-Link: MRT + Bus Washi Tape $12.90

Because surprising your enemy friend with their worst nightmare is what a real friend will do. Also makes for an excellent gift for your expat colleagues who would like a taste of Singapore. It doesn’t get more local than this.

Warning: Gifting this may make you seem like a cheapo thanks to the teeny size of this tape.

Bonus… for the Kanye or #hypebeast lover

Kanye Air Freshener $12.85

Why you should get this? It’s Kanye.

A 10 x 6.3 cm air freshener card to surround yourself with some #hypebeast aura so that you can fit in with the kids of the 21st century.

Do you plan on getting anything off this list?

I hope it has provided you with inspirations of some sorts! Go forth and level up your Christmas gifting skills this year.

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