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Shady AF_ Affordable Sunglasses in Singapore

Shady AF: Affordable Sunglasses in Singapore

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Sunglasses change everything. People who wear sunglasses always look like they are ready to do anything.

This is the impression I got when I owned my first pair of sunglasses.

Why do you think Squirtle and his squad wear them so often?

Sunglasses are not only a practical staple in your bag or car, but they also add a high-tone style to your personality and elevate your look as a whole.

Let’s find out where to get an affordable pair without breaking the bank!

TL;DR: Affordable Sunglasses in Singapore And Where to Find Them

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Disclaimer: The Information provided by Seedly does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any product(s). It does not take into account the specific objectives or particular needs of any person. Prices reflected are accurate as of 21 September 2022 and are subject to change without any prior notice. 

Types of Lenses

Choosing a pair of sunglasses can be a headache as there’re just so many options!

Besides being able to block the Ultraviolet rays (UV), you will need to consider the shape and the lenses used.

For those who’re confused by the terms being thrown around, here’s a table to help you understand:

Types of LensFunction
Polarised LensReduce glare from the surfaces of water, glass, and snow to see true colours, and reduce eye strain

When choosing one, check that the lenses block 99% to 100% of UVA and UVB rays, and are labelled as UV400 which provides adequate protection against the UV rays
Tinted LensSunglasses that are not polarised are tinted - the darker the better the protection
Glasses LensGlass lenses are difficult to scratch and offer clear visibility most of the time, but can easily shatter or crack. They don't offer much protection from UV rays if not coated and can be heavy
Polycarbonate LensThis type of lens is hard to break, lightweight and can block UV rays without the need for a coating. However, they can be scratched easily
Plastic LensSimilar to polycarbonate lens, but require a coating to reduce the impact of UV rays
Photochromic LensSometimes called "transition lenses", these are built for indoors and can be normal glasses
Coloured LensThese sunglasses come in multiple colours - black, brown, yellow, green, orange, red or amber. The actual functionality of the colours is debatable, and for some people, certain colours may feel more in sync with their vision. For example, some people feel that green, grey or brown lenses will not distort colours, and reduce glare and eyestrain, while red or orange may increase contrast and distort colours
Mirrored LensReflect light away from your eyes more than regular tinted lenses, providing glare protection and clearer vision
Gradient LensThe top part is darkened while the bottom part is less dark which makes it easier for visual transition
Prescription or Reading LensThese glasses have actual prescriptions so that there is no need to switch back and forth

Sports Sunglasses

There are sunglasses that are built for specific purposes, such as sports.

These sunglasses are usually scratch and impact-resistant and are grippy enough to stay on your face even if you’re sweating.

Look for one that’s lightweight, such as those with polycarbonate lenses or photochromic lenses.

Korean Sunglasses

Watched a new Netflix Korean drama and the actors looked super cool with their sunglasses?

“Korean sunglasses” are just… sunglasses that are made by Korean brands.

To name a few, they are Gentle Monster, Carin and Manomos.

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How To Choose a Good Pair of Sunglasses?

Contrary to popular belief, brands and prices are not related to the level of protection a pair of sunglasses can offer.

Instead, you should be looking at the functionality and there are tips for choosing one that’s suitable for you.


Size matters! You will need to find the size that suits your face shape.

I used to think that aviator sunglasses looked so cool until they started moving whenever I smiled…

Source: Real Eyes Optometry

There are different face shapes and if it’s too large, the sunglasses will constantly slide down your nose or fall off your face.

If it’s too narrow, the nose pad which is at the bridge of your nose, will be pinching you.


Colour doesn’t block out UV rays as much as you think.

Coloured lenses that are brown, green or grey may not distort colours, while red or amber-coloured lenses may provide better contrast.

Impact Protection

However, accidents happen and getting one that is not easily scratched, or shattered is something you can look out for.

Materials such as polycarbonate or plastic are difficult to break, but when uncoated can be easily scratched.

Do check if a scratch-resistant coating is applied to the sunglass of your choice before purchasing.

Lens Quality

Source: Giphy

When you’re trying a pair of sunglass, make sure to do the following:

  • Look at something with a rectangular shape
  • Cover one eye while maintaining a comfortable distance between the glasses and your face
  • Looking through the lenses, carefully move the glasses from side to side and then up and down
  • The lenses are fine if the rectangular lines remain parallel. Try a different pair if the lines move or are wavered, especially in the center of the lens.

How Often Should You Change Your Sunglasses?

The lifespan of sunglasses is typically two years, and if you’re exposed to strong UV radiation all the time, for example, if you’re a sports coach and under the sun often, you will need to replace them at a faster rate.

These are signs that it’s time to change your current pair:

  • Scratched lens coating
  • Faded lens coating
  • New and better technology

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Where Do You Find Affordable Sunglasses?

Fun fact: Do you know that Italian eyewear conglomerate, Luxottica, controls 80% of the major brands in the $28 billion global eyeglasses industry?

The company manufactures frames and sunglasses for luxury brands such as Prada and Chanel, as well as sports eyewear brands such as Oakley, and is responsible for expensive sunglasses.

But, as we often know, price does not necessarily equate to quality, and Seedly, we encourage our readers to be prudent in their spending habits.

Without further ado, we’ve compiled a list of optical shops where you can shop for sunglasses below $100!

Optical ShopPrice of Frame + Lenses (SGD)Rating
Foptics$20 to $69.904.8⭐ (733 Google reviews)
Optic Butler$33 to $99 (U.P. $168 to $280)N.A.
$39 to $87

$37 to $88
4.6⭐  (1,292 Trustpilot reviews)
New China Opticians$48 to $994.6⭐ (131 Google reviews)
Defy Empire$48 to $99 (U.P. ~$159)N.A.
Lenskart Singapore$683.9⭐ (50,269 Trustpilot reviews)
Owndays$784.6⭐ (3,345 Facebook reviews)
Tens$89 to $94 (U.P. $146 - $156)4.4⭐ (1,650 Trustpilot reviews)
Visual Mass$953.9⭐ (17 Facebook reviews)

Defy Empire

Rating unavailable

Defy Empire touts itself as a shop that sells sunglasses that fused American street-style and classic lines.

It has a range of luxury, street and sports sunglasses, as well as those for children.

Location: Supershades.sg Office & Warehouse, IMM Building, #04-21D, Singapore 609601

Contact: Website | 8182 9949


4.8733 Google reviews)

Foptics offers some of the cheapest glasses and boasts a high 4.8 rating on Google reviews.

It has outlets in the West, Central and East, making it an accessible optical shop for most.


  • Changi City Point, #01-47, Singapore 486038
  • 58B Pagoda Street, #03-01, Singapore 059217 (Chinatown Exit A, 2 stores after Guardian)
  • 115A Commonwealth Drive, #05-18/19, Singapore 149596 (Commonwealth Exit B)

Contact: Website | 8874 2863 (Daily, 12PM – 9PM)

Lenskart Singapore

3.950,269 Trustpilot reviews on Lenskart)

If you hang around the central area, you would likely have chanced upon Lenskart.

Just a brief look through its online store, there is a wide range of sunglasses available and suitable for every face type.

Its cheapest range is around $68 and the store has a one-year warranty, with 14 days of free exchange.

Ongoing promotion: Great Singapore Sale up to 60% off and one-for-one promotions


  • Citylink mall
  • Funan Mall
  • Junction 8
  • Novena Square
  • Suntec City
  • Wisma Atria
  • Toa Payoh

Contact: Website | 9722-2210 (11AM – 8PM)

New China Optician

4.6131 Google reviews)

New China Opticians, established in 1927 and run by the amiable Uncle Tony, is a goldmine for shoppers looking for one-of-a-kind treasures.

Despite having a modest exterior, the shop is renowned for its selection of affordable vintage Ferragamo.

Location: Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore, 3 Coleman Street, #01-11, Singapore 179804

Contact: Website | 6337 8441

Optic Butler

Rating unavailable

Available online and in-stores, Optic Butler has a wide variety of eyewear products from various brands across the world.

While it has a luxury range, there’re ongoing sales that you can pay attention to, and they go as low as $33!

Contact: Website | 6643 9681 | [email protected]


4.63,345 Facebook reviews)

Most people would already know that Owndays is one of the places to purchase spectacles, but do you know that they have a variety of sunglasses too?
Since the company was founded in 1989, the Japanese optical store has found a decent footing in Singapore and is now in almost every heartland mall.

Locations: Islandwide

Contact: Website | 6222-0588



SmartBuyGlasses is an international eyewear online platform that ships over 20 countries worldwide.

While it doesn’t have a retail store in Singapore, its website allows you to convert the currency to Singapore Dollars and you’ll be able to be the pricing clearly.

Contact: Website


4.4⭐ (1,650 Trustpilot reviews)

Tens is a company started by a photographer trio. Its collections are designed in Scotland and have a community of Tens sunglasses lovers.

It operates online and most of its sunglasses are coloured sunglasses.

Contact: Website | [email protected]

Visual Mass

3.917 Facebook reviews)

Visual Mass was founded with the belief that good-looking and good-quality glasses/sunglasses don’t have to be expensive.

It prides itself as a design-conscious eyewear company, and prices start from $95.

Location: Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road, #B2-30, Singapore 238858

Contact: Website | 6702 3480 | [email protected]

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Use a Credit Card For Payments

Since you’re shopping, don’t miss out on credit card perks such as cashback, miles or rewards!

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