Did you know that PhillipCapital is THE pioneer of online share trading in Singapore? Find out more about the company as well as insights to their online brokerage platform, POEMS.

Choosing an electricity retailer is NOT only about choosing the cheapest. In fact, you’ll be SHOCKED by what I found out.

Psst… Did you know that you only need to take 11 days of leave to enjoy 40 days off work in 2020? #dontsaybojio

5,192,895 man-hours were dedicated to creating this solid guide to the best cashback credit cards in Singapore. Don’t say bojio hor.

Did you know that our MRT network has a total of 119 stations in operation? Happy April Fools’ Day! 😀

Me: “Boss, I’m quitting my job and opening MY own cafe!”
*after reading this article*
Me: Jit pai siao liao

*My wife trying to light candles*
Me: “Please don’t set me on fire.”
Wife: -______-

A 20kg dumbbell is not going to be “lighter” in a more expensive gym. Check out these <$100 options to get your sweat on!

Wondering where and how to catch the final season of Game Of Thrones LEGALLY? Here’re the most affordable on-the-go options using HBO GO.

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