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Wedding cakes and dessert tables

The Best Shops for Wedding Cakes and Dessert Tables in Singapore

profileRebecca Liew

Whenever someone proclaims their disdain for pastries and cake, I can’t help but feel genuine disappointment – at the fact that something as delicious as cake can elicit such strong emotions in a person, whether of joy or disgust.

But don’t mind me.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or helping with one, marking the milestone isn’t complete without actually good cake.

If you agree with me then you’ll want to find out what are the some of the best bakeries in Singapore for wedding cakes and dessert tables.

And since Seedly‘s all about financial prudence, the options presented here include some of the more pocket-friendly ones.

TL;DR: Price List Of Wedding Cake & Dessert Table Vendors In Singapore

We get it – weddings are needlessly expensive.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a table of prices that’ll likely be useful if you’re on a tighter budget.

 Wedding Cake PricesLead TimeDessert Table Prices
SusucreFrom $550 2 weeks (wedding cakes); a month (dessert table)From $580 (40 pax)
CuppletsFrom $725 (85 pax)2-3 weeksFrom $880 (70 pax)
Mad About SucreFrom $1,800++ (60 pax)3-4 months$60/pax (min. $1,800++ spend)
Winifred Kriste CakeFrom $1,500 2-6 months-
CrummbFrom $800 (40 pax)TBC-
Edith PatisserieFrom $80 (standard, non-customised cake)3 weeks (for customised cakes)-

Mad About Sucre

Source: Mad About Sucre

At Mad About Sucre, cakes aren’t charged by weight or tiers – because the latter doesn’t add value to its customers, not least in terms of price.

Rather, the European-style patisserie prioritises using fresh, all-natural ingredients in its customised creations.

That means no preservatives or additives, a promise that’s backed by a steady stream of fans.

Last we checked, its waiting list stretched three months for local orders, and five months for overseas orders.

FYI: they’re also fully booked on slots ‘till end-April 2020.

While prices are naturally dependent on the complexity of your order – and the number of guests you’re accounting for – expect to minimally pay $30/pax for a basic cake with 2D fondant designs.

Additionally, customised orders must meet the minimum spend of $1,800++.

And when it comes to frills, you’ll have to forget the fresh/dried flowers: Mad About Sucre instead adorns its cakes with made-to-order sugar flowers.

Source: Mad About Sucre

Meantime, its dessert tables start from $60/pax – and, again, include a minimum spend of $1,800++.

If you’re wondering about how their cakes actually taste, Mad About Sucre does tasting sessions at $200, and complimentary tasting sessions for orders exceeding $5,000.

Address: Mad About Sucre, 27 Teo Heng Road

Email: [email protected]


Source: Crummb

Former journalist and Crummb founder Paulin coaxed a full-time job out of her hobby – and, like all good stories, her bakery’s become something of a quiet success.

Unlike most patisseries, she maintains full control over the process by baking solo, even if that means just producing two wedding cakes a week.

Each is made from scratch using a butter-based sponge cake, and matched with an Italian meringue buttercream base.

From there, Paulin builds five combinations for your picking – think speckled earl grey tea cake with sea salt caramel buttercream and dark chocolate frosting. Mmm.

While Crummb doesn’t do dessert tables, prices start from $800 for a three-tier cake (good for 40 guests), and from $1,280 for a four-tier cake that feeds 250 guests.

The final cost is tied to the number of tiers per cake – although you’ve the option of using dummy tiers, if you’re just gunning for looks.

Tastings are priced at an affordable $20 for up to four pax.

Address: 80 Rifle Range Road (by appointment only)

Email: [email protected]


Source: Cupplets

Here’s a store whose bakes I can attest to.

Despite its location, Cupplets goes against the grain by producing affordable cakes without compromising on taste.

Prices start from $725 for a two-tier cake (good for 85 guests), and from $1,000 for a three-tier cake for 100 guests – although these are dependent on the number of sponge layers and trimmings, including flowers and fruit.

Note: a lead time of at least a month is required.

If it’s dessert tables you’re after, Cupplet’s are considerably affordable.

Prices range from $880 to $1,280 (for up to 120 pax) – including floral arrangements, props and plates.

Obviously, you’ll need to provide a table for it.

Source: Cupplets

A consultation and tasting session goes for $80, during which time you’ll be allowed three cake flavour samples.

Address: Blk 16 Ngee Ann Polytechnic, #01-03

Email: [email protected]

Winifred Kriste Cake 

Source: @winifredkristecake | Instagram

Sugar flowers never looked so delicious – or realistic – as at Winifred Kriste Cake.

Autumnal, earthy-toned flowers sit pretty on tiered cakes, themselves in neutral tones of cream or beige.

It all seems impossibly inedible, and that’s founder Winifred Lua’s very intention.

After a stint at wedding cake artist Maggie Austin’s boutique, Lua went on to craft Victorian-styled sugar flower vases for Michelle Obama.

Like all good bakeries, orders are kept to a low volume to ensure quality is maintained.

Bespoke cakes typically require a lead time of up to six months.

If you’re interested, an $85 cake tasting session and consultation fee will be charged during your first appointment.

And final cake prices are confirmed thereafter (you’ll need to spend a minimum of $1,500 – I know it’s a little bit more expensive but look how gorgeous the cakes are!).

Address: 271 Bukit Batok East Avenue 4, #01-140

Email: [email protected]


Source: Susucre

European-style fondant cakes are the order of the day at Susucre – although they do pretty kick-ass dessert table spreads too, with all manner of confectionery and pastries.

Prices start from $550 for a two-tier cake, and $700 for a three-tier creation.

Like almost all bakeries on this list, tastings are also chargeable, and start at $35 for three flavours.

Meantime, its dessert tables (from $580) are designed for a minimum of 40 guests and include up to six pastries of your choice – from French macarons and fruit tartlets to pots de creme (chocolate mousse) and cake pops.

As a guide, Susucre requires a lead time of two weeks for wedding cakes and four weeks for a dessert table.

Address: 216 Joo Chiat Road, #01-03 Soho Life

Email: [email protected]

Edith Patisserie

Source: Edith Patisserie

Here’s a no-frills option for smaller weddings: Edith Patisserie is a home-style bakery whose customised cakes are designed for every occasion, from baby showers to weddings and birthdays.

Its bakes – at once rustic and laden with flavour – are unfortunately not available for tasting sessions, but you will enjoy free delivery on orders over $150 (except Sentosa, which would incur a $10 surcharge).

Prices start from $80 for a standard six-inch cake.

And obviously, this goes up significantly for customised wedding cakes.

As a guide, expect a lead time of at least 21 days for orders.

Address: 772 North Bridge Road

Email: [email protected]

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