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Hacks And Workout Plans To Maximise Your $100 Active SG Credits

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With atas HIIT classes like F45, adrenaline-pumping spin classes like Absolute Cycle, and classy, boutique yoga studios popping up all over town, Singapore’s saturated fitness scene is both popular and lucrative. Yet, beneath the exteriors of beautiful, air-conditioned studios, people are forking out hundreds a month for these gym memberships. 

With all the hype that goes into boutique fitness studios, many would have forgotten about the free, $100 worth of credits given to us by the government two years ago. For those who have not used your $100 credits in your ActiveSG app, you are probably letting good money go to waste! 

I myself have $81.10 in credits left in my ActiveSG account: 

After opening my ActiveSG app after a few long months, I’d realise that letting all that good money sit around isn’t wise: especially when you can exercise for free, instead of spending hundreds a month at a boutique gym! 

Here are some tips and tricks to maximize your ActiveSG credits! For the average working adult, I’ve incorporated a  workout plan for you, so that these credits don’t go to waste!

Hacks On How To Maximise Your ActiveSG Credits

1. Renew Your ActiveSG Credits

The complimentary ActiveSG $100 will expire on 31 December of the following year upon verification of the ActiveSG accounts. To make sure that you still have that $100, make sure that you perform a transaction at least once, before 31 December, so that your credits auto-renew for use the following year.

For example, your ActiveSG Dollars is expiring on 31 Dec 2019, and you perform any transaction in the year 2019, your expiry date will be auto-extended to 31 Dec 2020.

2. Adventure Cove? Go To These Water Theme Parks For Just $2/entry.

Jurong West Swimming Complex | Source: ActiveSG Website

A day ticket to Adventure Cove costs ~$26. If you’re looking to bringing your family to enjoy some fun in the sun, you’ll be racking up quite a fair bit of money on a water theme park. What if I told you that you can enjoy water theme parks at a fraction of the price?

Jurong West Swimming Complex boasts a massive blue tube slide that winds around the entire complex, while Sengkang Swimming Complex is equipped with 8 multicoloured water slides that will keep you entertained the whole afternoon!

Source: Swimming Classes For Kids | Website

At just ~$2 per entry, these stunning public pools in the heartlands provide a fun and exciting way to spend your weekends. Better yet, by using your ActiveSG credits, you are paying next to nothing for these fun-filled experiences.

For serious swimmers, fret not as these pools are also equipped with Olympic sized swimming pools for you to clock in a good workout.

If you love swimming, here are the entry rates for single and monthly passes for you to consider:

Rates For Adult (18-54 years)Child (1-17 years)Senior Citizen (55 years and above)
Single Entry- Normal Pools, Weekday $1$0.50$0.50
Single Entry- Normal Pools, Weekend$1.30$0.60$0.60
Single Entry- Featured Pools, Weekend$2$1.00$1
Single Entry- Featured Pools, Weekday $1.50$0.80$1
Monthly Passes $10/month --

3. Get Your 1 Star Kayaking Course For Free

Source: Next Season Sports | Website

For those who’ve always wanted to try kayaking, ActiveSG has kayaking courses for you to learn the basics! The half-day session is usually on the weekends and costs $40 in credits. While it may be a little ‘expensive’ (credits wise), it makes for a fun date and workout session for you and your partner, family, or friends!

4. Earn Cashbacks While Eating Healthy Food

Source: Honeycombers | Website

By using money in your Active Wallet for transactions, you get to earn $1 in credits for every $10 transacted at these participating merchants. If you are dining at places like Subway, Greenbox, or Old Town Coffee, remember to use your Active Wallet to enjoy these additional discounts. For NUS students, you can enjoy these rewards at food places within NUS such as The Deck, Fine Food, Frontier, Waa Cow, and Platypus Food Bar.

This reward extends beyond food services, and can also be used for activities such as yoga classes, rock climbing, and even arcade games.

5. Book Courts For Racquet Sports

Source: ActiveSG | Website

Instead of always meeting your friends over an expensive brunch at a cafe, why not sweat it out at a badminton or table tennis game?

With sports halls and badminton courts scattered across various locations in Singapore, you can easily book a court for you and your friends. All you have to do is go to the ActiveSG portal to find and book facilities. Using your ActiveSG credits, you can book a badminton court in Bishan for $7.40 per hour.

You can also view the booking rates for the different facilities at the Active SG website.

6. Workout For Free At The Gym

Two years ago, I frequented the ActiveSG gym in Hougang once a week. Truth to be told, I hated it: the place reeks of old sweat, the gym equipments were rusty and old, and the air conditioning didn’t seem to work very well.

Fast forward today, the differences are both stark and apparent. Many ActiveSG gym outlets have undergone some form of renovation, and no longer are public gyms considered icky, rusty and old. When I stepped into the Hougang ActiveSG gym today, rows of minted gym equipment replaced old, rusty ones, and the place is cool, neat, and well kept.

Jurong ActiveSg Gym | Source: ActiveSG Website

If you’re looking for a cheap gym membership in Singapore, ActiveSG gyms will be your best bet. Below are the rates  ActiveSG gym passes: ActiveGYM membership (peak) gives you access to facilities islandwide daily at all opening hours, whereas off-peak access gives you access from Monday to Friday before 4pm.

Category Duration (Month)Adult (18-54 years old)Student (12-17 years)
Senior Citizen (55 years and above)
ActiveGYM peak access1$30$18
ActiveGYM off-peak access1$15$9

Single entry rates for the gyms are at $2.50 for adults, $1.50 for students and senior citizens, and a standard rate of $3.30 for others.

Workout Plans For You To Maximise Your Active SG Credits

 Weekdays Saturday Sunday Total Cost
Week 1 Once A Week: Gym ($2.50/entry)Gym Session + Recovery Swim ($3.80)Rest $6.30
Week 2 Once A Week: Gym ($2.50/entry)Gym Session + Recovery Swim ($3.80)Rest$6.30
Week 3Group Exercise: E.g Badminton ($7.40-$9.70/hr)Gym Session + Recovery Swim ($3.80)Rest~$19
Week 4Once A Week: Gym ($2.50/entry)Gym Session ($2.50)Visit a Feature Pool ($2)$7
TOTAL $38.60/mth

For working adults who have trouble squeezing in a workout session every other day, this workout plan helps you in keeping fit, and maximise your ActiveSG credits. I have also included monthly group workout sessions you can do with your friends, as well as a visit to one of the many ActiveSG feature pools once a month, to make working out a little more fun! 

Going to the gym can be rather intimidating, especially if you’re unsure of what to do for each workout. Do consult your #fitspo friends and come up with a proper workout plan, so that you will look forward to going for your weekly gym sessions! 

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