The Ultimate List of Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas Below S$20 for Secret Santa

The Ultimate List of Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas Below S$20 for Secret Santa

Ming Feng

Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Christmas sounds like a great excuse to catch up with friends and relatives.

With every Christmas gathering, comes the need to source for a gift.

In fact, I find it more taxing than coming out with dining options for a really indecisive date (just saying).

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” Headache la sial!”

Finding the perfect gift for your Secret Santa gift exchange can be a CHORE at times.

To get a present randomly is easy.

To get one that is thoughtful, useful and falls below the stated budget (usually $20-$30 for Secret Santa), that is where it gets challenging.

Thoughtful gift ideas for every budget

The main difficulty of choosing the perfect gift is mainly due to a few factors:

  • The budget is usually small to get anything legit or luxurious.
  • The gift is usually revealed in front of a group of people, which means anything too shady becomes an instant judgement of your character.
  • At times, we do not even have any idea of who will be receiving the gift we are going to purchase

Do take note of these 4 things to avoid buying during this Christmas Season before you carry on with the list.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas Below $20 For People Living In Singapore

1. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10,000mAh

Charge on the go to make it through the busiest and longest days!

$19.90 from Lazada

2. Duft & Doft Mini Hand Creams (4 Pieces)

Luxurious and long-lasting perfumed hand creams on the go. Moisturizer at your convenience.

$15.80 from Watsons

3. A Box Of Durian

Well, it’s DURIAN! Christmas with a good twist.

Durian prices in Singapore. Durian delivery service.

$10/kg onwards from various durian vendors

4. Ukelele

Maybe it is about time someone picks up a new hobby.

$16.83 from Lazada

5. 9 different items and a box from Daiso

The best of many worlds.

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6. Scented Candle

Aromatherapy to help with the stress.

$16 from Sephora

7. Whiskey Ice Ball Mould

Never knew you needed it until you receive one. Everyone deserves maximum satisfaction from their cup of whiskey.

$11.39 from Lazada

8. Kenko Cooper Bear Cotton Bath Towel

There is nothing more practical than this if one sticks strictly to the expiration date of household items.

$14.90 from redmart

9. Shopping or food vouchers

So that you no longer have to risk getting a gift which ends up in the trash bin.

10. Mask gift set

Close your eyes. Relax. Unwind all Christmas.

$15 from The Body Shop

11. Wanderer Travel Set

For those who love a getaway, frequently.

$20 from Cotton On


12. Books according to recipient’s interests (if you know the recipient)

Knowledge is king!

13. 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

Keep calm and drink tea!

$15 from 1872 Clipper Tea

14. Tea cup tea ball

Still focusing on Tea lovers.

$14 from 1872 Clipper Tea

15. Fine Aroma Instant Coffee

Smooth medium body and elegantly acidic character, rounded off with a delicate aroma for a mild taste.

$11.90 from redmart


16. Kopibag Mug

” Uncle, Kopi Takeaway!”

$18.62 from TOYTAG


17. A Drone

A self-delivered present maybe?

$18.92 from Lazada

18. Bakes from social enterprises such as APSN or MINDS

Adds an extra meaning to this season of giving.


$12 from MINDS

19. Personalised Pouch from Taobao

Useful, thoughtful and cheap!

$10 from Taobao

20. Salt & Pepper Shakers from Art Faculty by Pathlight

Cute gift for a good cause.

$14.90 from the Art Faculty by Pathlight

21. Wax seal set with receiver’s initial

$18.42 from Etsy

22. Get a jar from IKEA and fill it with yummy homecooked food

Well, the jar from IKEA will cost you S$1.90. Use the rest of the budget on the ingredients.

23. Accessories Holder

Put a ring on it.
$13.80 from Robinsons

24. Bottles of various essential oils

The recipient to receive 4-5 small bottles, each with a different blend of essential oil for different purposes (eg. Headaches, stress, flu)

25. Bluetooth portable music player

When music is life!

$18.61 from Lazada

26. Coffee Grinders

Best gift for coffee lovers

$9.90 from Qoo10


27. Soaps from Rough Beauty 

Handmade and at a really affordable price without compromising the quality.

Mint Rose soap at $9.50 from Rough Beauty

28. ArtScience Museum ticket (S$17) or National Gallery Special Exhibition Ticket (S$15)

Discover creativity at its best.

$17 from ArtScience Museum

29. Mcdonald’s Gift Certificates 

Everybody’s childhood dream.

Gift Certificates from Mcdonalds

30. Chicken Vaccum Packed Bakkwa

Since Chinese New Year and Christmas is not so far apart.

$19.80 from Bee Cheng Hiang

31. Localised Keychain from Naiise

Might be a really good idea for your friends from abroad.

$10.90 Ice Cream Sandwich Keychain from Naiise

32. Christmas themed cake

There is always room for dessert.

Ultimately, it is the thought that counts.

Of course, if the budget is a little higher, at S$30, do check out these 7 ideas too! Have a great gift exchange ahead!

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