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40 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas That Cost ≤$20 For Secret Santa (2022)

profileMing Feng

With Christmas nearing, we can finally put this year behind us.

But with Christmas also comes the challenge of the Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

Secret Santa Gift Exchange On Christmas

Christmas is always a good time to catch up with friends, family, and long-lost relatives.

This joyous occasion is usually a perfect time to reconnect with people we might not have seen much this year.

While the idea of a Christmas gathering sounds excellent, it can be a massive CHORE if that gathering involves a Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

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Getting a random Christmas gift is easy.

But getting one that is practical and thoughtful is the real challenge.

Need some ideas?

Here’re our suggestions for awesome Secret Santa gifts that are below $20

Note that information is accurate as of 30 November 2021. Prices and promotions can be changed without prior notice.

What Are The Rules For Secret Santa?

They’re pretty straightforward:

  1. Make sure everyone knows how to do Secret Santa (confirm got some bodoh not sure what to do…)
  2. Set a budget that everyone can agree on
  3. Know your giftee (or allow people to swap, but limit the swaps)
  4. Avoid personal gifts
  5. Have a healthy sense of humour
  6. Have fun!

So… What Do You Give Someone For Secret Santa?

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The biggest problems when it comes to choosing the perfect Secret Santa Christmas gift are:

  • The stated budget is too small to get anything outstanding
  • The gift will be opened in the presence of everyone, so anything cui (Hokkien: lousy) is not a good reflection of your character
  • The fact that you might not know what the recipient likes that well… Does she like coffee? Tea? What if I give him candles and he throws them away?! Headache sia

Have no fear!

Here are…

Best Christmas Gift Ideas Below $20 For Singaporeans

1. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Gen 3, 10,000mAh — $16.30

Charge on the go to make it through the busiest and longest of days!

$16.30 on Shopee

2. Cath Kidston Keep Kind Travel Size Hand Cream Shea Butter Trio Packset 30ml x 3s [Christmas Gift Set] — $15.90

Who doesn’t like pampering themselves with some luxurious and long-lasting, perfumed hand creams and moisturisers?

$15.90 on Watsons ($13.51 for members)

3. WATSONS Body & Earth Body Care Set 1s  — $19.90

Here’s something that might come in handy for Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) trips!

If not, we can always use them at home for a week.

$19.90 from Watsons

4. Feed Me Bowl — $19.99

Because Nissin Tom Yam Seafood is love, Nissin Tom Yam Seafood is life!

$19.99 from Cotton On (Typo)

The best part? There are about 15 designs for you to choose from.

5. Drink It up Water Bottle (For Your Thirsty Giftee) — $14.99

It’s essential to drink lots of water.

Remind your giftee to do so with an aesthetic yet functional water bottle.

$14.99 from Cotton On (Typo)

6. A Box Of Durian — From $11/kg

Well… it’s DURIAN!

Now that’s a Singaporean Christmas with a good twist.

$11/kg onwards from various durian vendors

7. Fae Square Aviator Sunglasses — $19.99

A practical gift since Singapore is always so damn sunny!

$19.99 from Cotton On

8. Kalimba — $15.90

If your giftee enjoys music, you might inspire them to pick up a new hobby and make some beautiful music with the gift of this Kalimba.


$15.90 from Shopee

9. Build A Gift Box From Daiso — $20

Simply pick 9 different value for money items from Daiso (could be snacks or etc.) and put them in a gift box (which you can also get from there).

You’ll make full use of the $20 budget.


$20 Self-Made Giftbox from Daiso

10. Nordic Elegance Aromatherapy Scented Candle  — $16

Aromatherapy to de-stress.

Choose from scents like Sandalwood, White Tea, Geranium & Basil, Amber & Hazelnut and more.

$16 from naiise

11. Asutra, You Sleep Routine On The Go, Travel Set — $18.35

Dream your night away with this sleep routine.

$18.35 from iHerb

12. Frosted Party Surprise Mug and Fizzing Stars From Sephora — $19

Here’s a mug that will spice up your daily drinks!


$19 from Sephora

13. Notebook — $19.99

Sometimes writing stuff down helps us to remember things better – like making time for friends and family.

$19.99 from kikki.K

14. Whiskey Ice Ball Molds — $19.99

You’ll never know you needed this till you receive one.

You don’t even have to use it for whiskey.

Use it to keep your Ice Milo, iced tea, or iced kopi chilled without diluting it too fast.

$19.99 from Lazada

15. Cotton Face Hand Bath Towel — $19.90

There is nothing more practical than this since everyone washes up.

$19.90 from Tangs

16. Shopping or Food Vouchers — $20

So that you no longer have to risk getting a gift that ends up in the trash bin.

Available in $5 or $10 denominations from CapitaLand

17. IRVINS Classic Box — $19.90

The perfect snack pack stuffed full of delicious calories you can enjoy this Christmas.

The best part? This gift set is Halal too!


$19.90 from IRVINS

18. Body Shop Nutty and Nourishing Shea Mini Gift Set — $20

The perfect gift for your giftee to indulge and nourish their skin.


$20 from The Body Shop

19. Books: Example Thinking, Fast and Slow — $15.97

Only recommended if you know the giftee well. If it’s one of those random Secret Santas where everybody picks a gift at random, choose a title that most people will appreciate.

We recommend the book Thinking, Fast and Slow because everyone could use some help to make better decisions.

This book was written by Daniel Kahneman, an Economic Sciences Nobel Prize Laureate.  He is renowned for his work on the psychology of judgment, decision-making, and, more importantly, behavioural economics.

The book summarises most of his research and is a New York Times Bestseller, with over 1.5 million copies sold.

$15.97 (Paperback) from Amazon.sg

20. 360° Flexible Phone Holder —$17.99

Give the gift of being able to watch Netflix by the bed without straining their wrists.

$17.99 from Shopee

21. Tea Infuser Ball — $18

Get your tea-loving giftee a fancy tea infuser that will help them make a lovely cuppa tea.

We like the adorable designs that they have too.

$18 from T2 (Tea Too)

22. Xiaomi Mi Toasty USB Cup Warmer — $19

If your giftee’s air-con is permanently set to -18 degrees celsius or they take forever to finish their drinks, get them this Xiaomi cup warmer that is powered by USB!

$19.00 on Shopee

23. Foreword Coffee Brew it Yourself Gift Bundle — $15

Is your giftee lowkey addicted to caffeine?

Get them this lovely coffee and snack gift bundle this holiday season!


$15 from Foreword Coffee


24. Kopibag Mug — $9.60

“Uncle, kopi dabao (Hokkien: takeaway)!”

$9.60 from Fourty Two

25. Bakes From Social Enterprises  — $16

Give while supporting a good cause?

Sign me up!

Get these delicious Earl Grey Milk Cookies (200g) from Crunchy Teeth, a bakery that employs autistic youths and adults.

$16 from Crunchy Teeth

26. Personalised Pouch from Taobao — From $10

Nothing says thoughtful like the cute personalised yet affordable pouches you can get from Taobao.

$10 from Taobao

$15.90 from Shopee

27. Face Mask — $15

You should have seen this coming, all thanks to Mr COVID-19.

The fact that he keeps mutating (Omnicron) would mean that we would have to wear face masks for a very long time.

We like this cute Char Siew Bao Mask made by the students at Pathlight.

Check out their website for other designs too!

$15.00 from the Art Faculty by Pathlight

28. That Dinosaur Pouch V2 — $20

Fit everything into this adorably sized pouch.

Fun fact: this is the upgraded version of the Dino Pouch carried by Ho Ching when she visited the White House while Obama was president.

$20.00 from the Art Faculty by Pathlight

29. Bamboo Fibre Cup — $18

If you wanna do your part for the environment.

$18 from the Art Faculty by Pathlight

30. Wax Seal Set With The Giftee’s Initials — $16.67

If your giftee is into calligraphy, lettering and the like, you can get them this custom wax seal kit from Etsy.

$16.67 from Etsy

31. IKEA KORKEN Jar Filled With Yummy Homemade Food  — $20

The 0.5 l KORKEN jar from IKEA will cost you just $1.90.

Use the rest of the budget on the ingredients to make a no-bake tiramisu or even a one-pot pasta.

$1.90 from Ikea

32. Nordic Double Tier Multipurpose Tray — $19.90

Here’s something stylish that will help your giftee arrange and declutter their table.

$19.90 from Naiise

33. Various Essential Oils Gift Set — $17.90

The recipient to receive two bottles, each with a different blend of essential oils that will freshen up the room and help with ailments.

$10.80 from Lazada

34. Bluetooth Portable Speaker — $18.90

When music is life!

$18.90 from Shopee

35. Manual Coffee Grinder — $15.75

This one’s for the coffee lovers

$15.75 from Lazada

36. Handmade Soaps

Handmade and at a really affordable price, all without compromising on quality.


Handmade Soaps at $9.50 from Rough Beauty

37. McDonald’s Gift Certificates — $20

Who wouldn’t like to receive McDonald’s gift certificates amiright?

Not that the purchase of gift certificates is only available via pre-order by emailing [email protected] The collection date/time will be advised only after confirmation or clearance of payment. All collections of gift certificates are to be done at McDonald’s Head Office, 10 Kallang Avenue, #04-10 Aperia Tower 2, Singapore 339510.

The gift certificates also come in $10 booklets consisting of ten $1 coupons that work just like cash at any McDonald’s restaurant. Please note that gift certificates only come in one denomination.

Also, due to safety measures, the purchase of gift certificates are suspended until further notice. We will update the article once things change.

Gift Certificates from McDonald’s

38. Chicken Vaccum Packed Bak Kwa — $19.80

Since Chinese New Year and Christmas aren’t that far apart…

$19.80 from Bee Cheng Hiang

39. Dettol Hand Sanitizer 6 x 50ml Pack — $13.99

Keep your hands clean.

Keep the COVID-19 virus away.

$13.99 from NTUC FairPrice

40. Reusable French Net Bag — $12

In case you haven’t heard, NTUC will start charging for plastic bags beginning from 2022.

Get this eco-friendly bag from The Sustainability Project to help your giftee save money and save the earth too.


$12 from The Sustainability Project


Receiving gifts is great and all BUT ultimately, it’s the thought that counts.

Make time for your friends and family this Christmas…

Everything else can wait.

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