Staycation below $100

Attractive (Also, Affordable) Hotel Staycations Under $100 in Singapore

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“Stay + vacation = Staycation”

The idea of you having a holiday in your own country rather than abroad. Heading overseas would definitely be preferred by everyone but not everyone has that luxury to do so all the time.

Some days you just would like to relax and unwind with your loved ones in a new environment without distractions.

TL;DR – Affordable hotels that you can have your staycation under $100 that does not compromise on attractiveness:

HotelsDamage Per Night
Kam Leng Hotel$72
Sandpiper Hotel$80
Keong Saik Hotel$102
Hotel NuVe$89
The Great Madras$150

Kam Leng Hotel

Hotel Kam Leng

Kam Leng is one of the more affordable boutique hotels with adequate amenities. Situated along Jalan Besar where many popular cafes are just a stone throw away.

Now that your breakfast is done, with Farrer Park and  Bendemeer MRT just a short walk away, you can get to town in no time.

If you have late night cravings, with eateries like Swee Choon Tim Sum or Scissors Cut Curry Rice that are open till 6AM, you don’t have to worry about getting food at night.

 Kam Leng Hotel
DamageFrom $72
Address383 Jalan Besar, Singapore 209001
ContactTel:+65-6239 9399
Email: [email protected]

Sandpiper Hotel

Sandpiper hotels

Targeted at savvy singles, couples & families who want to ‘walk and talk’ and experience Singapore, the Sandpiper will be the ideal choice. Located conveniently at the Dunlop Street, the area is notified as conserved to preserve the history of yesteryear. Colour palates for the hotel are mostly muted and pastel, which gives a sense of serenity.

 Sandpiper Hotel
DamageFrom $80
Address63 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209391
ContactTel: +65 62936129
Email: [email protected]

Keong Saik Hotel

Keong Saik Hotel

Keong Saik Hotel has managed to preserve its hotel to match the rich history behind the building and even the once-infamous street name. The interior design will bring you back in time to those days where rickshaw pullers are still a thing.

It is said that you can expect to be treated with the level of hospitality that rich Chinese towkays who patronise these shophouses get.

*Towkays – a Mandarin term for the rich businessmen

Keong Saik Hotel

 Keong Saik Hotel
DamageFrom $102
Address69 Keong Saik Road,
Singapore 089165
ContactTel: (65) 6223 0660
Email: [email protected]

Hotel NuVe, Bugis

Hotel NuVe, Bugis

Being at the heart of the city, you get to head down for a movie or even shopping! Nestled in the heart of Arab Streets, there are many bars and restaurants that open till late to maximise your leisure.

Hotel NuVe had conserved the shophouses really well, that allows the shophouse-experience to live on for younger generations to experience.

Hotel NuVe, Bugis

 Hotel NuVe
DamageFrom $89
AddressNo. 9 Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199141
ContactContact: +65 6299 5975
Email: [email protected]

Airbnb – The CHEAPEST Option!


With great thanks to the advancement of technology, you can now easily search for an apartment to stay online. This is the cheapest way to have a staycation in Singapore for a quick getaway from your responsibilities.

With just a quick search on the Airbnb app, I was able to find Instagram-worthy apartments (like so, above!) for your relaxation with your loved ones.

You also have the flexibility to live like a king – in town or live closer to heartlands for that few days.

Legal or not, that is a question for another day.

DamageBelow $100

The Great Madras – (Treat Yo’self!)

The Great Suite room at The Great Madras

This is a little out of the budget but if you feel like you should treat yourself, this is definitely worth your consideration. At $150/night, you get to make your picturesque dream a reality.

Every corner is Instagram-worthy

Some of the rooms at The Great Madras. Credit: The Great Madras
 The Great Madras
DamageFrom $150
Address28 Madras Street, Singapore 208422
ContactNumber: +65 6914 1515
Email: [email protected]

The Great Madras is honestly just a bonus, it gets pricier as the rooms get prettier (applies for every hotel actually). But you get more photos to post on your Instagram to flaunt your escapade!

Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia

Johor Bahru

How can we forget this? Although this isn’t what the title promised, I promise you that the hotels or Airbnb there is worth the experience and affordable as well!

I personally have not stayed overnight at JB in a hotel or Airbnb but I have friends who did so and really enjoyed themselves. Would love to try so one day and sing karaoke the whole night too.

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