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30 Best Christmas Gift Ideas Below S$20 for Secret Santa (Singaporean’s 2017 Guide)

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Finding the perfect gift for your Secret Santa gift exchange can be a CHORE at times.

In fact, I find it more taxing than coming out with dining options for a really indecisive date (just saying).

” Headache la sial!”

The main difficulty of choosing the perfect gift is mainly due to a few factors:

  • The budget is usually small to get anything legit or luxurious.
  • The gift is usually revealed in front of a group of people, which means anything too shady becomes an instant judgement of your character.
  • At times, we do not even have any idea of who will be receiving the gift we are going to purchase

With Christmas just right round the corner, we decide crowd-source Seedly’s Personal Finance Community’s help on this subject matter (I know, lazy us).

Do take note of these 4 things to avoid buying during this Christmas Season before you carry on with the list.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas below S$20

Best Christmas Gift Ideas Below $20 For People Living In Singapore

(as contributed by Seedly’s community members)

1. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2- Kenneth Lou

Reliable and always in demand for everyone with a mobile phone.

$19.90 from LAZADA

2. A Box Of Durian – Sau Yee Fong

Well, it’s DURIAN!

From S$15 onwards

3. Ukelele – Caleb Seah

Maybe it is about time someone picks up a new hobby.

S$17.67 from LAZADA

4. 9 different items and a box from Daiso – SingPing Loh

5. Whiskey Ice Ball Mould – Ming Feng

Never knew you needed it until you receive one. Everyone deserves maximum satisfaction from their cup of whiskey.

S$12 from LAZADA

6. Shopping or food vouchers – Sherry Sam

So that you no longer have to risk getting a gift which ends up in the trash bin.

7. A physical CD album of either Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley – Daniel Lee

No one says no to Kings.

8. Inspirational photography Postcards – Joseph Sng

Instagram: @bebraveandwander

9. Books according to recipient’s interests (if you know the recipient) – Steph Yeo

Knowledge is king!

10. Chocolates and cookies – Hazel Wong

Yum yum!

11. Box of coffee beans and plastic coffee maker from Toast Box – Bill Tng

12. Journal for the new year – Zainab Dahodwala

Nothing beats kicking start the year, organised.

13. S$20 of cryptocurrency in a paper wallet – Bea Tang 

Recipient of the gift might be on his way to being a millionaire.

from bitcoinpaperwallet.com

14. A Drone – Jack Ang

A self-delivered present maybe?

S$17.99 from LAZADA

15. Bakes from social enterprises such as APSN or MINDS – Xuemiao Tan

Adds an extra meaning to this season of giving.

Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies from MINDS at S$3.50

16. Personalised Pouch from Taobao – Yvette Chua

Useful, thoughtful and cheap!

17. Framed dinosaur pouches from Art Faculty by Pathlight – Grace Lim

Cute gift for a good cause.

Pouch from the Art Faculty by Pathlight

18. Wax seal set with receiver’s initial – Wilson Tan

19. Get a jar from IKEA and fill it with yummy homecooked food – Yingkapong Karichapchai

Well, the jar from IKEA will cost you S$1.90. Use the rest of the budget on the ingredients.

20. All sorts of necessities from Watsons (eg. wet tissues, lip balm, toothpaste) – Zhuang Si’en

Probably the most practical gift ever since everyone needs them.

wet tissue from Watsons

21. Bottles of various essential oils – Elaine Snow Chan

Recipient to receive 4-5 small bottles, each with different blend of essential oil for different purposes (eg. Headaches, stress, flu)

22. Bluetooth portable music player – Charmaine Ng

When music is life!

S$16.65 from LAZADA

23. Look at Miniso for gift ideas – Kyith Ng

Miniso can be the new Daiso for Secret Santa

Cardholder from Miniso


24. Soaps from Rough Beauty – Yu Fang Chew

Handmade and at a really affordable price without compromising the quality.

Mint Rose soap at S$9.50 from Rough Beauty

25. ArtScience Museum ticket (S$17) or National Gallery Special Exhibition Ticket (S$15) – Soh Thiam Hing

Discover creativity at its best.

S$17 from ArtScience Museum

26. Mcdonald’s Gift Certificates – Jasmine Foo

Everybody’s childhood dream.

Gift Certificates from Mcdonalds

27. 2018 HOPE Calendars – Katherine Goh

For those who love dogs and for a good cause. Proceeds go towards HOPE Dog Rescue shelter.

submit your orders here

28. Localised Keychain from Naiise – Vanessa Ng

Might be a really good idea for your friends from abroad.

S$10.90 Ice Cream Sandwich Keychain from Naiise

29. Christmas themed cake – Nellie Lim

There is always room for dessert.

30. Nutella (with possibly customised jars), Bak Kwa marinade or chilli sauces – Angela Lim & Steph Yeo

More lasting food options, plus, nobody says no to Nutella?

S$11.00 Bak Kwa Marinade from Shermay

Further reading: Of course, if the budget is a little higher, at S$30, do check out these 7 ideas too!

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