Best Chinese New Year Set Menus For Your Family Reunion Dinner (2020)

Best Chinese New Year Set Menus For Your Family Reunion Dinner (2020)

Casey Choo

With the lunar new year of the rat set to begin on 24 Jan, it’s about time you began making your reservations for your annual reunion dinners!

Here’s a list of restaurants you can consider for your Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner this year.

Psst. For those with vegetarian relatives, we have an option or two for you as well!

TL;DR: Chinese New Year Set Menus For Family Reunion Dinners

2020 CNY Set Menu Best

RestaurantMenu TypeNumber of Pax Cost
Blue Lotus Happiness Set Menu Min 4 pax $78/pax
Longevity Set Menu Min 4 pax $98/pax
Prosperity Set Menu Min 2 pax $138/pax
Canton Paradise Auspicious, Longevity Menus 4 pax $288 - $368
Celebration, Success & Fortune6 pax$408 - $608
Grand Feast, Prosperity, & Wealth10 pax $628 - $828
Dian Xiao Er Set A: Premium Selection Set 3-10 pax$139 - $498
Set B: Classic Signature Set 3-10 pax$198 - $618
Set C: Golden Fortune Set 3-10 pax$228 - $768
Fu Lin Men Health and Strength Set Menu 4-6 pax$288 - $388
7 Course Full Of Treasures Menu 4-6 pax $368 - $468
8 Course Menus 10 pax $698 - $2388
Jumbo Seafood (East Coast)Reunion Set (A4, B4)4 pax $268 - $348
Reunion Set (A6, B6)6 pax $428 - $528
Reunion Set (A10, B10)10 pax $768 - $928
Ling Zhi Vegetarian Set A & B 2 pax $88 - $168
Set C & D 4-6 pax $228 - $348
Set E to H 8-10 pax$428 - $698
Peach Garden Lunar New Year Set Menu
Min 2 pax $88 - $158/ pax (Min. 2 pax)
Lunar New Year Set Menu
Min 2 pax $188/pax (Min. 2 persons)
Lunar New Year Set Menu
(For 10 Persons)
10 $798 - $2688 per table
Red Star Restaurant Set Menu 3-4 pax $188
7-8 pax $388
10 pax $468-$1,188
Swatow Seafood Set Menu 2-4 pax $168 - $338
6 pax$498
10 pax $598 - $1,888
Soup Restaurant Blissful Set Menu 2-3 pax $98 - $158
Happiness Set Menu 2-3 pax $128 -$178
Blissful Set Menu 4-10 pax $298 - $698
Happiness Set Menu 4-10 pax $368 - $848
Special Value Menu 2-3 pax$88 - $138
Special Value Menu 4-10 pax $178 - $468

*prices exclude GST and service charge. 

Make Your CNY Family Reunion Dinner Reservations Early

Make your reservations early.

Preferably one or even two months in advance.

Note: whilst the set menus listed below cater to specific group sizes, they can be adjusted accordingly if you give the restaurant sufficient time to prep in advance

Best Chinese New Year Set Menus For Family Reunion Dinners

Blue Lotus

Source: Blue Lotus | Website

Blue Lotus Restaurant may be a little on the pricey end, but you will be digging into a wonderful selection. Their Happiness Set Menu ($78/pax) boasts dishes like a warm, comforting claypot marble goby, while their Prosperity Set Menu ($138/pax) offers a braised pig trotter mee sua, a different take from the traditional braised fried noodles.

Address: Locations at Sentosa, Tanjong Pagar, and Alexandra Road.
Contact For Reservation: +65 6339 0880 (Sentosa), +65 6996 0880 (Tanjong Pagar), +65 6665 0880 (Alexandra Road)

Canton Paradise

Paradise Group | Website

Canton Paradise offers 8 different CNY set menus, depending on the number of pax dining at their restaurant. Some noteworthy dishes in the set include their Signature Canton Jumbo Prawn Wanton Noodle, and their deep-fried Red Garoupa with Spicy Bean Sauce.

Contact For Reservation 

Dian Xiao Er 

Source: Dian Xiao Er | Website

Dian Xiao Er offers dishes that are not your usual Chinese New Year fare. In it’s Premium Selection Set (from $139), you will get their signature herbal roast duck, and golden prawn balls that come with a sesame dressing. Their classic signature set comes with unique dishes such as Crayfish in pumpkin sauce that will sure entice your palates.

Contact For Reservation

Fu Lin Men Restaurant 

Source: Fu Lin Men Group | Website

If you’d like a treat this Chinese New Year, Fu Lin Men’s menu boasts unique dishes such as smoky prawns and braised noodles with truffle oil. For a memorable reunion dinner, go for their 8-course menus, where you will get luxurious dishes like Claypot Shark Fin, and Lobsters in creamy pumpkin sauce.

Contact For Reservation

Jumbo Seafood (East Coast)

Source: Chope | Website

While Jumbo’s CNY set menu comes with a concoction of seafood like live prawns, seafood and marble goby, crab enthusiasts should note that the restaurant’s famous chilli crab dish isn’t included in their CNY set menu. That said, Jumbo provides a decent selection for its Chinese New Year Set Menu, where you will get a nice selection of seafood in the different menu items.

Address: 1206 ECP, #01-07/08 East Coast Seafood Centre, Singapore 449883
Contact For Reservation: 6442 3435

Ling Zhi Vegetarian 

Source: Chope | Website 

For families who are vegetarian, Ling Zhi Vegetarian restaurant provides healthy and tasty set menus for vegetarians. Try their vegetarian bamboo tube rice with truffle sauce, that pairs well with their Longevity Treasure Bowl. End the night on a sweet note, with their unique desserts like almond cream and peach jelly.

Address: 541 Orchard Rd, #05-01 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881
Contact For Reservation: 6734 3788

Peach Garden 

Source: Peach Garden | Website

This year, Peach Garden restaurant took a healthier spin towards their yu sheng. Tossed with fresh scallops and chia seeds, you can celebrate the new year with a refreshing take to the traditional Yu Sheng. The restaurant also came up with unique desserts such as Tang Yuan with birdnest, giving the otherwise standard CNY fare a more refreshing take.

Contact For Reservation

Red Star Restaurant

Sethlui | Website

Normally a Dim Sum hot spot for many Singaporeans, Red Star also offers a Chinese New Year set menu for their ardent dim sum fan base. Here you can expect no-frills, traditional chinese food with popular favourites such as fresh, quick boiled live prawns, and deep-fried yam rings.

Address: 54 Chin Swee Road, #07-23, Singapore 160054.
Contact For Reservation: 6532 5266

Swatow Seafood

Source: Foodline | Website

Swatow Seafood offers a traditional Teochew reunion dinner, with popular favourites such as Prosperity abalone Yu Sheng, braised duck meat, and chilled mango sago. If you are splurging this CNY, some of the more luxurious dishes include Stir-fried Scallop and Asparagus with Black Truffle,  and Braised Ee-Fu Noodles with Boston Lobster.

Address: 02-602 Lor 4 Toa Payoh, Blk 181, Singapore 310181
Contact For Reservation: 6363 1717

Soup Restaurant

Source: Soup Restaurant | Website

Soup restaurant is ironically not famous for their soups, but for their Samsui Ginger Chicken that’s fragrant and umami-packed. You will be able to get their Samsui Ginger Chicken in the different set menus offered by Soup Restaurant. What’s more, this dish is paired with other warm, comforting home made dishes like a Baby Abalone Yu Sheng, Golden Pumpkin Prawn, and Homemade Squid Paste Scallop.

Contact For Reservation

CNY Family Reunion Dinner

Wherever you may be having your CNY family reunion dinner, the most important thing to remember is that you’re all seated together at one table and are having a meal together.

Take the opportunity to reconnect and enjoy the company of your family.

From all of us at Seedly, Happy Chinese New Year!

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