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Throw Away Your Phone Cases, You Don't Need Them Anymore With Phone Insurance!

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Are you a clutz like me?

I’m so clumsy that once when I wanted to keep my phone by sliding it into my back pocket… I COMPLETELY MISSED THE POCKET!

As a result, my screen – and my heart – shattered that very day.

It didn’t matter even if I had a phone casing and screen protector on. Here’s what my phone looked like after:

Pictured above: My very own cracked phone screen

It cost me an arm and a leg just to get it fixed, especially since I was only a student then!


If only phone insurance existed back then. I wouldn’t have to part with an exorbitant amount of money just to get my screen fixed!

Or maybe I could’ve tried fixing it with instant noodles. shrugs

Pictured above: Google “Fixing Things With Ramen” if you’re lost

TL;DR – Which Phone Insurance Should I Get?

Ok, enough rambling.

Here’s what you came for.

  • Most comprehensive phone insurance: Mobile Protect by DBS/POSB
  • Most basic phone insurance (phone screen protection only): Igloo Insurance
Mobile Insurance ProvidersPremium (Per Month)
Mobile Protect by DBS/POSBS$15
Mobile Protect by DBS/POSBS$15
Igloo InsuranceS$3.33
PhoneProtect360 by HL AssuranceS$12
Telco Providers

Mobile Protect by DBS/POSB

In case you’re wondering, no, DBS and POSB are NOT getting into the insurance game. The phone insurance by them is underwritten by CHUBB Insurance.

It covers:

  • Cash withdrawn and replacement of important documents due to robbery
  • In-box phone accessories
  • Loss, accidental damage, and theft
  • New and existing phones (up to 3 years old)
  • Unauthorised transactions and usage of airtime and data
  • Worldwide protection (including Singapore too)

This all sounds really comprehensive and extremely promising. However, there are deductibles and limitations put in place. If not we confirm will try to hack the system right?


Within a span of 12 months, Mobile Protect only covers up to 3 events of phone damages and deductibles of S$75 for each repair and S$150 for each phone replacement.

It also covers unauthorised transactions from your PayLah!, so if you’re an avid PayLah! user then this might be a huge plus point for you (although it only covers S$100 max for each claim).


Any coverage relating to reimbursement of physical cash or your PayLah! account or even replacing your important documents have a maximum limit of S$100 per event and S$500 annually.

Mobile Protect Insurance Premiums

So how much do all these benefits cost?

Monthly PremiumAnnual Premium

It is currently having a launch special of 10% discount off premiums so…monthly premiums are going at S$13.50 and yearly, S$162. (Accurate as of 3 Jun 2019)

How To Apply For Mobile Protect?

Apply through DBS PayLah or via the Mobile Protect Website.

Igloo Insurance

This is the plain vanilla of phone insurances as it only insures your phone screen. FYI: the insurance is underwritten by FWD.

It’s super basic, and extremely straight forward.

The only options are the frequency of your payment and if you’d rather have your excess covered or not.

In case you’re wondering, excess means the amount you have to fork out first before your insurance kicks in to cover the rest of the charges for you.

Igloo Insurance Premiums

  • With excess charges: Daily, Monthly, Yearly
  • Without excess charges: Yearly option only
Phone ModelPrice/Year
iPhone XRS$19.90/year (Excess: S$40)
S$39.90/year (Without excess)
iPhone 8+S$7.90/year (Excess: S$10)
S$16.90/year (Without excess)
Google Pixel 2 XLS$18.90/year (Excess: S$30)
S$39.90/year (Without excess)
Samsung Galaxy S10+S$19.90/year (Excess: S$30)
S$39.90/year (Without excess)

If you’re holding onto a phone like my iPhone 7 Plus, your insurance premium clocks in at a mere S$16.90 per year. Which is considerably cheaper as compared to phone insurance for a Samsung Galaxy S10+ that costs S$39.90 per year.

I strongly believe that it’s the Samsung Galaxy’s ‘fancy’ curved screen that makes the insurance so expensive.

(Editor’s note: the writer is delusional)

Pictured: How I feel about my ‘awesome’ phone

How To Apply For Igloo Insurance?

  1. Download the Igloo app
  2. Choose the plan of your choice
  3. Make your payment

It’s that simple. For more information, check out Igloo’s website.

PhoneProtect360 by HL Assurance

PhoneProtect360 is another option you may opt for BUT there are a few clauses like:

  • Your phone must be less than 1 year old
  • Coverage does not include cosmetic damage – damages that do not affect the normal operation or functionality of the mobile phone e.g. scratch marks, dents or discolouration
  • Coverage for your device is for 12 months only

Considering how pristine my…


My ancient iPhone 7 Plus is definitely ineligible for this.

PhoneProtect360 Premiums

Premiums: S$144 per year

How To Apply For PhoneProtect360?

Apply through the PhoneProtect360 Website.

Are There Other Forms Of Phone Insurance?

You might be going, “When I signed for my phone line, so and so telco company also offered me phone insurance… Is that different?”


The ones that I talked about earlier range from more comprehensive protection to simple phone screen insurance. The ones that your mobile carrier offers mainly covers mobile replacement.

Here are the options available:

Mobile Plan ProviderPriceWhat does it include?
Singtel Mobile Swop UnlimitedS$9.90/month• Device replacement, and swap
Starhub SmartSupportS$12/month• Device swap, and replacement
M1 FoneCare+S$8.50/month• Device upgrade, swap, and replacement
Circles.Life Device InsuranceS$7/month• Device repair, replacement

Read Telco Reviews by Singaporeans

Do you have phone insurance? Which do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments below!


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Still have more questions after reading the article? Fret not, ask our community here!