8 Daiso Items That Are Totally Worth Every Cent: Based On Real Community Reviews
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8 Daiso Items That Are Totally Worth Every Cent: Based On Real Community Reviews

Cindy Junovica

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I made my first trip to Daiso 6 years ago when I just moved out to live on my own. During this time, there were tons of stuffs that I needed to buy. That’s when a senior of mine recommended, “Go to Daiso la! You’ll find everything at $2.

Curious to find out, I decided to see for myself. Honest opinion? It was like walking in a magical wonderland where you just wanted to grab everything (and you didn’t even bother to look at the price tag!)

For just $2, you can get various items, from toiletries, kitchenware, to Japanese snacks & beverages, beauty products, stationeries, and even quirky sundries you don’t even know existed. BUT, is everything really worth the $2? 

A question was posted on the ShopBack Smarter Way Page asking about what our community members usually buy from Daiso, and they have shared some stuffs they usually get, as well as what they think is worth it. Here’s a compiled list of the recommendations by members on our Facebook Community Page.

What’s worth it? Let’s find out!

1. Daiso Mold & Mildew Remover

Mold and mildew remover from Daiso

Photo credit: sgdaisoblogspot.com

I love cleaning toilet!“, said no one ever. Especially when it involves cleaning those disgusting corners behind sinks that have been probably been invaded by mold. Worse is when you try to scrub it with a brush or wash it off with water but it doesn’t work.

That’s when a mold & mildew remover comes in handy. One of the most popular items recommended by our community is the Mold & Mildew Remover from Daiso. There are two types; one with spray head (300ml), and one without (400ml). So, if you have a spare bottle spray at home, you can opt for the latter.

Before & After using Mold & Mildew Remover from Daiso posted by one customer

Photo Credit: workingwithgrace.wordpress.com

Daiso$2Mold & Mildew Remover (300ML & 400ML)
NTUC$4.35 - $5.5Mold & Mildew Remover (400ML -500ML) from various brands; Magiclean, Mr Muscle, Clorox
Redmart$4.2 - $5.5Mold & Mildew Remover (400ML -500ML) from various brands; Magiclean, Mr Muscle, Clorox

2. Daiso Travel-sized Multi-purpose Bottle

Everyone loves travelling, but before you get to all the fun, there’s something called ‘packing’ which is considered a big hassle for a lot of travellers. Fret not, Daiso offers many items that should ease your packing process.

traveling bottle: container from Daiso

Photo credit: hypequiva.com

Daiso$2Products may vary from 2 bottles/ 30ML, 1 bottle/ 50ML
Redmart$2.9 - $4.9Travel Accessories Multi-Purpose Clear Plastic Pump Bottle (50ML - 100ML)

3. Daiso Multi-purpose Container & Basket

Daiso sells many multi-purpose containers that come in all shapes and sizes according to your needs.

Multi-purpose Containers - Maison Clement from Daiso

Photo credit: dayre.me

As a customer, I’ve purchased several containers from Daiso, and they have been functioning really well till now! 

multi-purpose containers by Daiso Japan

There’s also multi-purpose basket where you can store items like clothes, shoes, books, and knick-knacks inside.

multi-purpose basket

Photo credit: cherieladie.com

Daiso$2All sizes, shapes, colours
Other Stores & Websites> $2Depending on the amounts or sizes

4. Daiso Fake Eyelashes/ Falsies 

Various Falsies by Daiso

Photo credit: laweekly.com

In early April 2018, Japanese national broadcaster NHK reported that three of Daiso products are found to contain cancer-causing formaldehyde, and this did not meet health requirements. Even before this incident, many people are skeptical about beauty products from Daiso. Is it really safe to put $2-product on your skin & face? 

Personal Story:

I personally never tried any skin/ facial products, BUT Daiso really offers amazing and affordable falsies. For those of you who are into makeup, you may want to give these a try!

One customer also wrote, “They have fabulous lashes. My favourite is the one in a black and green box, with 2 pairs in it. Type B. It’s awesome and I’ve been using my first pair since a year ago and I already stocked up on it.

Fake eyelashes from Daiso

Daiso$2Products may vary; 1 - 3 pairs/ box
SASA$4.9 - $15.8Products may vary; 1 - 10 pairs/ box from various brands
Miniso$3 - $5.9Products may vary; 1 - 10 pairs/ box

5. Daiso Makeup Sponge

makeup sponge from Daiso

Photo credit: chinahao.com

Beauty experts always say that when you put on foundation, it’s better to dab it with makeup sponge rather than using your bare hand as it may end up looking too cakey, too streaky, or sometimes not distributed evenly. If you’re using foundation or BB/CC cream daily, this is certainly a recommended item.

Personally, I’ve been using this item and I find it way cheaper than those sold in drugstores/ makeup stores.

Daiso$2Triangle Makeup Sponge/ Powder Puff (10 pcs)
Miniso$3.9Triangle Makeup Sponge/ Powder Puff (15pcs)
Redmart$4.9Cala Non-Latex Cosmetic Wedges (16 pcs)

6. Tasty Japanese Snacks & Beverages

Daiso famous caramel corn snacks

Photo credit: www.weekendnotes.com

The best part about Daiso has got to be the snacks. Personally, one of my favourite snacks is the caramel corn! One of the customers also commented that, “I always go to Daiso when I want to get my fix of Tohato Caramel Corn. This snack is really addictive! When I first got to know of it, there were just a few flavours but now there are many more. If you buy it from NTUC or other marts, it will be more expensive, at least $2.50.

Daiso$2Tohato Caramel Corn (80g)
Redmart$2.5Tohato Caramel Corn (80g)
Shopee$3.15Tohato Caramel Corn (80g)

7. Daiso Lint Remover

Daiso Lint Remover - Unique Product

Daiso Lint Remover

Photo credit: cherieladie.com

The ‘dangerous’ (or interesting) part of going to Daiso is you never expect what you are going to find. One of the unique items that are selling like hot cakes is Daiso Lint Remover. It is used to remove the balls of lint and make the items look as good as new (for sofa, clothes, carpet, etc).

Daiso$2Lint Remover
Qoo10$5.9 - $25Lint Remover by various Brands - differ in size and quality as well
Lazada$2.79 - $15Lint Remover by various Brands - differ in size and quality as well

8. Daiso Egg-Timer 

Daiso egg-timer

Photo credit: rebanas.com

If you’re not a pro chef, you probably still have a hard time cooking a soft/medium/hard-boiled egg (myself included). The timer indicates hardness of boiled egg by colour when you boil an egg with it. This cute egg-timer kinda works like a thermometer and there are 3 stages – soft, medium, and hard.

How does this work?
Basically, you just need to put the egg-timer inside the boiling water together with the eggs. The pink hue will turn to white when it reaches the stage.

Does this really work?
One of the community members from ‘We Love Daiso’ FB group shared her experience. “FINALLY SUCCEED!!” She even uploaded a few photos.

This list is definitely not exhaustive and if you would like to share more things of what you think is worth-buying from Daiso (or not!), do let us know by commenting below!

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