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Best Broadband in Singapore Based On Your Lifestyle

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Life without the Internet would be unimaginable.

What would you be doing at home right now without a broadband plan?

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You wouldn’t be able to catch Squid Game on Netflix, order food delivery, or work from home.

Plus, with so many devices connected to your WiFi at home, to the point that your family members start quarrelling over who hogged the bandwidth, it is a good idea to have a strong broadband connection and an appropriate router.

So we’ve compiled the best broadbands to solve your connectivity woes!

TL;DR: Best Broadband in Singapore (2022)

For Regular Home Broadband Users:
M1’s 1Gbps Broadband Plan with Wi-Fi 6 router at $39.90/month

For Gamers:
MyRepublic’s 1Gbps Gamer Broadband Plan with Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router at $63.99/month OR M1’s 1Gbps GamePRO Broadband Plan with Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router at $52/month

For Heavy Users:
WhizComms’ 1Gbps Broadband Plan with Mesh at $49.90/month

For Lite Users:
MyRepublic’s 200Mbps Broadband at $27.99/month

For The Commitment Phobic:
MyRepublic’s 1Gbps No Contract Broadband Plan at $59.99/month

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Identifying The Best Broadband Plan For Your Household’s Needs

When it comes to broadband plans, choosing the right bandwidth (Mbps/Gbps) and service provider for your household needs is key, especially when the most value-for-money plans lock you in a 24-month contract.

With Wi-Fi 6 becoming the new standard, there are also plans bundled with modern routers and/or Wi-Fi mesh systems that will boost the connectivity of your home for a more seamless surfing experience.

Before you pick a broadband plan, it’d be best to consider the needs of your household.

Are you living in a large home with many devices connected to the internet?

Or perhaps you have a gamer or two in your family that requires low latency connections for gaming?

Once you have identified what your needs are, it will be much easier to find the best broadband plan most suited for your home.

For Regular Home Broadband Users

If you’re looking for a no-frills home broadband plan for your family, M1’s 1Gbps Broadband Plan at $39.90/month would be the cheapest option available that comes bundled with a Wi-Fi 6 router. 

Upgrading to a Wi-Fi 6 router will help reduce lag when multiple devices are connected.

For Gamers

Need the lowest latency possible for those sweaty in-game moments? A gamer-focused fibre broadband plan will be best for you.

These plans typically include custom networking routing to ensure the lowest pings when making your MLG plays.

According to SeedlyReviews, you won’t go wrong with MyRepublic’s 1Gbps Gamer Broadband Plan at $63.99/month. With this option, you’ll also get the ASUS ROG GT-AX11000 WiFi-6 Gaming Router.

If you want a gaming broadband plan at the cheapest price though, M1’s 1Gbps GamePRO Broadband Plan with the ASUS TUF Gaming Router at $52/month will be your best best.

Gaming families can also consider 2 x 1Gbps or 2Gbps gamer broadband plans so you won’t have to worry about family squabbles.

For Heavy Users

Living in a Good Class Bungalow and need full Wi-Fi coverage for your entire home? You can consider Singtel’s 10Gbps Broadband Plan with Mesh at a measly $169/month.

As for the rest of us peasants with larger households/homes than the average Singaporean, having a 1Gbps to 2Gbps Google Nest Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Mesh system would suffice.

Currently, the cheapest option available with Mesh is the WhizComms 1Gbps Broadband Plan at $49.90/month or $51.90/month (depending on the router model). 

These bundles typically come with multiple units that extend your Wi-Fi coverage, ensuring that your entire house has a strong signal. 

For Lite Users

Not a heavy user? Consider MyRepublic’s 200Mbps Broadband Plan at just $27.99/month. It is simply the cheapest broadband plan available right now!

However, you’ll need to use your own router.

For The Commitment Phobic

If being tied down for a year or two isn’t your cup of tea, you can go for a no-contract plan which gives you the freedom to switch whenever you’d like.

Currently, only MyRepublic and ViewQwest offer a no-contract plan and the cheapest of the two is MyRepublic’s 1Gbps No Contract Broadband Plan at $59.99/month.

You’ll also need to factor in the cost of buying your own router.

How Much Is Broadband in Singapore?

Home Fibre Broadband ProviderNo Contract Plan12-Months Plan24-Months Plan
M1None500Mbps: $39.90

1Gbps: $49.90
500Mbps: $29.90

1Gbps with Router: $39.90

1Gbps with Router (GamePRO): $52

2 x 1Gbps with Router/Mesh: $59.90
MyRepublic1Gbps: $59.991Gbps: $50.99200Mbps: $27.99

1Gbps: $38.99

1Gbps with Router: $49.99

1Gbps Google Nest Wi-Fi: $55.99

1Gbps with Mesh: $59.99

1Gbps (Gamer): $52.99

1Gbps with Router (Gamer): $63.99

2 x 1Gbps: $59.99

2 x 1Gbps (Gamer): $69.99

2 x 1Gbps Google Nest Wi-Fi: $59.99

2 x 1Gbps with Router: $59.99
SingtelNoneNone1Gbps with Router: $49.90

1Gbps with Mesh: $54.90

2Gbps with Mesh: $69.90

2 x 1 Gbps with Router (Gamer): $69.90

10Gbps with Mesh: $189

2Gbps with Mesh (Home Priority): $88

2Gbps with Mesh (Home Priority Plus): $128
StarHubNone1Gbps with Router: $49.90500Mbps: $29.90

1Gbps: $45.90

1Gbps with Router: $50.90

2Gbps with Router: $62.90
ViewQwest1Gbps: $62.59None1Gbps: $38.99

1Gbps with Router: $44.99/$49.99

1Gbps with Mesh: $57.99/$69.99

1Gbps (Gamer): $52.99

1Gbps with Router (Gamer): $69.99

2 Gbps: $40.99

2 Gbps with Router: $66.99

2Gbps with Mesh: $69.99/$81.99

2Gbps (Gamer): $64.99

2Gbps with Router (Gamer): $81.99
WhizCommsNone300Mbps: $32

1Gbps: $40

1Gbps with Router: $47
300Mbps: $28.90

1Gbps: $34.90

1Gbps with Router: $40.90

1Gbps with Mesh: $49.90/$51.90

Note: Prices listed are base prices correct as at the time of writing.

Which Broadband Is The Fastest In Singapore?

Bandwidth vs Internet Speed

Many Singaporeans often confuse bandwidth with internet speed.

To be clear, bandwidth refers to the maximum capacity of a wired or wireless communications link to transmit data over a network connection in a given amount of time. This does NOT mean that your internet speed will be a steady 1Gbps if you sign up for a 1Gbps plan. It only means that you can receive up to 1Gb per second.

While 1Gbps broadband plans are the most common plans, did you know that you might not need this much bandwidth?

You might even be able to save about $108 a year by opting for a 500Mbps plan instead…

So if you’re looking to reduce your bills and amp up your savings rate, why not consider it as well?

Internet Speed

Since bandwidths are not really the issue here, let’s look at the more important benchmark:

Internet speed

Internet Service Provider (ISP)Download Speed
Upload Speed
Speed Score

Do note that ViewQwest has the lowest test count, which may skew results a little.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)Test Count

According to Speedtest by Ookla, ViewQwest has the fastest median download and upload speed in 2021.

However, do not base your decision solely on this as things might have changed since then and your download speed will vary as well. One ViewQwest broadband user will not have the same download or upload speed as another.

Multiple Devices Causing Wi-Fi lag

If you live in a large household, you’ll probably have felt the effects of Wi-Fi lag when multiple devices are connected to your router at once. 

Even if you have the best internet speed and a 10Gbps broadband plan, all will be for nought if you have a lousy router that creates a bottleneck for your devices.

Thus, when selecting broadband plans that come with routers or if you’re buying a router separately, opt for a good WiFi-6 router.

Now that you know what to look out for, let’s dive into some of the cheapest and most value-for-money broadband plans!

Fibre Broadband Set-up Fees

Do note that all service providers depend on a company called NetLink Trust to set up your fibre broadband.

The usual fees associated with setting up your fibre broadband include:

  • NetLink Trust Fibre Termination Point installation fee (includes the first 15 meters of optical fibre): $160.50 (high-rise), $288.90 (landed)
  • NetLink Trust Service Activation Charge: $56.71 per port activation
  • Optical Network Terminal (ONT) Activation Charge: $90
  • Fibre Wiring/Registration/Consultation Charge: $53.50
  • And more depending on service provider and size of your home

Depending on your plan, some of these fees such as Service Activation Fees and ONT Activation fees are waived.

Be sure to read the fine print and make sure that you know of any extra costs to avoid shock.

Broadband Hidden Costs To Look Out for

Similar to how telcos tag a premium to their contract plans by packaging the price of a handset with the mobile service.

A common cost that you want to look out for when choosing a home fibre broadband plan is the cost of the router.

It’s usually bundled with the package you sign up for.

But if you have a specific router in mind, it might cost a little extra to get it from your ISP.

Best Broadband in Singapore?

Too many options and still can’t decide?

We’ve decided to help you make that decision by giving you access to real user reviews left by our awesome SeedlyCommunity.

This way, you can take the price comparison that we did and use the SeedlyCommunity’s reviews to confirm your decision.

Think that your current home fibre broadband plan sucks?

Why not leave a review to stop others from making the same mistake you did?

Compare the Best Broadband Plans

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