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The Power Of Collective Intelligence

” A team of experts can produce more insights than a single scientist.”

In the year 2015, National Public Radio (NPR) in the United States ran a simple experiment. They gathered 17,000 people to guess the weight of an ox before they weigh it. The average guess of the weight from the community is at 1,287lb.

This answer was surprising close to its actual weight at 1,355lb. Individually, their answers would have been way off, more than the difference of the actual weight.

The 17,000 people are merely guessing.


Now, imagine the 17,000 people are commenting on a topic which they have actual knowledge and experience in. That’s valuable knowledge and information right there, and we would love to encourage a healthy community as such for Singaporeans.

Simply because Singaporeans deserve nice things (and Grab Vouchers).

Contribute Your Experience And Knowledge To Help Thousands Of Singaporeans

Power of Seedly Personal Finance Community Giveaway


From 1 June, be the first 1,000 community members to chart your way up to Prodigy (level 4) by getting at least 20 upvotes (thumbs up) and snag home a S$10 Grab voucher!

Campaign Period: 3 June to 30 June 2019

  • You must answer at least 3 questions during the campaign period
  • Irrelevant answers will be removed by moderators
  • Only one redemption per person – Invite all your friends!

Seedly QnA Giveaway

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Ways To Share Your Profile?

Get recognised for your quality content when you receive upvotes.

Here are some tips and tricks to do so!

how to share profile

  • Share your answer or profile on your social media channels (Facebook, Facebook groups, Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp)
  • Share your profile on Linkedin (And indirectly tell your boss that you are doing something good away from work!)
  • Put it on your name card (Tell your client how knowledgable and helpful you are as a person)

Singaporean’s Misconception On Community

The above story on collective intelligence is impossible if everyone keeps their opinion and guess to themselves.

Singaporean Paiseh la
Source: Shopback


Here are some common misconceptions of users in Seedly Personal Finance Community.

“Aiya! There is already a long and good answer. My opinion does not matter.”

This is not true. The power of community is only possible if there is an active community.

Update at Seedly QnA

This means that on top of reading the answers, one can

  • Give an upvote of encouragement to answers he agree in
  • Provide his point of view to add an alternative point of view or to support a particular answer

Never belittle small gesture as such. Every upvote and comment increases the credibility of the answer tremendously.

” Should I share my personal experience?”

quotes on experience and making mistake

Likewise, pretty sure you would love to listen to someone else’s experience in personal finance too!

” What if my answer is wrong?”

There will always be somebody who can relate to your experience.

QnA Personal Finance Community Seedly

There is no right or wrong when it comes to most personal finance topics. There can be many factors affecting how a certain financial product fits or does not fit into your personal finance portfolio.

What works well for others may not necessarily work for you, further emphasizing the importance of sharing of knowledge and experience. There will definitely be someone out there that is very much like yourself in terms of financial situation which can benefit from your sharing.

Seedly badges and levels

We will be announcing more initiatives to allow you to have fun while adding value to the community in future. As for now, see you at Level Prodigy!

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