Shopping For Clothes? Don't Miss Out On These Blogshops' 11.11 Promotions!

Shopping For Clothes? Don't Miss Out On These Blogshops' 11.11 Promotions!

Jacqueline Yan

You may not always need a Nintendo Switch or a Dyson Cyclone, but you’ll definitely need clothes!

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Whether you’re buying clothes for work or for going out, we all want to get the best deals, amirite? 

Regardless of your relationship status, 11.11 Single Day sales do not discriminate!

Now, I’ve combed through the blogshops for their promotions so you don’t to, so go forth and shop!

TL;DR – Ultimate Guide To Blogshop Promotions

BlogshopDetails Promo Code Validity
A for Arcade11% off storewide & free standard shipping within Singapore- excludes Backorder and New In SectionsingleandhappyEnds 11 November, 11:59pm
All Would Envy20% off storewide- Exclude backordersDiscount will be automatically applied at checkoutEnds 11 November, 11:59pm
Anticlockwise$11 off under 11.11 Section - Regular T&Cs apply1111Ends 11 November, 11:59pm
Carrislabelle20% off storewide- Regular T&Cs apply11.11saleEnds 11 November, 11:59pm
Faire BelleBuy 2 items, get 11% off - Regular T&Cs applyDiscount will be automatically applied at checkoutEnds 11 November, 11:59pm
Buy 3 or 4 items, get 22% off
Buy 5 or 6 items, get 33% off
Fayth11% off sale items
- min. spend of $111.10
- Singles' Day sale items (up to 70% off)
- free shipping above $120 is not valid during sale period
SINGLES11Ends 11 November, 11:59pm
- excludes new arrivals
Spend $60, get 15% off- excludes New ArrivalsAutomatically applied Ends 11 November, 11:59pm
Spend $120, get 25% off
Spend $160, get 35% off
Spend $220, get 45% off
Love, Bonito20% off sale items
- min. spend og $80
- Singles' Day sale items (up to 70% off)SPREE20Ends 12 November, 12 pm
Love & Bravery11% off storewide - excludes backordersSINGLESDAYEnds 11 November, 11:59pm
MDS Collections15% off sale items
- Min. purchase of 3 sale items
- 11.11 sale items (up to 80% off) 3SALE15OFFEnd 11 November, 11:59pm
ModparadeBuy 1, get 15% off - Excludes accessoriesMPELEVENEnds 11 November, 11:59pm
Buy 2, get 20% off
Buy 3, get 25% off
OhVola10% off sale items- Singles' Day sale items (up to 70% off)EXTRA10Ends 11 November, 11:59pm
PlayDress$22 for all items - Online exclusiveDOUBLE11Ends 11 November, 11:59pm
2 for $22- In-storeDiscount will be applied automatically in-storeEnds 11 November
Runway Bandits11% off items on Singles' Day sale - Regular T&Cs applySINGLES11Ends 12 November, 12pm
Shop Sassy Dream30% off any 2 sale items - Regular T&Cs applyDiscount will be reflected upon checkoutEnds 12 November, 12 pm
Supergurl11% off storewide- Regular T&Cs apply11.11%Ends 13 November, 11:59pm
The Editor's Market20% off storewide- Limited to 10% for Life CollectionDiscount will be automatically applied at checkoutEnds 11 November, 11:59pm
The Fleur Label11% off first item- Regular T&Cs apply1111Ends 11 November, 11:59pm
22% off all subsequent items
The Stage Walk50% off sale items
- min. purchase of 3 sale items
- Regular T&Cs applysinglesday50Ends 11 November, 11:59pm
The Tinsel Rack20% off storewide
- excludes latest Comfort Zone collection Discount will be applied automatically at checkoutEnds 12 November, 11:59pm
The Velvet Dolls11% off storewide
- orders below $100
- excludes November New Arrivals, pre-orders, backorders and bridesmaids collection11.11Ends 13 November
22% off storewide
- min. spend $100
Topazette11% off all 11/11 items
- min. purchase of 2 items
- Regular T&Cs applySINGLES11Ends 15 November, 11:59pm
11% off new arrivals
- min. purchase of 2 items
Wardrobe Mess
Buy 1 piece, get 11% off - Excludes sale tab
- No free shipping (for orders above $60 during this promotion)
11ELEVENEnds 12 November, 11:59pm
Buy 2 pieces, get 21% off
Buy 3 pieces or more, get 31% off

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by anyone to provide these promo codes for you, we simply want to help save some time and money for you guys. You’re welcome! 

What Are Some Hacks When Shopping On Blogshops?

Subscribe To Their Newsletters

Easily the most low-effort hack here, but hey, it still works!

If it’s your first time buying from a new blogshop, chances are, they are going to give you a discount on your first purchase if you subscribe to receive their updates.

illustration of email influx
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And if you really like the blogshops’ offerings, you won’t be that bothered by the number of emails they will send you, so all’s good!

Some of you might even think of using different email addresses so that you can enjoy the first-purchase discount a few times, but hey, you didn’t hear that from me…

On top of that, since they’ll want to retain you as their customer, some blogshops may even have exclusive promotions for their subscribers.

Membership Programme

Some blogshops are jumping on the membership or loyalty programme bandwagon and are rewarding their loyal customers for shopping with them.

If you have a favourite blogshop that you’re always buying from, this will be super useful for you!

It works the same way as a mall loyalty programme.

You’ll accumulate points or tokens for every dollar spend and you can exchange your points for vouchers to use on your next orders.

Look Out For Sales & Promotions

illustration of gorilla with sale tag
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Well done! If you’re reading this article, you’re already one step ahead of the rest!

While this might sound like I don’t support the brands, why pay for something at the full price when you know can get it for a lower price?

Call me an auntie, but most of the time, I’m only buying items from the sales section of the individual blogshops…

Unless there’s an item that really caught my eye and I can’t wait until it goes on sale.

Collate Orders With Friends

You might already have noticed this trend when looking through the ongoing promotions, but some blogshops give you more discount when you buy more items!

Now, if you’re going to buy more pieces just to unlock a higher tier of discount, that ain’t a very good move, ya?

Otherwise, the easiest trick to fall for is the minimum spend required for free shipping?

You could have just been a few bucks away from free shipping and you added another item that you didn’t originally plan to get, just to get free shipping?

That’s simply spending more to ‘save more’!

How now, brown cow? 

It’s pretty easy! You just need to gather some friends and share the load of meeting the minimum spend, whether it’s for a higher tier of discount or for free shipping!

Using The Right Credit Card

You knew from the start that this was going to be one of our hacks, right?

But yes! Using the right credit card when shopping online can contribute to more cashback at the end of the month, in a way, that’s giving you an even bigger discount!

Also, it doesn’t hurt to do your homework before scrolling through the beautiful pieces of clothing! Some blogshops have exclusive promotions for certain banks and cardholders, isn’t that great?

Buh-bye, it’s my turn to make use of the promo codes on top!

Not sure which credit card is best for you? Feel free to ask our friendly community, you can do it anonymously too if you’re shy!

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Still have more questions after reading the article? Fret not, ask our community here!