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Best Pineapple Tarts & Promotions in Singapore (2024) That Are Worth the Calories

Best Pineapple Tarts in Singapore (2024) That Are Worth the Calories

profileRachel Yeo

Pineapple tarts come in all shapes and sizes and are a staple Chinese New Year goodie many can’t miss!

Source: Anncoo Journal

What makes a good pineapple tart?

For me, a solid pineapple tart needs to have these components:

  • A homemade pineapple jam made from fresh pineapples that are cooked down and well caramelised, not too sour nor dry
  • A fragrant crust with the ridges of the pastry kneaded and folded uniformly.

I don’t eat pineapples, but I love pineapple tarts.

So for those who are looking for the best pineapple tarts, here are some of the best pineapple tarts you can get this Chinese New Year in 2024!

TL;DR: Best Pineapple Tarts Singapore 2024

We’ve shortlisted crowd favourites based on their online ratings, number of social media followers, Google reviews and awards won.

Here’s a quick rundown on the best pineapple tarts in Singapore

Traditional Pineapple Tarts & Pineapple Balls/PillowsPineapple TartPricePromotionDelivery Fee
Baker's Brew Pineapple TartsPineapple Pillows$29.808% off Early Bird Discount, minimum 3 tins. Use code 'CNY202SEB'. Valid till 4 FebFrom $15 + $5 for delivery to Sentosa,Tuas or locations close to these vicinities

From 2 Feb to 9 Feb: From $18
Baker's Well Pineapple TartsPineapple Tarts$298% off Early Bird Discount till 23 Jan (min. $100 order). Pre-orders end 31 Jan/$25 for orders $300 and below
Pineapple Pillows$36
Nonya Apple Shaped Pineapple Tarts (With Cloves)$32
DelciesMini Pineapple Tart (Vegan & Diabetic-friendly)$35-$25 + $15 (Public Holidays and certain districts/zones such as Jurong, Tues, Jurong Island, Marina Bay, CBD areas and Sentosa) for orders $300 and below
Mini Pineapple Tart (Eggless & Diabetic-friendly)$35
Mini Pineapple Balls (Vegan & diabetic-friendly)$35
Mini Pineapple Balls (Vegan & diabetic-friendly)$35
Ding BakeryPremium Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pineapple Tart (Ball)$22.90 (U.P. $45.80)50% OFF
Super Early-Bird Sale
$8 for orders $100 and below
Nyonya Pineapple Tarts$18.90 (U.P. $37.80)
Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pineapple Ball (French Butter)$20.90 (U.P. $41.80)
Janice Wong Pineapple TartsPineapple Flower Tarts$35-$18/location

Free self collection at retail outlets
Pineapple Balls$35
Chocolate-Coated Pineapple Balls$38
L'eclair PatisserieGolden Dragon Prosperity Box$68Free for orders $150 and above

$25 for orders below $40; $15 for orders $40 and above +$5 for Sentosa Island postal codes starting with: 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08.
La LevainOsmanthus Pineapple Balls (Grande - bottles)$28.80$15 off any 6 CNY Goodies$15 for orders below $119.90
Osmanthus Pineapple Balls (Royale - metal tins)$30.80
Pineapple Balls (Grande)$26.80
Pineapple Balls (Royale)$28.80
Le Cafe Confectionery & PastryCNY Premium Gift Box$42-Not stated
Old Seng Choong Pineapple TartsOriginal Pineapple Tarts$38.8020% early bird $15 for orders <$120

Free self collection at outlets
Mandarin Orange Pineapple Tarts$45.80
Assorted Pineapple Tarts$42.80
Pineapple Tarts SingaporeHui Wei – Traditional Nyonya Pineapple Tarts $21.90 (U.P. $41.80)50% off$10 for orders <$100

Free delivery for orders ≥$100

Free self collection at office
Golden Pillow – Pineapple Pillow$21.90 (U.P. $41.80)
Melt-in-your-mouth - Pineapple Tarts$25.90 (U.P. $49.80)
Cheezylicious – Cheese Pineapple Tarts$27.90 (U.P. $53.80)
YOlkLO – Salted Egg Pineapple Tarts$29.90 (U.P. $57.80)
Pineapple of My Eye – Pineapple Ball$21.90 (U.P. $41.80)
Siao LA – Mala Pineapple Tarts$27.90 (U.P. $53.80)
Nyonya – Pandan Pineapple Tarts$21.90 (U.P. $41.80)
Double Truffle – Charcoal Truffle Pineapple Tarts$30.90 (U.P. $59.80)
Bittersweet – Uji Matcha Pineapple Tarts$21.90 (U.P. $41.80)
Oneh Oneh – Ondeh Pineapple Tarts$27.90 (U.P. $53.80)
Wang Lai BakeryMelt in Your Mouth Pineapple Tarts$21.90 (U.P. $39.80)45% sale$10 for orders $100 and below; $20 for express delivery
Melt in Your Mouth Open Face Pineapple Tarts$21.90 (U.P. $39.80)
Melt in Your Mouth Cheese Pineapple Tarts$22.90 (U.P. $41.80)
Premium Cranberry Pineapple Tarts$23.90 (U.P. $41.80)
Melt In Your Mouth Pandan Pineapple Tarts$22.90 (U.P. $45.80)
Melt in Your Mouth Matcha Pineapple Tarts$22.90 (U.P. $45.80)
Melt in Your Mouth Earl Grey Pineapple Tarts$23.90 (U.P. $41.80)
Melt In Your Mouth Chilli Crab Pineapple Tarts$22.90 (U.P. $45.80)
Melt in Your Mouth Sour Cream Pineapple Tarts$22.90 (U.P. $41.80)
Kele Pineapple TartsTraditional Pineapple Tarts$33.80-Flexi Delivery: $13.90

Standard Delivery: $20

Specific Delivery: $50
Assorted Tarts
(Rose, Sweet Potato, Matcha, Black Sesame)
Golden Osmanthus PIneapple Tarts$38.80
Golden Pineapple Balls$33.80
Assorted Pineapple Balls (Pandan & Coconut, Cheese, Tangerin)$35.80
NesutoBrowned Butter Vanilla Pineapple Tarts$29-Orders < $60: $17

Orders $60 - $90: $13

Orders $90 - $110: $9

Orders $110 and above: $5
Roasted Tea (Hojicha) Pineapple Tarts$29
Chinese 5-spice Pineapple Tarts$29

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Disclaimer: The information is accurate as of 15 Jan 2024. Prices and promotions are subject to change without prior notice.

Traditional Pineapple Tarts & Pineapple Pillows

Baker’s Brew

Source: Baker’s Brew

Baker’s Brew is known for their creative bakes and pastries and this CNY, add a touch of creativity to your celebrations by placing an order for delectable treats from Baker’s Brew.

Get your hands on sweet favourites like the Ondeh Ondeh cookies, featuring a luscious gula melaka coconut filling encased in a vividly green pandan dough.

Additionally, savour the reduced sugar pineapple tarts, boasting a delightful combination of butter and cheese pastry.

Address Website
Great World, Paragon, Plaza Singapura, Sembawang, Upper Thomson, JEM, Tampines Mall and Causeway Point bakersbrew.com

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Baker’s Well

Source: Baker’s Well

Expertly baked to perfection, these cookies make a delightful addition to your festive spread.

Treat yourself to the exquisite pleasure of these pineapple tarts, a quintessential highlight of the Chinese New Year Goodies collection and Baker’s Well Signature Tarts & Pillows.

Address Website
35 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428754

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Source: Delcies

When we say it’s ‘worth your calories’, we mean if you had to choose what to eat, pineapple tart should be one, but you should always eat in moderation.

Those looking for healthier and vegan options will be pleased to know that Delcies offers vegan, eggless, and diabetic-friendly pineapple tarts!

Address Website
Kitchen and Store (Tue-Sun, 11am-8pm)
Blk 34 Whampoa West #01-83, Singapore 330034Nearest MRT: Boon Keng MRT, Exit B


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Ding Bakery

Source: Ding Bakery

The bestselling and award-winning Premium Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pineapple Tarts (Ball) is at the forefront of their offerings, priced at $22.90.

(Note: An early bird is 50% off their CNY goodies now!)

This delectable treat has captivated both the young and old with its exceptionally fine taste and texture, with over 100,000 customers rating it!

Also, if you’re really unsure if you should give them a try, drop by their store, and you can do a taste test.

Address Website
140 Paya Lebar Road, AZ @ Paya Lebar, #03-13, Singapore 409015 Ding Bakery

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Janice Wong

Source: Janice Wong

Helmed by renowned chocolatier, artist and Asia’s Best Pastry Chef, Janice Wong, one would expect that the pineapple tarts are also a work of art.

Try and let us know your verdict!

Address Website
Janice Wong Pure Imagination

1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World, B1-K119, Singapore 237994

Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (collection after 12pm)

Tel: +65 9640 6397

Janice Wong

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L’eclair Patisserie

Source: L’eclair Patisserie

L’eclair Patisserie is known for its exquisite and delicious eclairs. Regardless of whether you bought it as a gift or just want to try it, these eclairs will steal the limelight of the party.

But do you know that this patisserie’s pineapple tarts are also perfect for gifting?

At $68 for the Golden Dragon Prosperity Box, you get pineapple tarts (18 pieces), sesame crisps, and Florentine Nut Crisps!

Address Website
Singapore Shopping Centre, 190 Clemenceau Avenue, #01-28, Singapore 239924 L’eclair Patisserie

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La Levain

Source: La Levain

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this artisanal bakery’s latest pineapple tart innovations. Embrace the festive spirit with the classic variant, renowned for its melt-in-the-mouth texture and delightful blend of tanginess and sweetness.

For a unique flavour experience, consider indulging in the Osmanthus version.

Address Website
23 Hamilton Rd, Singapore 209193 La Levain

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Le Cafe Confectionery & Pastry

Source: Le Cafe

Established more than fifty years ago, Le Café Confectionery & Pastry stands as Singapore’s oldest cake and pastry shop.

Their unique golf ball-sized pineapple tarts are a pioneering creation in Singapore, featuring a moist pineapple filling enveloped in a buttery pastry. Each tart is meticulously handcrafted and is free from pork or lard.

Do note that pre-orders have closed, but walk-in purchase is still available.

Address Website
31/33 Mackenzie Road

#01-01 Singapore 228686
Tel: +65 6337 2417

Blk 42 Cambridge Road

#01-02 Singapore 210042
Tel: +65 6298 1477

Blk 637 Veerasamy Road

#01-111 Singapore 200637
Tel: +65 6294 8813

Le Cafe

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Old Seng Choong

Source: Old Seng Choong

Old Seng Choong is a homegrown heritage brand that has been baking since 1965. Dedicated to preserving the past, OSC has pioneered a series of premium-quality products, including cookies, cakery, and confectionery. Each item reflects the vibrant history and culture of Singapore.

Address Website
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands2 Bayfront Ave

#01-72, Singapore 018972
+65 6688 7341

Paragon Shopping Centre290 Orchard Rd

#B1-14, Singapore 238859
+65 9661 2154

Changi Airport Terminal 2 (Transit)
60 Airport Boulevard, Transit Lounge

#02-175/176, Singapore 819643
+65 9664 7410

Changi Airport Terminal 4 (Transit)
10 Airport Boulevard, Transit Lounge North

#02-50, Singapore 819665
+65 9823 5113

Old Seng Choong

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Pineapple Tarts Singapore

As the name aptly describes, this bakery specialises in making pineapple tarts!

Handcrafted with premium ingredients, Pineapple Tarts Singapore offers some of the town’s finest treats. Baked to order for optimal freshness, this online store has earned stellar ratings for its traditional recipe.

Choose from open-face Nyonya pineapple tarts with tangy paste on a buttery crust or encased ones with a perfect sweet-sour balance.

Address Website
22 New Industrial Rd, Primax 03-15, Singapore 536208 Pineapple Tarts Singapore

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Pineapple Tarts With A Unique Spin

Aside from the classic open Nyonya pineapple tarts, pineapple tart makers in Singapore have put their spin on the traditional pastry.

Here are some you might want to try if you feel a bit adventurous in the new year.

Wang Lai Bakery

Wang Lai Bakery has been around for 56 years and is a fourth-generation specialist in Chinese New Year goodies. Originating as a modest home operation baking for friends and family, it has now gained fame in Singapore and across borders.

Address Website
20 Sin Ming Ln, #03-58 Midview City, Singapore 573968 Wang Lai Bakery

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Kele Pineapple Tarts: Unique Flavoured Pineapple Tarts

Source: Kele
Kele Pineapple Tarts has been around since 1983. Though an old-school bakery at heart, the shop’s pineapple tarts are anything but.

This year, Kele partnered with Gryphon Tea Company to create the limited edition Golden Osmanthus Pineapple Tarts, which is a unique flavour incorporated into their buttery crust, and your guests will surely be wowed by these colourful pastries.

Address Website
Chinatown Flagship Store (Self-collection)

2 Smith Street,
Singapore 058917

Vivocity Concept Store

1 Harbourfront Walk,
VivoCity, B2-K10,
Singapore 098585

Jewel Concept Store (Self-collection)

78 Airport Blvd.,
Jewel Changi Airport, #01-K213,
Singapore 819666

Central Kitchen/Main Office

15 Jalan Tepong,
Jurong Food Hub 06-16,
Singapore 619336


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Adventurous to try new flavours?

How about Nesuto’s pineapple tarts infused with the robust flavours of Chinese five-spice, crafted with a homemade blend of cinnamon, clove, star anise, fennel, and Sichuan peppercorns?

Address Website

Nesuto @ Tanjong Pagar

53 Tras St, #01-01, Singapore 078992

171 Kampong Ampat

KA Foodlink #06-13, Singapore 368330

Nesuto @ Jewel Changi Airport

78 Airport Blvd., #01 – 236 / 237, Singapore 819666


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How Many Calories Are There In Pineapple Tarts?

For the health-conscious, an average pineapple tart contains 93 calories, which includes:

Source: 8 Days
  • 2.3g of saturated fat
  • 6.2g of sugar
  • 58mg of sodium.

This means that eating 6-7 pieces is equivalent to a plate of chicken rice.

Alternatively, if you’re a bubble tea lover like me, four pineapple tarts are about equivalent to one cup of bubble tea!

Should The Calories Matter?

Well, Chinese New Year’s only once a year, and you will have the whole year to burn off those excess calories!

So don’t deprive yourself of these mouth-watering goodies, but do remember to eat them in moderation!

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More More CNY Goodies?

Another CNY goodie that people would indulge in is Bak Kwa!

If you have any questions, check out our savvy community as the members will be on hand to help!

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