Diamond engagement rings are so expensive! What are some of the alternatives we can look at?

If you or any of your loved ones are on WeChat or Linkedin (that’s like the majority of Singaporeans), here’s one of the latest scam circulating in Singapore. Victims suffered trading losses of more than S$200,000.

$320. That’s how much these household products with an expiration date can cost you each year.

Here’s what your bubble tea addict friend needs to know.

From the cheapest bubble tea brand to why is bubble tea unhealthy.

With Singapore National Day round the corner, we look at some of the best and cheap food deals and promotions for the year 2019 to better celebrate SG54!

How about a ‘Shiok Shiok’ massage without breaking the bank?

Having a $100K saving is possible!

If you save 50% of your savings with 0 investment at 0% interest, here’s how much you will save by 30 years old:

Male, University Graduate: $104,527.11
Female, University Graduate: $143,413.25
Male, Polytechnic Graduate: $142,196.30
Female, Polytechnic Graduate: $161,209.39

If you are more risk averse, getting a loan from the HDB might be the better option. Useful tips from our community included in this article!

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