5,192,895 man-hours were dedicated to creating this solid guide to the best cashback credit cards in Singapore. Don’t say bojio hor.

Did you know that our MRT network has a total of 119 stations in operation? Happy April Fools’ Day! 😀

Me: “Boss, I’m quitting my job and opening MY own cafe!”
*after reading this article*
Me: Jit pai siao liao

*My wife trying to light candles*
Me: “Please don’t set me on fire.”
Wife: -______-

A 20kg dumbbell is not going to be “lighter” in a more expensive gym. Check out these <$100 options to get your sweat on!

Wondering where and how to catch the final season of Game Of Thrones LEGALLY? Here’re the most affordable on-the-go options using HBO GO.

Also great as a refresher for level 999 Dividend Investors.

The wife: “The toilet paper you bought feels like sandpaper”
Me: -_-

Think that you’re getting a great deal on your whey protein powder? You haven’t seen our Ultimate Protein Powder Price Comparison yet…

Tired of cleaning your home and can’t afford a full-time maid? Did you know that a part time maid only costs half as much?

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