Ultimate Price Guide For The Best Mooncakes 2019

Ultimate Price Guide For The Best Mooncakes 2019

Rachel Yeo

Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 13 September this year, which is just two weeks from now!

For those who are scurrying to find mooncakes for your friends and relatives at the last minute, well aren’t you glad that this article got you covered ;).

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Mooncakes are an essential part of the Mid-Autumn Festival, as it symbolises completeness and reunion. They are, however, also considered a luxury good, and those that come in pretty, insta-worthy boxes usually entails a hefty price tag.

Keeping in mind that not everyone has the luxury of eating an $80 mooncake, here’s a list of mooncakes that you can buy across all price range so that you can get the best mooncake for your budget!

TL;DR: The Best Mooncakes According To Your Budget

moon cake price list

  1. Atas Mooncakes ($68.80-$120)
  2. Medium Priced Mooncakes ($50-$66)
  3. Cheap and Value For Money Mooncakes (Below $50)

Atas Mooncake At An Atas Price

mooncake nice packaging pretty expensive
Source: Hai Tien Lo

Sinfully addictive and extremely versatile, hotels and bakeries compete every year to out beat one another in creating fun, unique and innovative mooncakes. From unique flavours to over-the-top packaging, here are some atas mooncakes for the crazy rich asians to consider:

Hotel/BakeryType Of MooncakesFlavours Available Price (Qty)
Golden Moments Snow Skin Mao Shan Wang Durian $98.80 (4 pcs)
Raffles Hotel Snow skinChampagne Truffle,
Cognac Truffle, Earl Grey Tea and Crunchy Pearl,
Acai Berry and Chia Seeds,
Avocado and Mango Yuzu
$76-$78 (8 pcs)
Traditional BakedLotus Paste, Pine Nuts, Macadamia Nuts and White Lotus Paste, Mother-of-Pearl with Single Yolk and White Lotus Paste, Double Yolk with Macadamia Nuts and White Lotus Paste. Premium Baked Mooncake Set$76-$118 (4 pcs)
ShangriLa Hotel Snow Skin Shang Palace Mini Snowskin (4 pcs Kaya Truffle, 4pcs Yuzu Sake Truffle) $80 (8 mini pcs)
Traditional Baked Black Sesame with Taro, Mixed Nuts with Chicken Ham, White Lotus Seed Paste, White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk, Double Yolk, or with 4 Yolks.$74-$120 (4 pcs)
Aroma Truffle & Co.Snow Skin Truffle Durian, Truffle Choolate Molten Snowskin $88 (4 pcs)
Ritz Carlton Snow Skin Mao Shan Wang, Green Tea with yolk, Martini, Lotus Seed Paste$72-$86 (8 pcs)
Mao Shan Wang is $86 for 4 pcs.
Traditional BakedAssorted, Lotus Seed Single, Double Yolked, Black Sesame. $78- $84 (4 pcs)
Peony Jade Snow Skin Durian, Rose, Pink Guava Cream Cheese, Yuzu with Green Apple, Mango Sago & Pomelo $76-$110 (4-8pcs)
Traditional BakedOrh Ni, Pineapple, Mango, Passionfruit & White Chocolate. Espresso Mousse & Salted Caramel Ganache $70-$79 (4 pcs)
St RegisSnow Skin Mao Shan Wang, Black Sesame Paste with Salted Peanut Truffle, Royal Milk Tea Paste with Oolong Tea Truffle$76-$118 (8 pcs)
Fairmont Singapore Snow Skin Beetroot and Rose, Rum & Raisin Chocolate Truffle, Champagne Truffle with Chocolate Ganache$72 (8 pcs)
Traditional Baked Citrus Peel Apricot in White Lotus Paste$72 (4 pcs)
Hai Tien Lo Snow SkinEarl Grey and Cherry, Coconut and Pineapple, Gianduja and Yuzu, Passionfruit and Mango$68.80- $88.80 (4 pcs)
Traditional Baked Lotus Paste, Sesame Paste, Melon Seeds etc $69.80-$73.80 (4 pcs)
Grand Hyatt Snow Skin Champagne Truffle, Lychee Martini, D24 Durian, Acai Berry Truffle$80 (8pcs)
Traditional Baked Lotus Paste, Sesame, Red Lotus with Roasted Melon Seeds$80 (8 pcs)

Medium Priced Mooncakes

antoinette mooncake packaging nice seedly traditional baked
Source: Antoinette | Facebook

For those who want nicely packed mooncakes sans the fancy packagings, here are some options for you to consider.

While priced not as high as the above, you will still be able to get premium flavours such as Bailey Irish Cream, Peach Truffle and Manuka Honey. Thrown into the mix is also a plethora of local flavours, including ondeh ondeh and orh-nee mooncakes.

Hotel/ Bakery Type of Mooncakes Flavours Available Price (Qty)
Goodwood ParkSnow SkinKiwi, Manuka Honey, Mango, Durian, Blue Pea Flower, Black Thorn Durian$60-$74 (4 pcs)
Traditional BakedLotus Seed, Single, Double Yolk, Four Yolks, Assorted Nuts with Ham.$55.85-$65.48 (4 pcs)
Starbucks Mooncake Traditional Baked Starbucks Coffee with Caramel and Hazelnut, Yam Paste, Honey Earl Grey, Mango$59.90 (6-8 pcs)
Holiday Inn Singapore Snow SkinWhite Lotus Seed Paste with Singapore Sling Praline, Green Tea Paste with Baileys Irish Cream Praline$66 (6 pcs)
Bakerzin Snow SkinOrange Chia Seed, Strawberry Chia Seed, Honeydew Chia Seed, Lychee Chia Seed, Pearl Latte, Pearl Yuan Yang$60.74-$65.42 (8 pcs)
Traditional Baked Lotus Seed Egg Blend, Pandan Yolk, Gula Melaka, Red Bean Yolk. $30.37-$34.57(2pcs)
PARKROYAL Traditional Baked Baked White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolks, Baked Preserved Orange Peel with Red Bean Paste, Black CharcoalS$58-$60 (4 pcs)
AntoinetteSnow Skin Salted Yolk Truffle, Ondeh Ondeh, Peach Truffle, Crunchy Chocolate Pearls.$56.50 (8 pcs)
Traditional Baked Salted Yolk Hae Bee Hiam Baked Mooncake $60 (4 pcs)

Cheap, Value for $$$ Mooncakes 

bakestarters earl grey lavender mooncakes
Source: Bakestarters | Website

If you search beyond the fancy hotels and upscale bakeries, buying mooncakes can be an affordable affair.

Included in this list are unique alternatives such as ordering your mooncakes from Malaysia, or making your own mooncakes by buying a baking kit that has all the ingredients and mooncake-making tools in it!

Granted, these may not produce gorgeous looking mooncakes, but what you’d get is a bang for your buck and tons of fun!

Hotel/ Bakery Type of Mooncakes Flavours Available Price (Qty)
Prima Deli Snow Skin Raspberry Vanilla, Milo, Pandan Lotus, Yuzu, Matcha, Earl Grey, Cookies and Cream, Durian, Black Sesame$5.90-$6/pc
Traditional Baked Lotus, White Lotus and Melon Seed$6.40-$14.70/pc
Chinatown Tai Chong Kok Confectionery Hue KeeSnow SkinMacademia, Champagne Truffle & Chocolate Ganache, Pandan, Black Sesame, Jasmine Green Tea, Red Dates$40-$52 (4 pcs)
Traditional Baked Lotus Paste, Green Bean Paste $40-$47.80 (4 pcs)
Irvins Snow SkinMung Bean Lava Mooncake, Yam Lava Mooncake$40 (8 pcs)
The Baker’s Cottage (Malaysia)Snow Skin Normal, Peachy Mango, Red Paradise, Signature Yam RM 18.20-21.20/pc (~S$6-8/pc)
Traditional Baked Lotus Paste, Pandan, Mixed Nuts, Red Bean RM 13.80-23.30/pc (S$4.60-$7.70/pc)
Bakestarters (Make-Your-Own)Snow Skin Black Sesame Matcha White Chocolate, Earl Grey Lavender White Chocolate, Triple Chocolate, Yuzu Rose, Ondeh Ondeh $30.95-$34.95 (15 pcs)

Best Mooncakes In Singapore

No matter your price point, eating mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival is an enjoyable experience. While you have fun shopping for your favourite mooncakes, don’t forget to look for the Best Mooncake Credit Card Promotions, to enjoy even greater discounts!

Got any good mooncake recommendations to share? Share your lobangs with us in the comments below!

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