Best Travel Insurance Singapore 2018

Cheat Sheet: Best Travel Insurance Guide in Singapore 2018

“I’m travelling soon, which Travel Insurance best suits me?”

This article was written for the typical traveller from Singapore who is considering getting some basic form of coverage for overseas travel. In this article, we compare and review the main basic travel plans in the market.

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A Typical Traveller Scenario

  • Travelling out from Singapore to another country as a single or with a family
  • You have bought your tickets recently but chose not to buy the travel insurance bundle
  • You are comparing to see which suits you best based on price and value

For completeness sake, we have compared the 12 main travel insurance providers in Singapore which are commonly chosen by travellers for their value. We are NOT comparing the promotional deals for accounts that are usually for a shorter term.

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Editor’s note: We do not get any commissions from any of these recommendations.You will start to realize also that very often, the best products do not give any perks. Also, the most important aspect of travel insurance is to read real unbiased user reviews to ensure that there has been successful claims in the past.

TL;DR: Presenting The Winners

Category WinnerCoverageReason
Best Overall ValueMSIG Travel EasyUp to $250k for medical expenses and accidentsOverall with the buying and claiming experience, for it's price, it is one of the most competitive products
Best For Personal Accident and Medical ExpensesGreat Eastern Travel Smart BasicUp to $300k to $500kUsually a more expensive plan than the others
Best for Cancelled TripsFWD Travel PremiumUp to max $7,500FWD places emphasis on this cancelled trip segment
Best for Lost BelongingsAXA TravelSmartUp to 800 per item, pair, or set of itemsAXA places the most emphasis on lost items
Best for Pre-existing conditionNTUC Enhanced PreXUp to $200k medical expenses overseasThe only plan in the market which covers pre-existing medical conditions which include any known injury or sickness before you travel
Best for NS MenAVIVA Travel LiteUp to $250k medical expenses overseasBecause you are a NSman and if you have the AVIVA MHA/MINDEF insurance, you get 30% off the premiums

Important things to note:

  • Rates are quoted for adults under 70 years old for Single Trips
  • The quotes represent the basic plans offered by each company
  • You can opt for higher coverages which naturally cost more

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Best Travel Insurance Singapore 2018

Further reading – Detailed Information


1) For Best Value: MSIG TravelEasy

Overall: It does seem like for it’s personal accident coverage and lost belongings coverage at the average $500 per item, it offers a good value (bang for buck and experience combined)

Product NameMSIG Travel Easy Standard
Personal Accident Payment$150,000
Medical Expenses (Overseas)$250,000
Cancelled TripMax $5,000
Lost BelongingsUp to $500 per item, pair, or set of items

Based on top review: “During my last year trip to Italy, my bag was snatched. After landed back to SG, we filed our claims and the help desks is helpful and patient with our questions and provide clear and follow-up promptly. We manage to claim more then SGD5K of lost within 6weeks.”


2) For Accident and Medical Expenses: GE TravelSmart Basic

Overall: It has one of the highest Personal Accident and Medical expenses coverage at around $300k and $500k respectively for a basic plan.

Product NameGE Travel Smart Basic
Personal Accident$300,000
Medical Expenses (Overseas)$500,000
Cancelled TripMax $5,000
Lost BelongingsUp to $500 per item, pair or set of items

Actually for Accident and medical expenses, usually all companies offer pretty competitive rates as the premiums rise for more expensive plans.


3) For Cancelled Trips: FWD Travel Premium

Overall: A relatively new entrant into the market, this allows the best experience at a very affordable premium. They particularly have very good coverage for cancelled trips.

Product NameFWD Travel Basic
Personal Accident$200,000
Medical Expenses (Overseas)$200,000
Cancelled TripMax $7,500
Lost BelongingsUp to $300 per item, pair or set of items

Based on top review: “I was on a solo backpacking trip in Vietnam when I had a high fever which requires me to admit to the hospital. Being worried about the cost, I called FWD for help (emergency call is claimable). The staff rest assured me that it is claimable and even help me research the nearest hospital nearby my hotel.”


4) For Lost Belongings: AXA TravelSmart

Overall: A old player in the market, their competitive Travel product allows you to claim the highest amount per item.

Product NameAXA SmartTraveller Basic
Personal Accident$250,000
Medical Expenses (Overseas)$300,000
Cancelled TripMax $6,000
Lost BelongingsUp to $800 per item, pair or set of items

Based on top review: “I made a medical claim against the insurance through its online claim form. The process of filling up the form was relatively quick and easy, and supporting documents were required to be attached with the form to validate your claim. The claim went through in around 1 week plus without any issues. All in all, the application and claiming process could be done quickly and easily. Quite a pleasant experience. “


5) For Pre-existing condition: NTUC Enhanced PreX

Overall: The only player in the market which takes on the risk to insure the pre-existing clients for overseas travel, usually at a premium. This will save you the pain and trouble of what happened to a sad case where a family had to raise money to bring their comatose father home from Japan last year.

Product NameNTUC Enhanced PreX
Personal Accident$150,000
Medical Expenses (Overseas)$250,000
Cancelled TripMax $5,000
Lost BelongingsUp to $500 per item, pair or set of items

Based on top review: “I was hospitalised with food poisoning when I was in Korea several years ago. I was reading through their policy (again) on the necessary documents they required for claiming while I was resting in the hospital. It was easy to understand with little medical jargon. Especially they will bold certain words to have your attention.”


6) For NSmen: AVIVA Travel Lite

Overall: The only player in the market which rewards you if you happen to be a NS Men who is still on the MINDEF/MHA life or personal accident policy.

Product NameAviva Travel Lite
Personal Accident$50,000
Medical Expenses (Overseas)$250,000
Cancelled TripMax $5,000
Lost BelongingsUp to $700 per item, pair or set of items

Based on top review:I always use this product because it gives a discount for Aviva insurance policy owners, which almost every guy in Singapore has.”

Aviva Discount Travel Insurance

Compare all Basic Travel Insurance plans

ProductsPersonal Accident PaymentMedical Expenses
Cancelled Trip
Lost Belongings
per item, pair, or set of items)
FWD Premium$200,000$200,000$7,500Up to $300
Etiqa eProtect$200,000$200,000$5,000Up to $250
NTUC Travel Classic$150,000$250,000$5,000Up to $500
Liberty Tour Care Plus Standard$150,000$250,000$5,000Up to $500
Hong Leong Travel Basic$200,000$150,000$5,000Up to $500
AVIVA Travel Lite$50,000$250,000$5,000Up to $700
MSIG TravelEasy$150,000$250,000$5,000Up to $500
Sompo Travel Joy Vital$150,000$150,000$5,000Up to $250
AXA Smart Traveller Baisc$250,000$300,000$6,000Up to $800
AIG Travel Guard Standard$100,000$200,000$5,000Up to $500
Direct Asia DA150 Basic$100,000$150,000$3,000Up to $500
Great Eastern Travel Smart Basic$300,000$500,000$5,000Up to $500
Allianz Global Bronze$35,000$400,000$5,000Up to $500
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