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Best Home Projectors

Elevate Your Netflix Experience With The Best Projectors in Singapore For Every Budget (2020)

profileJoel Koh

Growing up, one of my childhood dreams was to own a projector.

As much as watching movies on the Cathode-ray tube (CRT) television was nice, nothing could beat the cinematic experience of watching movies on a projector for me. But, the price was always prohibitively expensive for my family so that dream went away.

These days, thanks to the magic of mass production, projectors have become a whole lot more affordable.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting circuit breaker measures, my family and I were spending a lot more time at home.

To keep us entertained, I decided to buy a projector so that we could replicate some of the cinematic magic at home. After an extensive research process, I found a great projector (Wzatco C2) to get. Although it was a bit pricy and compromised my monthly budget, the care and support package payout made it a bit less painful.

But along the way, I learnt a lot more about projectors and read countless reviews to be able to find the best projectors you can get for every price point.

*Information is accurate as of 11 Jun 2020.

TL;DR: Best Home Projectors in Singapore For Every Price Point

ProjectorStandout FeaturePrice
VisualGreat GP80Most Portable Projector$99
Mirval A5s Best Value$149.90
Lumos Auro Best for Movie Buffs$299
Wzatco C2Best for Gaming$299.86
BenQ TK800M 4KBest for 4K$2,099

So should you buy a projector?

Well, projectors are more complex compared to TVs and need more consideration, but the best projectors for your money will bring your home theatre to life.

I have also added a mini-guide on what makes a good projector as well.

What to Look Out For in a Home Projector?

Before we start, there are a few things to look out for when choosing a home projector.

Source: Visual Great


Ideally, you should get a projector with a high a native resolution of Full HD 1080p at 1920 x 1080 pixels for a sharper image.

However, a projector with a native resolution of 720p HD at 1280 x 720 pixels is quite good as well.

If you have the budget for a 4K projector, take note that not all 4K projectors will output a true 4K image.


In terms of brightness, projectors use lumens as a unit of measurement to describe the amount of light a projector outputs.

You would want the projector to have as many lumens as possible as the brighter the projector, the more usable it is in brighter lighting conditions.

A projector with 1,500 lumens is great if you are only using the projector in complete darkness. But if you are looking to use the projector in spaces with more surrounding light, you would want something that has at least 2,500 lumens.

Do note that even though projectors have gotten a whole lot brighter, they still perform best in a dark room.

Contrast Ratio

This is the ratio that measures the black and white levels.

A high contrast ratio will output blacker blacks and whiter whites. Although a projector may have many lumens, a bad contrast ratio will make the projected image look faded.

You will want a projector with at least a 2000:1 contrast ratio for a better image.

Projection Distance 

This is the distance between your projector and the image displayed on the screen.

Some cheaper models have a shorter projection distance, so you will have to place them near the screen.

Others, however, can have a projection distance of over 9m, giving you the freedom to put them on your ceiling.

the better the picture quality displayed. For the best viewing experience, you need to pay close attention to the contrast ratio.

Display Size

The display size is important as it is the specification that highlights how large an image the projector can project.

A thing to note about this is that even though the projectors can project at the maximum screen size, the optimal screen size is usually smaller.

Consider going for a model that offers a large display size for the best viewing experience.


Another vital thing to look out for is the projector’s connectivity.

Whether for business or personal use, the projector should have all the necessary display ports like HDMI and VGA, audio ports like 3.5mm and AV port, as well as USB ports to plug in flash drives to play media.

Some projectors have built-in speakers but it is best to connect speakers even cheap ones for a better experience.

Basically, the more the merrier as you do not want to be limited by the external devices you can use.

Where to Position Projector

As far as possible, you would want to position the projector head-on for the best possible image and not have to tilt the projector up or down.

Otherwise, you can always correct the image with the built-in keystone correction feature which allows you to shift the image vertically or horizontally without moving the projector.

If you have a small room, you might want to get a Short Throw projector which can output very large images from a close distance.

Where to Project it

For the best possible results, you should project the image on a white wall or screen in a fully darkened room.

However, we might not have this luxury as projectors are typically set up in living rooms, multi-purpose entertainment rooms, and family rooms that have light coloured walls, ceilings, etc.

As such, even when you turn off all the lights, the light from the projector screen might reflect back onto the screen and making it look more washed out.

In this case, a light grey screen might be better to absorb the reflected light for blacker blacks on the image.

Best Home Projectors Singapore

With that in mind, let’s begin with the list of best home projectors in Singapore to get for every budget!

1. VisualGreat GP80 — Best Portable Projector ($99)

I’ve got 99 problems but this $99 projector ain’t one.

Source: Finer | Qoo10

At this price point, this projector is as good as it gets. VisualGreat has managed to cram in the features of more expensive projectors into the portable and affordable GP80.

VisualGreat GP80 Specifications

Physical Dimensions: 19cm L x 16cm W x 7cm H

Brightness: 1800 Lumens

Native Resolution: 480p at 800 x 400 pixels

Contrast Ratio: 2200:1

Display Size: 60 – 120 inches

Keystone Correction: +/- 15°

Bulb Life: 30,000 hours (LED)

Inputs: HDMI | VGA | Audio (3.5mm) | AV | 2 USB ports

Speakers: Yes, built-in

The projector has a stunning 2,200:1 contrast ratio, which is hard to find among projectors at this price range.

Second, the brightness rating of 1,800 lumens is above average for projectors at this price. That extra brightness makes the image easier to see in rooms with more ambient light.

Source: Finer | Qoo10

There are also some minute features that set this portable projector apart.

Its portable size makes it easier for you to bring it out and carry around. The two USB slots let you plug in flash drives without needing to change it around.

Lastly, the built-in speaker is loud enough to hear in a small to a small to medium-sized room, which is good in a pinch.

One area where this projector falls slightly short of its competitors is its resolution which is only 480p. But at this price, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a good 1080p projector with these specs.

VisualGreat GP80 Projector Price

$99 on Qoo10

2. Mirval A5s LED Mini Portable Projector — Best Value ($149.90)

Next up we have the excellent Mirval A5s.

Source: Mirval | Lazada

The specifications are as follows.

Mirval A5s Specifications

Physical Dimensions: 25cm L x 17cm W x 8cm H | 1.7kg

Brightness: 3000 Lumens

Native Resolution: 720p at 1280 x 800 pixels

Contrast Ratio: 3000:1

Display Size: 50 – 180 inches

Keystone Correction: +/- 15°

Bulb Life: 30,000 hours (LED)

Inputs: HDMI | VGA | Audio (3.5mm) | AV | 2 USB ports

Speakers: Yes, built-in

For just $50 more, you can get the Mirval A5s a 720p projector with WiFi mirroring functionality.

The projector is nice and bright with an upgraded 3000 lumens as well as a great 3000:1 contrast ratio. 

Source: Mirval | Shopee

As for the display size, the image it produces goes up to a huge 180 inches, although I would think that somewhere between 100 inches and 140 inches would produce a better image.

It even comes with a remote!

Although this project is slightly larger than the G80, it is still rather compact. Perhaps the only downside to this projector would be its native 720p resolution.

But for this price, you are getting great value with a sharp screen and WiFi mirroring which is unmatched at this price range.

Mirval A5s Price

$149.90 on Shopee with one-year local warranty.

3. Lumos Auro Short Throw Projector — Best For Movie Buffs ($299)

Next up we have the LUMOS AURO a Short Throw projector sold by local company Lumos.

Source Lumos

This projector is hot property as Lumos have sold out their June batch. You will have to preorder the projector now and only receive it in July.

The customer reviews for this projector are pretty good as well will over 100 plus positive reviews

Although this projector is more expensive than the Mirval A5s, it packs a lot more high-end specifications.

Lumos Auro Specifications

Physical Dimensions: 31.3cm L x 23.2cm W x 10.4cm H | 3kg

Brightness: 6000 Lumens

Native Resolution: 1080p at 1920 x 1080 pixels

Contrast Ratio: 4000:1

Display Size: 50 – 300 inches

Keystone Correction: Horizontal & Vertical | ±15° (Using Adjustment Mechanism) ±50°(Using Remote Adjustment)

Bulb Life: 50,000 hours (LED)

Inputs: HDMI | VGA | Audio (3.5mm) | AV | 2 USB ports

Speakers: Yes, built-in with Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound

Short Throw Ratio: 1.35:1

For starters, the projector is nice and bright with a stunning 6000 lumens and 4000:1 contrast ratio.

The projector also projects at a native full HD 1080p resolution for a crystal clear image.

The size of the display is also massive as you can get anywhere from 50 – 300 inches.

What I like about this projector that it is great for small rooms as with a short-throw projector distance of 1.35:1 ensures a projection size of a 90-inch display with only a 2.9m distance needed.

For $99 more, you can get the Auro Smart which comes with an Android system that runs Youtube, Netflix, Kodi, the Google Play Store and a simple Web Browser. It also has the screencast feature that supports AirPlay for iPhones and Miracast for Android.

However, the Smart does not support Google’s Chromecast natively.

To adjust the screen, the Auro Smart has a digital zoom function which allows you to adjust the size of the screen without moving the projector.

Lumos Auro Price

$299 on the Lumos website with one-year local warranty.

4. Wzatco C2 — Best for Gaming ($299.86)

The similarly priced Wzatco C2 is the projector that I bought.

This projector is great for gaming as it has a sharp 1080p image with a 60Hz refresh rate that reduces motion blur for a smoother-looking screen.

This high refresh rate is not found in other projectors in its price range.

I found playing FIFA with this projector really enjoyable as there was little to no latency when playing and the image was really smooth.

Wzatco C2 Specifications

Physical Dimensions: 31.3cm L x 23.2cm W x 10.4cm H | 3.5kg

Brightness: 5000 Lumens

Native Resolution: 1080p at 1920 x 1080 pixels with 60Hz refresh rate

Contrast Ratio: 5000:1

Display Size: 40 – 200 inches

Projection Distance: 1.8m – 6m

Keystone Correction: Horizontal & Vertical | ±50° digital keystone

Bulb Life: 50,000 hours (LED)

Inputs: HDMI | VGA | Audio (3.5mm) | AV | 2 USB ports

Speakers: Yes, built-in

Throw Ratio: 1.35:1

Specifications wise, it is pretty similar to the Lumos Auro as the Wzatco has a slightly dimmer but still bright 5000 lumens.

Where the Watzco is better is its 5000:1 contrast ratio and native full HD 1080p resolution with a higher 60Hz refresh rate.

The size of the display is also large as you can get anywhere from 40 – 200 inches with a projection distance of 1.8m.

I projected the image onto a grey coloured background (i.e. IKEA blinds).

In use, I found the speakers adequately loud but nothing spectacular. The image projected was nice and sharp as well.

However, what I didn’t like was that the projector ran pretty hot near the vent on the left and was rather loud.

But otherwise, this projector is really good for the price with an upcoming sale on 15 June bringing the price down to $271.75.

Wzatco C2 Price

$299.86 on Aliexpress with 2-year international warranty.

5. BenQ TK800M 4K UHD HDR Home Entertainment Projector — Best for 4K ($2,099)

Last but not least, we have the BenQ Tk800M the only 4K projector on this list.

Unfortunately, the price of 4K projectors has not yet come down yet.

Source: BenQ

$2,099 gets you one of the best 4K projectors with true 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) 10 image and a dedicated mode for football and other sports.

I was hesitant to add this on the list but if you have the budget, this projector is good as you can get.

An additional feature that sets this projector apart is that it has advanced Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. A DLP projector is produced by light reflecting off a Chip which has millions of tiny mirrors fixed on it. This amounts for a better image with higher contrast ratios.

BenQ TK800M Specifications

Physical Dimensions: 35cm L x 13.5cm W x 27.1cm H | 4.2kg

Brightness: 3000 ANSI Lumens

Native Resolution: 4K UHD at 3840 x 2160 pixels with HDR 10

Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1

Display Size: 40 – 200 inches

Projection Distance: 1.8m – 6m

Keystone Correction: Vertical | ±40° digital keystone

Bulb Life: 15,000 hours (Bulb)

Inputs: HDMI 2 | VGA | Audio (3.5mm) | AV | USB A | USB B

Speakers: Yes, built-in with. CinemaMaster audio

Throw Ratio:1.50-1.65m

The projector delivers a superb cinema experience with its pin-sharp 4K display and HDR 10 support for vivid colours as well as great colour accuracy with its cinema mode.

Source: BestBuy

The projector is also blindingly bright with 3,000 ANSI lumens (a more expensive certification) and an off the chart 10,000:1 contrast ratio. With this bright screen, the projector performs well in the daytime where there is a lot of ambient light.

Despite the great image performance, this projector is not for everyone as it is prohibitively expensive. Another downside to this would be that the projector uses a bulb which affects its longevity with a comparatively low 15,000 hours rating.

Also, there is no horizontal keystone correction which is puzzling at this price.

Get this projector if you have the budget for the best cinema experience with little to no compromise.

BenQ TK800M Price

$2,099 on Lazada with three years local manufacturer warranty.

About Joel Koh
History student turned writer at Seedly. Before you ask, not a teacher. I hope to help people make better financial decisions and not let money control them.
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