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The Best Pet Insurance In Singapore For Doggos and Cats

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If you’ve read Jacq’s article on the cost of owning a dog vs a girlfriend/boyfriend , you would realise that keeping a dog is a rather costly feat.

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The rising cost of healthcare for pets is something existing owners have to contend with, and many look towards pet insurance to help offset the healthcare cost of owning a pet!

Looking for pet insurance is hard, and comparing these different policies is quite a hassle. So here’s a guide and a comparison on how to choose the right pet insurance!

Do note that the pet insurance scene in Singapore isn’t exactly as robust as other countries, so most insurances only cover dogs or cats. If you have a pet snake or horse, you won’t be able to get general pet insurance for those yet!

TL;DR: An Overview Of Pet Insurance In SG

pet insurance singapore

Best For:

  1. Overall Coverage- Liberty PetCare Standard Plan
  2. Most Affordable Plan- CIMB My Paw Pal
  3. Older Pets – AON Happy Tails
  4. Pets Prone to Illnesses and Accidents (Non-Surgical)- Liberty PetCare Standard Plan
  5. Aggressive Dogs/Cats: AIA Paw Safe (Dogs) OR CIMB My Paw Pal (Both)
  6. Puppies and Kittens- Liberty PetCare Standard Plan 

Can I Get Insurance For My Pet?

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As mentioned above, pet insurance in Singapore is currently only available for dogs and cats. In most cases, your pe thas to be older than 8 weeks and younger than 9 years old when you kickstart the cover. Also, for pets with pre-existing medical conditions, these medical conditions will be

What Does Most Pet Insurance Usually Cover?

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Pet insurances offer a wide range of coverage, depending on the policies. Most would usually cover:

  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Surgical treatment
  • Post-surgery treatment
  • Cancer treatment
  • Chemotherapy
  • Accidental death
  • Final expenses – includes expenses for euthanasia, funeral service etc
  • Third-party liability- If your pet destroys someone’s property/ other pets
  • Theft – For when your dog/cat gets stolen

Comparison Of Pet Insurance In SG

Insurance Type Insurance Plans Annual Premium Coverage Period Accidental Death Accidental Injury Medical Treatment (Non Surgical)Medical Treatment (Surgical)TheftRemarks
Dogs AON Happy Tails dog & puppy fur plan (underwritten by MSIG) From $200 Lifetime---$2,500Chemotherapy benefits $1,000.
$250 deductible + 20% to 40% co-insurance applies
Liberty PetCare standard plan$350Until 13 years old (dog's age)$1000$500 ($50 deductible per claim)$500$1,500$300-
AIA Paw Safe$79.49 (w microchip)/ $84.58 (w/o chip)Until 8 years old (dog's age)$1,000 or purchase price (whichever is lower)$1,000 ($150 deductible per claim)--$1,000 or purchase price (whichever is lower)Certain dog breeds excluded.
CIMB My Paw Pal (underwritten by Sompo) $74.90Until 13 years old (dog's age)$1,500$3,000 per yearMedical expenses are covered only if it is caused by accidents. Additional premium of S$321.00 is required to cover medical expenses arising from illnesses.--Covers only up to 70% of medical expenses claimed. Certain dog breeds excluded.
Cats AON Happy Tails cat & kitten fur plan (underwritten by MSIG)From $200 Lifetime--$3,800-$250 deductible and 20% to 40% co-insurance applies
Liberty PetCare Standard plan $350Until 13 years old (cat's age)$1,000$500 ($50 deductible per claim)$500$1,500$300No coverage for funeral expenses and chemotherapy
CIMB My Paw Pal (underwritten by Sompo) $74.90Until 13 years old (cat's age)$1,500$3,000 per year (due to accidental death)Medical expenses are covered only if it is caused by accidents. Additional premium of S$321.00 is required to cover medical expenses arising from illnesses.--Covers only up to 70% of medical expenses claimed

Which Insurance Should I Get For My Pet?

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Getting which type of pet insurance is greatly dependent on your pet. Some factors you can think about include the following:

  1. Age: Make sure your pet is within the eligible age range of getting an insurance policy. If your pet is getting older, it is important to get it insured before its too late!
  2. Pet Breed: Certain breeds are more susceptible to illnesses. For example, golden retrievers are more susceptible to cancer. Knowing the illnesses associated to your pet’s breed will come in handy when buying insurance.
  3. Aggression: If your dog/cat is aggressive, you can factor that into consideration as well so that you can be covered for
  4. Medical History: Is your pet prone to medical illnesses? If yes, get one that has a higher medical coverage.
  5. Accidents: Is your pet accident-prone? If so, make sure you are covered for and have substantial payouts for accidental injuries.

From the list of insurance policies above, here’s what you should get according to your needs: 

Best For Insurance Policies Pros Cons
Overall CoverageLiberty PetCare Standard PlanMost extensive Coverage

Covers both illness-related fees and fees incurred due to accidents.

Can visit any licensed veterinarian, including emergency animal hospitals and specialists in Singapore.
Does not cover costs of post-surgery
Most Affordable PlanCIMB My Paw PalCheapest plan at $74.90.

Good coverage for accidental death and accidental injury.

Covers up to 70% of medical expenses claimed.

For CIMB My Paw Pal, medical expenses are covered only if it is caused by accidents. Additional premium of S$321.00 is required to cover medical expenses arising from illnesses.

Certain dog breeds excluded, such as Bull Terrier,
German Shepherd, Mastiffs etc.

Does not cover illnesses related to prostate problems
Older Pets AON Happy TailsLifetime Coverage, covers surgical related fees up to $2,500.Coverage not extensive: Does not include death, injury and theft. Co-insurance increases as dog ages, long waiting period.
Pets Prone To Illnesses and Accidents Liberty PetCare Standard PlanPlan covers accidental death, injury, medical treatments for surgical and non surgical. Does not cover costs of post-surgery
Aggressive Dogs/Cats AIA Paw Safe/ CIMB My Paw Pal (Dogs and Cats)AIA Paw Safe has the highest third party liability coverage: $1mil ($1,000 deductible per claim) for dogs. CIMB provides third party liability claimm of $250,000 for cats and dogs Policy excludes certain pet breeds.
Puppies and Kittens Liberty PetCare Standard Plan (lowest minimum age- 8 weeksLowest minimum age to be enrolled: 8 weeks. -

Pet Insurance In Singapore

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Have you decided on the pet insurance you’d like to get for your furry friends? Before buying, do remember to read the policies to get a full idea of coverage included!

This article includes the common and essential coverages for most pets- it does not include special coverages for cancer treatments, chemotherapy, third party liabilities, claim discounts etc, all of which can be found in the following policy wordings: 

For those who would like to discuss on pet insurance policies in Singapore, head over to the discussion page and share your thoughts! 

Discussion: Pet Insurance? Which Should I Get?

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