Which Singapore Fibre Broadband Plan Is Best For You

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Life without the internet seems impossible for today. With the advancement in technology, more than 90% of households have an internet connection at home.

Yet, most Singaporeans researching well into it despite our reliance on getting connected. Much like our previous article on Singapore’s best mobile plan, Singaporeans may not be on the cheapest fibre broadband plans costing them money each year.

Key takeaways: Best Fibre Broadband: Speed vs Price for each lifestyle

  • For No-Contract: Viewqwest and MyRepublic are the only service providers that do 1Gbps fibre broadband (no-contract) plan. MyRepublic is the cheaper option at $59.99 per month.
  • For 12 Months Contract: WhizComms – Fibre broadband plan with 12 months contract is only available at M1 and WhizComms, and in this case, WhizComms provides the cheapest service at $38 per month.

According to surveys and gathered feedback, more than 50% of Singaporeans prefer 1Gbps home broadband solutions. This is why we see the highest number of competition in the 1Gbps broadband space.

  • For 24 Months Contract:
    WhizComms/ M1
    – For a 1Gbps, 24 Months Broadband plan, WhizComms and M1 are the cheapest at $39 per month.
    M1 is the cheapest when it comes to 500Mbps at $29 per month.
    Viewqwest is the cheapest for 2Gbps and Singtel is the only one with 10Gbps fibre broadband plan.
  • Broadband + TV + Mobile bundle: Tie – When it comes to bundles, only two service providers can compete in the field due to them having a TV box of their own. Singtel and Starhub each came out with two very different bundle plans steering away from competition.
  • Gamer Series: Depends – As most gaming bundles come with gaming accessories, choosing the one that appeals to you might be the best solution, assuming their speed is all the same.

Real user reviews on Fibre Broadband Plans

Read real user reviews on fibre broadband plans before deciding on one.

Contribute your reviews on your experience on fibre broadband plans to help Singaporeans make smarter personal finance decision.

Real User Reviews on Fibre Broadband Plans in Singapore

Read Reviews On Fibre Broadband Plans

Choosing the best broadband plan depends on various lifestyles. The broadband service providers are trying to differentiate their package from each other, which makes an apple to apple comparison rather challenging. However, if you recognize your lifestyle, eg. you are a gamer, you can then easily zoom in on the area of comparison and sign yourself up for the most economical plan. 

Detailed Illustration Of Fibre Broadband Plans: Speed vs Price


The basic fibre broadband plans are broken down into no-contract, 12 months contract or a 24 months contract.

Best no-contract fibre broadband plan in Singapore

Viewqwest and MyRepublic are the only service providers that do 1Gbps fibre broadband (no-contract) plan. MyRepublic is the cheaper option at $59.99 per month.

Viewqwest charges $69.90 per month for their no-contract plan.

Best fibre broadband plan for 12 months contract in Singapore

While not many providers are looking to lock in their consumers for less than 2 years, M1 and WhizComms have their own 12 Months Contract plans.

 Fibre Broadband Plan
Service provider300Mbps500Mbps1Gbps
(no modem)

(updated as of 26 December 2018)

  • WhizComms increases the broadband speed of their 300Mbps Fibre Broadband Plan to 500Mbps for their consumers.
  • WhizComms is also the cheapest 1Gbps fibre broadband plan (12 months contract) at $38 per month.

Best fibre broadband plan for 24 months contract in Singapore

The 24-months contract 1Gbps fibre broadband plan is the standard plan across all internet providers. Most Singaporeans should also be on this plan.

 Fibre Broadband Plan
Service provider500Mbps1Gbps2Gbps
(No modem)

(updated as of 26 December 2018)

  • All the fibre broadband internet providers such as Singtel, Starhub, M1, Viewqwest, MyRepublic and WhizComms are competing in the 24 months contract 1Gbps broadband space.
  • M1 has the cheapest 500Mbps fibre broadband plan (24 months contract) at $29 per month.
  • M1 and Whizcomms provide the cheapest 1Gbps fibre broadband plan (24 months contract) at $39 per month.
  • When it comes to the cheapest 2Gbps (24 months contract), Viewqwest is the cheapest in this area.
  • WhizComms provides the option for consumers with their own router to enjoy their broadband service at $34 per month.
  • Singtel is the only provider with a 10Gbps fibre broadband plan (24 months contract) at $189 per month.

Best fibre broadband plan for gamers in Singapore

Gaming broadband plans come with network optimisation to reduce latency for consumers who are into gaming.

Service providerName of planPrice of planFreebies/ perks
Viewqwest1Gbps Raptor Gamer
(24 months)
$59.90/monthFree gaming accessories. Choose 1 from the following:
NETGEAR® Nighthawk® Pro Gaming WiFi Router (XR500)
Arozzi Gaming Chair
Logitech Gaming Bundle – G613 Keyboard, G703 Mouse & G533 Headset
ASUS RT-AC5300 Wi-Fi Gaming Router
NETGEAR® Orbi™ (RBK20) Mesh system
M1GamePRO 1Gbps$52/monthLinksys WRT32X Gaming Router
MyRepublic1Gbps GAMER Fibre Broadband$59.99 - $69.99/month
(depends on package)
PlayStation®4 Pro 1TB ($69.99/ month)

PlayStation®VR with Camera or Secretlab OMEGA GAMER ($62.99/month)

ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Gaming Wi-Fi router ($59.99/month)
  • M1 offers GamePRO 1Gbps at $52 per month. It comes with a free Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router.
  • MyRepublic, on the other hand, comes with the option to choose Free PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB + 1 DualShock 4 Controller, PlayStation®VR with Camera, Secretlab OMEGA GAMER or ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Gaming Wi-Fi router.
  • Viewqwest’s 1Gbps Raptor Gamer allows one to choose from NETGEAR® Nighthawk® Pro Gaming WiFi Router (XR500), Arozzi Gaming Chair, Logitech Gaming Bundle – G613 Keyboard, G703 Mouse & G533 Headset, ASUS RT-AC5300 Wi-Fi Gaming Router, NETGEAR® Orbi™ (RBK20) Mesh system

Hidden cost to look out for when choosing the best broadband plan

When choosing the best broadband plan that suits your need, it is important to look out for some of the cost that may incur when you apply for the plans.

One of the most common cost is the cost of the router. While most internet service providers bundle it with the package when one signs for it, it is still important to take note of the possible router cost.

Here’s what each provider is offering with their 1Gbps fibre broadband contract:

SingtelFREEWireless Dual-Band AC Router
StarhubFREELinksys EA8100-AH Max-Stream AC2600 wireless router
M1FREEASUS wireless AC router
ViewqwestFREEFree NETGEAR® AC1600 Smart WiFi Router
MyRepublicFREE/ $99FREE Wi-Fi Hub AC1600 router or top-up $99 for upgrade to a Wi-Fi Halo AC2200 router
WhizCommsFREETP-Link Archer C1200

Get The Best Plan According To Your Lifestyle

In conclusion, this article wishes to draw a quick comparison across most of the fibre broadband plans. Hopefully, you can now make better decisions when your current broadband contract ends.

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