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Best Ramen in Singapore Under $11

Best Ramen in Singapore: Value-For-Money Ramen Under $11

profileJustin Oh

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, there’s nothing quite like a bowl of ramen noodles doused in a thick tasty broth and filled to the brim with toppings, especially on a cold, rainy day.

Sadly, fellow ramen lovers know that top-quality ramen can easily set us back a hefty $20+ per bowl.

For those who crave ramen ever so often, that can burn a big hole in your pocket (unless you huat big big already).

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Thus, I’ve made it my mission to suss out the most bang-for-buck ramen so you can get your ramen cravings satiated at the most affordable prices.

TL;DR: Best Ramen in Singapore 2022

Restaurant/StallRecommended Ramen BowlToppingsPriceAdditional Notes
Kumamoto RamenKumamoto Ramen (Tonkotsu)2 x Cha Shu (Pork Slices)
1 x Ajitama (Egg)
Black Fungus
Bean sprouts
Buta KinSpecial Tonkotsu Ramen3 x Cha Shu (Thick Cut Pork)
1 x Egg
Spring Onions
Black Fungus
Gonpachi RamenSeven Wonder Ramen1 x Prawn
1 x Half Egg
Bamboo Shoots
Minced Meat
Black Fungus
Spicy Green Chilli Sauce
Takagi RamenTakagi Ramen (Tonkotsu)2 x Cha Shu (Pork Slices)
Spring Onions

Tonkotsu King (Tanjong Pagar)Tonkotsu Ramen2 x Chas Shu (Pork Slices)
Spring Onions
Black Fungus
$9.90Free flow hard-boiled eggs and beansprouts!
Bari UmaBari-Uma Ramen (Tonkotsu, small-sized)1 x Cha Shu (Grilled Thick Cut Pork)
Spring Onions
Bamboo Shoots
$10.90Free flow iced/warm water

Prices are not inclusive of GST and Service Charge.

While you can find cheap ramen for as little as $6 if you dig hard enough, this list takes into consideration how affordable the ramen is, whether it has sufficient toppings and the overall experience based on patron reviews.


  • Affordable (under $15 inclusive of GST + Service Charge)
  • Has at least two toppings with meat
  • Has generally good reviews

Kumamoto Ramen

Source: Kumamoto Ramen

Since its inception in 2018, Kumamoto Ramen has expanded to a total of three outlets, a testament to its success in serving affordable ramen.

Despite its super cheap prices, Kumamoto Ramen cuts no corners when it comes to its toppings.

At just $6.80, the Kumamoto Tonkotsu Ramen comes with two thin-cut pork slices, an egg, spring onions, black fungus and bean sprouts, making it the cheapest ramen on this list.

Kumamoto Ramen (Jalan Bukit Merah)
11 Jalan Bukit Merah, #03-4458, Singapore 150011

Kumamoto Ramen (Serangoon North)
153 Serangoon North Ave 1, #01-512, Singapore 550153

Kumamoto Ramen (Ang Mo Kio)
711 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #01-4458, Singapore 560711

Price: From $6.80 Nett

Buta Kin

Source: Burpple

While Buta Kin does have cheaper options at $5.50 for their Original Tonkotsu Ramen, I’d be hard-pressed not to recommend their Special Tonkotsu Ramen which gives you two extra thick-cut pork and seaweed, all for an extra two dollars.

The Special Tonkotsu Ramen at Buta Kin ($7.50) includes three thick slices of pork belly cha shu, an egg, spring onions, black fungus and seaweed; a hearty meal, especially for meat lovers.

Buta Kin (Beauty World)
144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #04-28, Singapore 588177

Buta Kin (Thompson V Two)
11 Sin Ming Rd, #01-13 Thomson V Two, Singapore 575629

Buta Kin (West Coast)
Blk 505 West Coast Drive, #01-208, Singapore 120505

Price: From $5.50 Nett

Gonpachi Ramen

Source: Burpple

For those who can’t get enough liao (Mandarin: Toppings) in their ramen, consider the Seven Wonders Ramen ($7.80) from Gonpachi Ramen.

As its name suggests, their signature ramen comes with seven toppings: one prawn, a half egg, bamboo shoots, minced meat, black fungus, corn and spicy green chilli sauce.

Alternatively, you can try their Smoked Duck Chashu Ramen and Miso Kakuni Ramen which are both priced at $7.80.

Gonpachi Ramen
Blk 212 Hougang Street 21, #01-329, Singapore 530212

Price: From $7.80

Takagi Ramen



Source: Takagi Ramen

As one of the more popular ramen chains in Singapore, Takagi Ramen needs no introduction.

With its motto of “ramen for the average Singaporean”, Takagi Ramen delivers with its classic Tonkotsu Ramen.

Coming in at $9.90, it is topped with a generous serving of spring onions, bean sprouts and two thin-cut pork slices.

Takagi Ramen (Ang Mo Kio)
51 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-01C, Singapore 569922

Takagi Ramen (Chong Pang)
Blk 101 Yishun Ave 5, #01-27, Singapore 760101

Takagi Ramen (Woodlands)
6 Woodlands Square, #01-04, Singapore 737737

Takagi Ramen (One-North)
1 Fusionopolis Way, #B1-12 Connexis, Singapore 138632

Takagi Ramen (Downtown East)
1 Pasir Ris Close, #02-316, E!Avenue@Downtown East, Singapore 519599

Takagi Ramen (Jurong West)
Blk 492 Jurong West Street 41, #01-74, Singapore 640492

Takagi Ramen (Clementi)
25 Panda Cres, Singapore 128477

Takagi Ramen (East Point)
3 Simei Street 6, #01-31, Singapore 528833

Price: From $9.90

Tonkotsu King (Tanjong Pagar)

Source: Keisuke

If hearing the term “free-flow” has your ears perked, you’ll be delighted to know that Tonkotsu King by Keisuke offers free-flow hard-boiled eggs and beansprouts!

At a price of $9.90, you’ll be served a piping hot bowl of Tonkotsu ramen with two pork slices, spring onions, black fungus and of course, unlimited servings of beansprouts and hard-boiled eggs.

Tonkotsu King (Tanjong Pagar)
1 Tras Link, #01-19 Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867

Price: From $9.90

Bari Uma

Source: Bari Uma

Before you dismiss the most expensive ramen on this list, Bari Uma offers a thick and flavorful broth that is worth the mention despite costing $10.90 for a small bowl.

The (small-sized) Bari-Uma Ramen comes with one chewy, grilled pork slice, spring onions and bamboo shoots.

As a bonus, they serve warm and iced water for free and have a super tasty selection of clay pot fried rice to compliment your ramen.

Bari Uma
No. 19, Tanglin Road, #B1-01/02, Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore 247909

Price: From $10.90

Affordable Ramen in Singapore

With this selection of affordable ramen in Singapore, you can now save yourself some money if you’re in need of a ramen fix.

If you’re a “ramen regular”, be sure to sign up for a J-passport membership which includes plenty of freebies, deals and discounts for brands such as Bari Uma and Keisuke.

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