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12 Best Personal Finance YouTube Channels You Should Be Following

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When we think of searching for a video online, we instinctively head to YouTube.

YouTube has taken over lives, sometimes even becoming our mealtime partners while we ate alone.

Did you know that we watch 1 billion hours of YouTube videos every day?

Source: Tenor

Since we spend so much time on this platform, why not gain some knowledge out of it?

In recent years, there has been an increase in content creators focusing on personal finance topics, allowing this huge and complex subject to be more accessible and digestible.

If you’re interested to learn about personal finance through informative videos, here are some channels you must check out.

TL;DR Best Personal Finance YouTube Channels You Should Be Following

YouTube ChannelFocuses On
Jeraldine PhneahPersonal Finance
The Financial Diet
Two Cents
Chicken Genius SingaporeInvestments
The Fifth Person
SG Budget Babe
Matt D’AvellaMinimalism
Thoughtworthy Co
The Minimalists

Personal Finance

1) Jeraldine Phneah

Source: Jeraldine Phneah

Jeraldine Phneah is a high achieving young Singaporean, who focuses on improving the lives of Singaporeans.

She has a blog where she frequently writes on topics that many Singapore millennials face, dishing out handy tips and tricks on everyday topics such as career advice, or ways to save on electricity bills.

She also reaches out to her audience via different means, even offering pro bono Linkedin tutorials, which shows her dedication towards helping young working adults in Singapore.

She recently got started with a Youtube channel, which is very useful for people who prefer videos to blog articles.

2) Seedly

If you don’t already know, we have a YouTube channel! *yay!*

On our channel, you would be able to locate our SeedlyTV episodes.

We feature informative videos where we chat with industry experts on different topics, such as ways to pick winning stocks, or how we can bulletproof our portfolios.

Do hop over if you’d like some nuggets of personal finance wisdom!

3) TheAstuteParent

Source: The Astute Parent

Josh Tan (aka TheAstuteParent) is a senior adviser based in Singapore, and posts videos frequently on Youtube.

His channel covering various topics ranging from ways to invest during a recession, to types of housing loans to choose.

His videos are usually short and succinct, allowing the topics to be easily understood and straight to the point.

4) The Financial Diet

Source: Facebook | The Financial Diet

Founded by Chelsea Fagan in August 2014, what began as a personal blog to track her budget became a channel for hundreds of voices today.

The Financial Diet is a largely female-focused personal finance channel, allowing the topic of finance to be less daunting and much more approachable.

The channel features weekly shows with different topics, such as money experts talking about personal finance, or narratives with real stories of how people dealt with challenging financial situations.

5) Two Cents

Source: PBS

Two Cents is an educational show produced by PBS about personal finance, and is targeted at millennials and Gen Z.

This channel covers common personal finance topics in a extremely engaging manner, featuring eye-catching animations and entertaining hosts.

Even though this show is produced in the US, it is equally applicable to us Singaporeans, with topics like whether whole life insurance is a scam, or whether couples should combine their finances.


6) Chicken Genius Singapore

Source: YouTube | Chicken Genius Singapore

Teng Kenyuan is the founder of Chicken Genius Singapore, a YouTube channel which is largely focused on Tesla news and stocks.

Definitely a channel for all the Tesla fans out there.

He also speaks about his opinions towards different topics such as value investing and also stock market analyses, offering different insights and what his views are.

7) Endowus

Source: Endowus

If you’ve seen our exciting video recently on the topic of robo-advisors, you would be familiar with Endowus.

Endowus is a Singapore-based financial technology (Fintech) company that aims to help Singaporeans grow their wealth through investing, and is the only digital platform that offers advisory services for CPF.

On its YouTube channel, Endowus brings us through various topics with different speakers, where they discuss topics such as investment strategies, and ways of managing finances.

8) The Fifth Person

Source: The Fifth Person

The Fifth Person is definitely a familiar name to the Seedly Community.

This website offers quality content to its readers, with its goal of helping investors make smart investment decisions.

With their focus on value growth investing and income investing, they regularly post articles on analyses of companies and quick investment guides.

Their Youtube channel contains knowledge which are suitable for entry-level investors, covering content such as methods to read financial reports, or ways to grow your CPF or invest in REITs.

9) SG Budget Babe

Source: SG Budget Babe

A familiar name in Singapore’s personal finance landscape, Dawn Cher (a.k.a SG Budget Babe) has written countless articles on personal finance – be it investment matters, budgeting, insurance, or credit cards.

Her past life experiences have propelled her to take charge of her own money since young, allowing her to gain personal finance knowledge and be savvy with her finances.

Her prominence in the personal finance scene has also motivated young Singaporean women to start taking charge of their own finances, showing that women can be as financially competent as well.

She has recently joined the Youtube scene, where she currently posts videos on investing, diving into popular companies such as Facebook and Netflix.


Many define wealth not as the ability to spend infinitely, but having an opportunity to live a more stress-free life.

As such, the topic of minimalism has been on the rise, with creators posting their ways of being conscious and mindful about the things they purchase or own.

With that, here are some YouTube channels by minimalists that you must absolutely check out.

10) Matt D’Avella

Source: YouTube | Matt D’Avella

Matt D’Avella is a filmmaker who produced the film “The Minimalists”.

He graduated in 2010 with $97,000 in student debt, but managed to pay it off through learning more about self-development and how to effectively manage his finances.

His channel gives us a sneak peek into the life of a minimalist, where he brings us through the way he manages his personal finances, his time, and self-improvement topics such as time management and productivity.

11) Thoughtworthy Co

Source: Thoughtworthy Co

Though the idea of minimalism has been catching fire recently, there are very few channels or websites that showcase real-life examples of Singaporeans practising it.

A brainchild of Glo and HL, Thoughtworthy Co focuses on sharing ideas of how to better take care of our body and mind, and live consciously.

Their popular upload features their minimalist HDB home, showing their conscious purchases and functions of each item and space.

Besides that, they touch on other topics such as saving energy at home (thereby saving money and Mother Earth), and how a minimalist approaches healthy living.

12) The Minimalists

Source: The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, otherwise known as The Minimalists (as in the film Matt D’Avella made) has a channel which features videos in the format of podcasts.

They host different interviewees, often touching on topics like personal finance, due to its intertwined nature with minimalism (buy less, live within your means, etc).

Definitely a must-watch for all minimalist wannabes.

Best Personal Finance YouTube Channels You Should Be Following

So many videos to watch, so little time. 

Let us know what your favourite personal finance YouTube channels are in the comments below!


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