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Singapore Food Delivery Services Compared (2022): airasia food vs Deliveroo vs foodpanda vs GrabFood vs WhyQ

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As famed Oxford economist Sir John Vickers would say:

Competition is good for consumers for the simple reason that it compels producers to offer better quality deals – lower prices, better quality, new products and more choice.

This was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard the news that airasia food had landed in Singapore.

Source: AirAsia | Instagram

But you might be wondering. Competition may be good but, how does the airasia food stack up against the major food delivery players in Singapore?

Or more importantly, are there any food delivery promos?

Here is all you need to know!

TL;DR: Best Food Delivery in Singapore

 airasia foodDeliveroofoodpandaGrabFoodWhyQ (Hawker Food)
Delivery Fees$2.99 to $20Varies (~$1.49 - $8)
+ $0.20 service fee
Varies (~$1 - $5.50)From ~$3
+ $0.20 platform fee
$1.50 per item
Small Order Fee-Varies according to merchantUp to $2.50
Merchant Partners80 at launch (more to be added)~7,000~16,000~12,000
(includes GrabMart)
2,500 hawker stalls
Delivery Fleet~500~9,000~12,000~13,000~200 agents (engages lalamove & Zeet)
Island Wide DeliveryNo
(Up to 20km radius)
(Up to ~10km radius)
(Up to ~6km radius)
(Selected partners)

(Selected partners)
Rewards1 BIG point for every
$0.30 spent
Free 14 day free delivery for new customers

(Offer expires 1 Apr 2021)
1 Krisflyer mile for every $1 spent on food orders

(Minimum spend of $20 per order)
2 - 4 GrabRewards points per dollar spent

(Based on membership tier)
Various credit card promos

Information accurate as of 12 Mar 2021.

airasia food Review

First up we have airasia food, the latest challenger to enter Singapore’s crowded food delivery market.

Like its budget airline business, airasia food plans to disrupt the food delivery market by offering low-cost options and more value to consumers.

To do this, they are planning to only charge merchants a 15 per cent commission fee for each delivery. This is about half of what its competitors GrabFood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo charge merchants.

By charging merchants less, airasia is hoping that merchants will pass the savings on to consumers.

This makes sense as there have been reports on price inconsistencies for some restaurants that mark up the prices on their food delivery menu to cover the delivery platform cost.

But at the moment, airasia only has about 80 merchants on board, with another 300 announced merchants that will be onboarded in the near future.

In my opinion, this would be a short term problem as they would have no trouble adding more merchants due to their low merchant commission fees.

Also, airasia food is offering delivery from restaurants within a 20km radius from the order point which is better than what Deliveroo and foodpanda are offering.

airasia food Delivery Fee

In terms of the delivery fee, airasia food is charging anywhere from $2.99 to $20. This large price range is also due to the platform’s larger delivery radius.

airasia food Promo

From now till 16 Mar 2021, airasia food is offering all customers FREE unlimited food delivery within eight km from the order point.

In addition, airasia food customers can earn 1 BIG point for every S$0.30 spent.

These BIG points can be redeemed at a rate of 405 BIG points for S$1. And for now, until 16 Mar 2021, 125 BIG points can be exchanged for $1.

Deliveroo Review

Next up we have Deliveroo.

This multinational food delivery company headquartered in London, England has a sizeable presence in Singapore and 200 other countries.

Deliveroo Singapore is arguably the third biggest food delivery player in Singapore with a little over 7,000 merchants onboard its platform.

Their delivery fleet is also quite big with over 9,000 riders.

In terms of delivery radius, Deliveroo is one of the better platforms as you can order food up to about 10km from the order point.

This is because Deliveroo offers an extended delivery service where they partner with restaurants with their own delivery fleet to send food to customers further away.

Deliveroo Fees

In terms of the delivery fee, Deliveroo Singapore charges about variable delivery fee (usually about $3) and an additional $0.20 service fee which is comparable to GrabFood.

Deliveroo Rewards

Speaking of delivery fees, Deliveroo is currently running a promotion from now till 1 Apr 2021 where new customers get free delivery for 14 days!

foodpanda Review

Next up we have foodpanda Singapore.

foodpanda Singapore is actually an online food and grocery delivery platform owned by Delivery Hero SE: a Berlin-based company that owns 20 plus brands in about 50 countries across four continents.

foodpanda is one of the larger food delivery players in Singapore, with a little over 16,000 merchant partners and a large delivery fleet of about 12,000 riders.

However, foodpanda only delivers about 6km from the order point.

Foodpanda Fees

Their delivery fees are also quite reasonable and range from about $1 – $5.50 based on distance. The good thing about foodpanda is that it does not charge a platform fee.

foodpanda Rewards

In terms of rewards, foodpanda actually lets you earn KrisFlyer miles when you order from foodpanda.

foodpanda customers can get 1 Krisflyer mile for every $1 they spend ordering food on foodpanda.

But, you will have to order food above $20 to enjoy 1 KrisFlyer mile for every dollar spent (eg. $50 = 50 miles).

GrabFood Review

If you want someone to grab food for you (geddit), GrabFood is another option. 

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard of Singaporean multinational company Grab Holdings Inc./Grab or its plans to build a super app.

This includes GrabFood, its online food delivery platform arm which can be found on the Grab app.

GrabFood is actually one of the biggest food delivery players in Singapore as it has a huge fleet of about 13,000 riders and 12,000 merchants on board if you include its GrabMart.

GrabFood is also the only other platform that offers islandwide delivery. But, this comes at a cost as the further the distance the higher the delivery fee.

GrabFood Fees

Speaking of delivery fees, GrabFood delivery fees start from $3 and can vary greatly according to the distance. GrabFood also charges an additional $0.20 platform fee per order.

GrabFood Rewards

In terms of rewards, you can get rewarded through Grab’s GrabRewards loyalty program.

Membership TiersPay with GrabPay or GrabPay MastercardGrab rides with Cash
Member2 Points0 Point
Silver2 Points
Gold3 Points
Platinum4 Points

These points can be exchanged for rewards. For example, you can exchange 1,000 GrabRewards points for 100 KrisFlyer miles, GrabCar vouchers and more…

WhyQ Review: Hawker Food Delivery Review

Last but not least we have WhyQ.

In May last year, WhyQ partnered with the FairPrice Group to launch the Marketplace@WhyQ online food delivery platform with islandwide food delivery that is commission-free for merchants.

To cover costs, WhyQ imposes a six per cent markup on food prices instead.

Even though WhyQ is not the biggest, they serve a much-needed niche as they deliver delicious hawker fare from a little over 2,500 hawker stalls.

WhyQ Fees

In terms of delivery fees, WhyQ charges just $1.50 per item which is amongst the cheapest. But, if you order more items, your delivery fee goes up.

This makes it good for those who are ordering just for themselves. 

WhyQ Rewards

Although WhyQ has no rewards system, you can find offers and promo codes easily on their website.

Source: WhyQ

Which Food Delivery Platform is Best?

Major food delivery platforms like airasia food, Deliveroo, foodpanda, and GrabFood and even WhyQ have all onboarded waaaay more partners in order to give us the most variety of food options available.

This is why you’ll most likely be able to find your favourite restaurant or cafe available for takeout across all five platforms.

And that’s great because we can simply place our orders on all five platforms and see which is the cheapest.

Aren’t you glad that you have more options?

Food Delivery Promo

Also, if you are looking to save money and are a bit too lazy to go down to get food.

We got you!

Check out these updated food delivery promo codes!

Food Delivery Credit Cards

Since food deliveries are online transactions…

That means that if you use the correct credit card, you could score discounts through rebates and points earned.

Or your expenditure could allow you to collect miles for future flights overseas.

Don’t know which is the best credit card to use for your online food delivery order?

Check out our credit card reviews left by our Seedly community members to find out which is the best one for you!

Check it out!

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