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Best Rice Dumplings Places in Singapore For Dragon Boat Festival 2024

Best Rice Dumpling in Singapore (2024): Best Bak Chang This Dragon Boat Festival

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Dragon Boat Festival, or Duan Wu Jie (端午节) in Chinese, falls on 10 June 2024 – the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.

Rice dumplings, also known as Bak Chang (Hokkien), Kueh Zhang (Peranakan), Zong Zi (Mandarin), or Zhong (Cantonese), are triangular parcels of rice wrapped in leaves that are consumed on this special occasion.

Source: theMEATMENchannel

If someone in your family makes this every year, you are extremely lucky because it takes at least four hours from preparation to cooking the ingredients!

Unless you love cooking, you might be better off buying ready-made ones from restaurants, hotels or Bak Chang businesses.

Here’s a compilation of the 16 places that sell rice dumplings with deliveries and vegetarian options!

TL;DR: 16 Best Rice Dumplings With Deliveries & Vegetarian Options

Just like mooncakes, famous brands are often sold out quickly, so you should place your orders early.

Also, with inflation, expect some of your go-to brands to experience a price increase.

Best Rice Dumpling / Bak Chang (Hawkers, Old Favourites & Heritage Brands)

Bak Chang Delivery
(Hawkers, Old Favourites & Heritage Brands)
Type of Bak ChangPriceDelivery Fee & Min. Order
Thye Moh Chan x BreadTalkTeochew Double Delight Bak Chang$7.20Complimentary delivery to a single location with minimum order of $300

• $50 delivery charge is applicable for orders less than $300

• $20 delivery charge applies per additional location
Teochew Salted Egg Bak Chang$7.20
Teochew Vegetarian Chang$7.20
Buy 6 Free 1$43.20 (U.P. $50.40)
Buy 10 Free 2$72 (U.P. $86.40)
Eastern Rice DumplingNyonya Rice Dumpling$4.50A flat rate of $12 applies for delivery service, except for the following instances where free delivery will be provided:

• Order at least $120 for free delivery on or before 7 Jun 2024

• Order at least $300 for free delivery on 8 – 10 Jun 2024

• Order at least $120 for free delivery on or after 11 Jun 2024
Hokkien Rice DumplingWith egg yolk: $5.20

Without egg yolk: $4.50
Cantonese Rice Dumpling with Egg Yolk$5.20
Black-Eye Beans Mushroom Rice Dumpling

*walk-in only on 31 May to 3 Jun
Kee Chang$2.30
Kee Chang with Bean Paste$2.60
Vegetarian Nyonya Rice Dumpling$4.20
Chilli Shrimp Nyonya Rice Dumpling$5.20
Mini Nyonya Rice Dumpling$2.60
Black Pepper Chicken Rice Dumpling$4.70
Mini Hokkien Rice Dumpling$2.60
Brown Rice Hokkien Dumpling$4.70
XO Salted Egg Rice Dumpling$6.30
10pc Assorted Mix Gift Set
• 2 Nyonya Rice Dumpling
• 2 Hokkien Rice Dumpling
• 2 Hokkien Rice Dumpling with Egg Yolk
• 2 Cantonese Rice Dumpling with Egg Yolk
• 2 Nyonya Rice Dumpling with Chilli Shrimp
10pc XO Salted Egg Gift Set$66
5pc Cantonese + 5pc Hokkien/Egg Gift Set
• 5 Cantonese Rice Dumpling with Egg Yolk
• 5 Hokkien Rice Dumpling with Egg Yolk
5pc Nyonya + 5pc Hokkien Gift Set
• 5 Nyonya Rice Dumpling
• 5 Hokkien Rice Dumpling
2pc Nyonya + 3pc Hokkien Gift Set
• 2 Nyonya Rice Dumpling
• 3 Hokkien Rice Dumpling with Egg Yolk
Hoo Kee Bak ChangDeluxe All-In$8$12 (within zone) for orders above $50 and $20 for out of zone

Free delivery for orders above $300
Original (Marinated pork and roasted chestnuts)$6
Kim Choo Kueh ChangNyonya Chang (Pork)$5.50$10

Free delivery for orders above $50
Nyonya Chang (Chicken)$5.50
Nyonya Chang (Vegetarian)$5.50
Traditional Salty Chang (Salty Egg)$6.50
Traditional Salty Chang$5.50
Traditional Salty Chang (Chilli Prawn)$6.50
X.O. Traditional Salty Chang$8.50
Cantonese Bean Chang$5
Mini Nyonya Chang (Pork - 10 Pieces)$25
Mini Traditional Salty Chang (10 Pieces)$25
Mini X.O. Traditional Salty Chang – 10 Pieces Per Box$40
Kee Chang (10 Pieces)$25
Joo Chiat Kim ChooEmperor's Rice Dumpling$20.50Non-festive period < $80: $12

29 May - 2 July < $100: $15

Min. order: $20
Hokkien Rice DumplingRegular: $6.90

Large: $10.10
Nonya Rice DumplingRegular: $7.10

Large: $10.40
Hokkien Rice Dumpling with Salted Egg YolkRegular: $7.40

Large: $10.70
Cantonese Bean Rice Dumpling$7.40
Hakka Pork Belly With Preserved Vegetables Rice Dumpling$8.70
Pulut Hitam Nonya Rice Dumpling$8.70
Kee Zhang$2.70
Kee Zhang with Red Bean$3.60
Teochew Rice Dumpling$8.20
Hakka Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables Rice Dumpling$8.70

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Best Rice Dumplings / Bak Chang (Hotels & Restaurants)

Bak Zhang Delivery (Hotels & Restaurants)Type of Bak ZhangPriceDelivery FeeHow to Order
Crystal JadeTrio Bundle$27.03Flat fee: $18Order online
Spicy Szechuan Pepper Chicken with Pearl Peanut Rice Dumpling$8.50
Classic Five Spice Marinated Pork Rice Dumpling$10.68
Petite Red Bean Paste with Tangerine Peel Rice Dumpling (5 pieces)$9.50
Jumbo-sized Hong Kong Style Abalone Rice Dumpling$28.12
Golden Peony (Conrad Centennial)Golden Peony Luxury Bundle$188~$28

Quote "FOCDELIVERY". Minimum spend on regular items above $150
Order online
Traditional ‘Hong Kong Style [Signature]$38.80
Dried Velvet Mushroom 5 – Grain Rice Dumpling$22.80
Singapore Black Pepper Chili Crab, Prawn and Bedford Scallops Rice Dumpling$36.80
Golden Peony's Signature London Duck Rice Dumplings [NEW]$36.80
Multigrain Rice with Korean Kimchi Sauce [Vegetarian]$24.80
Thai Mango Sticky Rice, Coconut Milk [New]$18.80
Hai Tien Lo (Pan Pacific Singapore)Hai Tien Lo’s Supreme Rice Dumpling$45Enjoy complimentary delivery with a minimum spending of $500 Island-wide
delivery service is available for $60nett per location
Order online
Pan Pacific Black Pepper Foie Gras Sausages Rice Dumpling$22
Black Glutinous (Pulut Hitam) Nyonya Rice Dumpling$22
Hokkien Rice Dumpling with Pork and Salted Egg Yolk16
Teochew Rice Dumpling with Yam Paste, Chestnut and Gingko Nut$13
Classic Bundle

• Two Hokkien Rice Dumplings with Pork and Salted Egg Yolk
• Two Pan Pacific Black Pepper Foie Gras Sausages Rice Dumpling
• Two Teochew Rice Dumpling with Yam Paste, Chestnuts and Gingko Nuts
• A Bottle of Sweet and Sour Spicy Bean Paste Sauce
Premium Bundle

• One Hai Tien Lo’s Supreme Rice Dumpling
• One Pan Pacific Black Pepper Foie Gras Sausages Rice Dumpling
• Two Teochew Rice Dumpling with Yam Paste, Chestnuts and Gingko Nuts
• Two Black Glutinous (Pulut Hitam) Nyonya Rice Dumpling
• A Bottle of Hai Tien Lo’s Signature Homemade XO Chilli Sauce
Hua Ting Restaurant (Orchard Hotel Singapore)Premium Black Truffle Dumpling$20.49-Order online
Cantonese Rice Dumpling$24.85
Hua Ting Supreme Rice Dumpling$35.75
Dumpling Trio Set with Gift Box$73.03
Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant(Sheraton Towers Singapore)Wagyu Beef Cheek, Pearl Meat and Morel Mushroom [NEW]$98$30 islandwideOrder online
Golden Kanshui Rice Dumpling with Dragon Fruit Sauce and Osmanthus Syrup (6 mini pcs)$38
Abalone and Pumpkin Rice Dumpling$58
Traditional Rice DumplingLarge (900g): $58

Small (2 pieces, 450g each): $68
Man Fu Yuan (Intercontinental Singapore)Limited-edition Man Fu Yuan Giant Classic Cantonese Rice Dumpling with Red Quinoa$98.80$30 if spend below $450 nett; complimentary if aboveOrder online
Nonya-Style Rice Dumpling with Plant-Based Meat $23.90
Nonya-Style Rice Dumpling with X.O. Sauce$23.90
Wild Rice Dumpling with Smoked Duck and Yunnan Black Gold Garlic$23.90
Traditional Hokkien-Style Rice Dumpling$23.90
Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Red Bean, Honey Date and Red Date $20.90
Duo Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Japanese Sweet Potato and Black Sesame $20.90
Indulgence Bundle$188.80
Mastery Bundle $128.80
Opulence Bundle$128.80
Peach Blossoms (PARKROYAL Collection Marina Bay)Vegetarian Rice Dumpling$39.04Self-collectionOrder online
Traditional Hakka Kurobuta Pork Belly Rice Dumpling$28.64 (U.P. $35.80)
Hokkaido Sweet Potato "Lava" Rice Dumpling$19.84 (U.P. $24.80)
Premium XO Cantonese Rice Dumpling (serves 4)$55.04 (U.P. $68.80)
Peach Blossoms Bundle Set$95.04 (U.P. $118.80)
Si Chuan Dou Hua RestaurantHokkien Dumpling with Salted Egg Yolk, 200g$14.80++Use promo code "SCDH10" for 10% off

Self pick-up only
Order online

A la carte

Hokkien Dumpling with Salted Egg (200g)


Cantonese Dumpling (Mung Bean) (280g)
Kee Zhang with Red Bean Paste, 100g (3 pieces)$12.80++
Bundle with thermal bag

1pc x Hokkien Dumpling with Salted Egg, 1pc x Cantonese Dumpling (Mung Bean), 3pcs x Kee Zhang with Red Bean
Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant (Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel)5-Head Abalone with Karasumi & Iberico Pork$3815% off rice dumpling bundles with promo code “RD15” upon checkout. Valid from 14 May to 10 June 2024Order online
Pandan Gula Melaka with Shredded Coconut & Quinoa
Glutinous Rice
Crab Meat with XO Conpoy Sauce$28
Signature Pork and Salted Egg$25
Cordyceps Flower & Purple Glutinous Rice (Vegetarian)$20
Premium Bundle (4 pieces)$98
Signature Bundle (3 pieces)$58
Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant (Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium)Abalone and Cumin Pork Rice Dumpling$29.8015% off till 4 Jun 2024

$30 islandwide

Free delivery if orders are $200 and above
Order online
Xin's Signature Homemade Traditional Dumpling$19.80
Xin's Red Lotus Seed Paste and Chestnut Dumpling served with Osmanthus Sauce$15.80
Xin's Assorted Rice Dumpling BundleBundle of 2: $26

Bundle of 6: $78
Yan Ting (St Regis Singapore)Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Abalone and Golden Dried Scallops$44.70$30 islandwideOrder online
Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Pork Belly and Salted Egg Yolk$26.15
Monkey Head Mushroom with Preserved Vegetables$22.90
Glutinous Rice Dumpling Set$87.20

What’s covered in this article:

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What are the Dragon Boat Festival And Rice Dumpling Festival?

For the uninitiated, the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duan Wu Jie, is a time-honoured tradition celebrated by Chinese communities worldwide, including Singapore.

This annual event falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, typically in June on the Gregorian calendar. While the festival is renowned for its thrilling dragon boat races, one of its most cherished customs is the indulgence in rice dumplings, also known as Bak Chang or Zong Zi.

Folklore has it that a legendary poet and minister, Qu Yuan, drowned himself in the Miluo River to protest against political corruption during the Warring States period in ancient China. To prevent his body from being eaten by fish, villagers raced their boats and threw sticky rice dumplings, or zongzi, into the water as offerings.

Today, dragon boat races symbolise the villagers’ attempts to rescue Qu Yuan, while the consumption of bak chang pays homage to his memory.

If you plan to reconnect with your roots, this year’s Dragon Boat Festival (or Dumpling Festival) falls on 10 June 2024.

What Are The Different Types of Bak Changs?

Traditionally, there are three types of rice dumplings:

  • Nyonya – The tip of the Nyonya is frequently blue. There is minced meat in the interior.
  • Hokkien – Hokkien dumplings are juicier than Nyonya rice dumplings as the rice absorbs all of the liquids left from the pork belly brimming with fat.
  • Sweet—Also known as kee chang, this dumpling is filled with beans, nuts, dates, or sticky rice alone. It is usually dipped in palm sugar syrup or sugar and is Vegetarian-friendly.

FAQs about Bak Changs

When Can You Get Bak Changs?

Now, I kid you not.

Given that it’s a much-celebrated festival every year, you may already be able to spot bak changs in shopping malls or supermarkets.

And for those who want to occasionally indulge in famous bak changs, you should place your order soon!

How Long Can You Keep Bak Chang For?

Most bak changs can stay fresh for several days when stored in the fridge, maintaining their flavour and texture.

If you plan to keep them longer, you can freeze bak changs. Properly wrapped in plastic wrap or placed in an airtight container, they can be stored in the freezer for up to one to two months. When ready to eat, simply thaw them in the refrigerator overnight before reheating.

Remember to always check for any signs of spoilage, such as an off odour or appearance, before consuming them, especially if they’ve been stored for an extended period.

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Rice Dumplings From Hawkers, Old Favourites & Heritage Brands

BreadTalk And Thye Moh Guan


Do you know that besides bread and cakes, BreadTalk sells bak changs during Dragon Boat Festival?

This year, BreadTalk partners with Thye Moh Chan, a traditional Teochew baked pastries and goods brand to launch the Teochew Bak Chang Buy 10 Free 2 Set.

The bak chang bundle consists of each type of dumpling – 4 x Double Delight Dumplings, 4 x Salted Egg Dumplings, and 4 x Vegetarian Dumplings.

Order online: BreakTalk

Delivery fee: $20 per location

Self-collection: Not Available

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Eastern Rice Dumpling (东园肉粽)


Eastern Rice Dumpling is a thriving enterprise in its third generation, proudly upholding a cherished recipe that has been passed down through the years for over four decades.

The brand has a total of nine outlets in Singapore and its factories operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Some of the Heartland outlets are also available via GrabFood. But if not, simply place your order online (min. order $40 for self-collection, $12 for delivery).

Order online: Eastern Rice Dumpling

Self-collection/Walk-in: See outlets

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Hoo Kee Bak Chang (和記肉粽)

A brand born out of the sheer drive to support his family, Chew Hai Chwee founded Hoo Kee Bak Chang in 1948 and named it after his sons.

Over the years, the brand rose to prominence and even won a place in Michelin’s Bib Gourmand listing!

You need to place your order at least two days in advance and for bulk orders, you will need to place it at least five days in advance.

Order Online: Hoo Koo Bak Chang (Min. order $50)


  • Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central, #01-3735, Singapore 150161
  • Amoy Street Food Centre, #01-18, Singapore 069111

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Kim Choo Kueh Chang (金珠肉粽)

This bak chang brand has been around since 1945!

Founded by Madam Lee Kim Choo, the bak chang brand is famed for its Nyonya rice dumplings and it sells Nyonya delights for occasions such as betrothal gifts and baby full month.

However, it’s worth noting that prices for its bak chang have generally increased by ~$1 per bak chang.

Order online: Kim Choo Kueh Chang


  • 60 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427784
  • 111 East Coast Road, Singapore 428800

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Joo Chiat Kim Choo (如切金珠)

Not to be confused with Kim Choo Kueh Chang, Joo Chiat Kim Choo started as a stall at 34 Joo Chiat Place. The brand is known for its Nyonya dumplings and Hokkien dumplings with salted egg yolk.

The brand has been featured on multiple media outlets including Yes 933, Love 97.2FM, and Capital 958, and several clients such as UOB, ICBC and Hua Wei.

Order online: Joo Chiat Kim Choo (Min. order $20)

Self-collection/Walk-in: 1 Enterprise Road, Singapore 629813

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Rice Dumplings From Hotels & Restaurants

Crystal Jade


Most of us would be familiar with Crystal Jade’s Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings), but do you know that the restaurant also caters for rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival every year?

Sounds mouthful (literally)? Check out their signature rice dumplings and you will understand why they are a longstanding contender in the world of bak chang.

Order online: Crystal Jade

Self-collection/Walk-in: Selected outlets


  • Jadeite Members & UOB cardmembers: Up to 22% off

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Golden Peony


Golden Peony is a Cantonese restaurant nestled within Conrad Centennial Singapore.

Renowned for its dim sum and contemporary Cantonese cuisine, you can be assured that the rice dumplings are unique in flavour.

Order online: Golden Peony

Self-collection/Walk-in: Conrad Centennial Singapore (Pick Up The Terrace), 2 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038982

Promotion(s):Quote “EARLYBIRD25” to enjoy 25% discount when you preorder by 26 May 2024

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Hai Tien Lo

Hai Tien Lo is an award-winning restaurant that offers exquisite Cantonese dishes with a variety of classic roasts and specialists.

While it’s a Cantonese restaurant, it offers seven rice dumpling options this year and has a mixture of Teochew and Hokkien-flavoured choices for you.

Order online: Hai Tien Lo

Self-collection/Walk-in: Pan Pacific Singapore, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595

Promotion(s): Up to 20% off Pan Pacific Privileges and DISCOVERY members, as well as DCS, ICBC, TRUST, UOB, DBS and HSBC card members. Check out here

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Hua Ting Restaurant

Hua Ting Restaurant is a Michelin Guide restaurant and one of Singapore’s pioneering Chinese fine dining hotel restaurants.

If you’re expecting the bak changs to be way beyond your budget, you will be happy to know that the prices are considerably affordable on this list.

On top of that, you can enjoy 15% off your total bill if you’re a Citibank, OCBC, UOB credit cardholders or Orchard Hotel’s À LA CARTE member.

Order online: Hua Ting

Self-collection/Walk-in only: Orchard Hotel Singapore, Level 2, 442 Orchard Rd, 238879


  • 20% off orders made by 31 May 2024
  • 15% off orders made from 1 – 10 June 2024

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Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

Li Bai Restaurant in Singapore is renowned as one of the city’s finest establishments for Chinese cuisine.

Named after the famous Tang Dynasty poet, Li Bai aims to captivate diners with its exquisite culinary creations and impeccable service. A close look into its list of bak chang flavours and you will notice the restaurant offers a menu that showcases both traditional and modern interpretations of classic dishes.

Order online: Li Bai Restaurant

Self-collection/Walk-in: Sheraton Towers Singapore, 39 Scotts Road


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Man Fu Yuan

For those who are looking for a wedding venue, it’s likely that someone would recommend Man Fu Yuan to you.

After all, the restaurant is Michelin-recommended, and its ambience is said to be suitable for all occasions.

If you’re looking for a modern twist to your bak chang, Man Fu Yuan’s bak chang is worth checking out.

Order online: Man Fu Yuan

Self-collection/Walk-in: Man Fu Yuan (Level 2), 80 Middle Road, InterContinental Singapore Shoppe, Singapore 188966

Promotion(s):Use promocode “RD10” to enjoy a 10% savings on selected items, available now through 10 June 2024. Card members of UOB, Citibank, and Maybank enjoy an exclusive 10% savings

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Peach Blossoms Restaurant

Atas (slang to describe luxurious, high-end, or posh) is probably the word to use to describe Peach Blossoms.

Exquisite as its branding, the bak changs offered at Peach Blossoms are also made from premium ingredients such as Hokkaido sweet potato and premium XO.

Order online: Peach Blossoms

Self-collection/Walk-in: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Level 5, Singapore 039594, Peach Blossoms Restaurant Level 5


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Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant is a renowned dining establishment that specialises in authentic Sichuan cuisine and traditional Chinese tea culture.

If we are comparing prices alone, each bak chang is priced at $12.80++ to $13.80++, which is the lowest price in this section.

Do note that delivery option is unavailable.

Order online: Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant

Self-collection/Walk-in: 80 Raffles Place #60-01, UOB Plaza 1, Singapore 048624

Promotion(s):Use promo code “SCDH10” for 10% off. Self pick-up only

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Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, located in Singapore Marriot Tang Plaza Hotel, is known for its Roasted Spanish Suckling Pig wrapped with Wok-fried Glutinous Rice and Chinese Sausage and Double-Boiled Boneless Quail Filled with Bird’s Nest.

With a twist to its bak chang menu this year, the restaurant is offering exotic options of White Pepper Crab and 5-Head Abalone with Karasumi & Iberico Pork which you would not be able to taste anywhere else in Singapore.

Order online: Wan Hao Restaurant

Self-collection/Walk-in: Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, 320 Orchard RdSingapore 238865

Promotion(s):15% off rice dumpling bundles with promo code “RD15” upon checkout. Valid from 14 May to 10 June 2024

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Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

Known for its elegant ambience and impeccable service, Xin Cuisine presents a diverse menu that highlights the rich flavours, exquisite techniques, and artistic presentations of Chinese culinary traditions.

Unlike the others, the restaurant seems to favour traditional dumpling flavours.

It’s offering a promotion of up to 15% off the total bill, so do pre-order your bak changs early before they run out of stock!

Order online: Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

Self-collection/Walk-in: Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant, Level 4, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, 317 Outram Rd, Singapore 169075

Promotion(s): 15% off total bill till 4 Jun 2024

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Yan Ting Restaurant

Yan Ting at The St. Regis Singapore is a hidden gem that pays homage to the enduring allure of Cantonese fine dining.

Presenting rice dumplings in its finest sense, the restaurant offers rice dumplings with abalone and golden-dried scallops!

For those who want to opt for a healthier version, you’re also not missing out with the truffle mushroom rice dumpling in multigrain.

Order online: Yan Ting Restaurant

Self-collection/Walk-in: 29 Tanglin Road, The St. Regis Singapore, Level 1U, Singapore, 247911


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How To Save Money When Buying Bak Chang?

Yes, there are ways to save money when you want to buy bak chang, especially the expensive ones from hotels.

Get Bundles

Source: Tenor

You should take a look at the rice dumpling bundles that hotels and restaurants offer.

Even if your family doesn’t eat that many, you can share the dumplings with others. Or, you can jio your neighbours to buy together!

Some bundles also include extra items such as dessert or a dumpling carrier, so make sure to check those out.

Join A Rice Dumpling Group-Buy Or Purchase Via Shopping App

Well…we try not to be last minute, but it can’t be helped when life gets busy.

Online shopping apps such as Shopee and Redmart sell rice dumplings and have a group buy offers too!

Some of the famous brands available on Shopee include:

  • Sin Mui Heng
  • Gin Thye
  • Yongle
  • Miss A’s Handpick Fine Food
  • Joo Chiat Kim Choo
  • Tam Kah Rice Dumplings
  • Bee Cheng Hiang
  • Tunglok

Next, Group Buy is a promotional feature on Shopee that allows you to buy products in a group at lower prices.

You can invite friends and family to join groups you have created or simply join an existing group with friends or other Group Buy buyers.

If your group fails to complete the deal at the end of the promotional period, Shopee will close the group and refund all members who paid.

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How to Score A Discount Off Bak Chang Delivery

Besides checking for rice dumpling promo codes, bak chang discounts, or free delivery…

Since you’re buying your rice dumplings online, you’ll probably need to use a credit card to make your purchase.

And you know what that means…

By choosing the right credit card, you can score a nice discount or maybe some cashback off your bak chang purchase.

This way, we can keep our food expenses low and enjoy our food simultaneously.

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Enjoy Sharing Rice Dumpling With Family And Friends

Although the Dumpling Festival is not a public holiday in Singapore, this is the time that families and friends come together to enjoy exquisitely handmade sticky rice dumplings.

Pro-tip: Remember to prepare some Chinese tea to counter the rice dumpling’s richness in flavour.

Tell us what’s your favourite rice dumplings and where did you get them from!

Share your thoughts with us by creating a free Seedly account and fire away within the Seedly Community today!

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