Cheat Sheet: Best Credit Cards For Students 2018

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The second part of the student plan! As a student having a proper savings account is extremely important as it is a great way to kick-start the habit of saving. Not only that but as we get older (student or not), our expenses tend to increase. Therefore, it is important to try and reap some benefits from your increase in expenses whenever possible!

So here are some credit cards perfect for students!

P.S Only consider getting a credit card if you’re good at managing your money, you don’t want to be getting into debt before you start working.

1. Citibank Clear

This is the ideal card for tertiary students as there are no minimum income requirements! If you’re the type of student that camps at Starbucks to finish your assignments, this would be the card for you with a 10% rebate for a minimum of $10 spent. The same applies for Subway where you get 5% rebate.
Starbucks and Subway aside, there are 548 other outlets that you can use your Citibank Card at to reap the benefits from!


18 Years and above
Applicants below 21 will require parent/guardian consent
University, Polytechnic, LASALLE and NAFA student

Fee: $29.96 with a first-year waiver

2. DBS Visa Debit

For those of you who enjoy going cashless, this is the card for you! You stand the chance to receive a 5% cashback if you pay using Local Visa payWave contactless transactions not exceeding $200 per transaction. On top of that, you will also have to keep your cash withdrawals to three times and below and up to $400 every month.
Furthermore, if you tend to use your card while travelling you can do so without having to pay foreign currency exchange fees for the 11 currencies listed:

  • Australian Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Euro
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • Japanese Yen
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Norwegian Kroner
  • Sterling Pound
  • Swedish Kroner
  • Thai Baht
  • US Dollar


16 years and above
Have a POSB or DBS savings account

3. DBS LIVE Fresh

For those of you who want to enjoy the benefits, a credit card can give you but are worried about overspending. The DBS Live Fresh Visa Student Card would be a great choice. This card comes with a $500 credit limit with no income minimum required. This will help you if you’re on the more carefree side when it comes to spending.
Not only that but you get to earn a 0.3% cashback on all spend and a wide variety of promotions on dining, entertainment, shopping and travel!

PSSST! If you apply before 31 March 2018 and you charge a minimum of 5 transactions on this card, you’ll get uber rides worth $30!


18-27 years old
Applicant under 21 will require parental/guardian consent
Not have an existing POSB/DBS credit card
University or Polytechnic Student
Fee: $128.40
Fee Waiver: 5 years

4. Maybank eVibes

Just like DBS Live Fresh, this card comes with a $500 credit limit. What’s even better is that it comes with a 1% cash rebate on any spending!

You’ll also get to enjoy movies at a lower price as a Mastercard exclusive. Not only that but there are multiple promotions available for food, entertainment, travel and beauty both in and out of Singapore!


18 to 30 years old
Applicant under 21 will require parental/guardian consent
University, Polytechnic or NSF man
Fee: Quarterly Service of $5
Waive quarterly service fee if you charger a minimum on one transaction every 3 months

Which To Choose?

With a handful of cards to choose from, this may seem like a lot especially for a student! Remember to look are you financial capabilities as well as your ability to manage your money and spending. Make use of a personal finance tracker to see how much you are spending or join a community to learn more about personal finance and how to manage it better!

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