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Brief: All Servicemen Can Look Forward To $100 Worth Of NS50 Voucher

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What Is The News About:
  • All servicemen can look forward to receiving $100 worth of vouchers as part of the efforts to mark 50 years of national service (NS).
  • Participating 270 merchants include fashion retailers, telco shops and cinemas and even budget carrier, Jetstar Asia.
  • The vouchers should find their way to you within the next two months. All vouchers are valid until the end of next year.
 Why It Matters To Seedly Users:
  • The last time the NS vouchers were given out, was in the year 2013 under NS45 at the face value of $50 to $100.
  • Having said that, the $100 voucher for NS45 is actually worth more than the $100 voucher for NS50 due to inflation.
  • Seedly users can use it to offset a portion of their expenditures and invest whatever you save from this initiative. We are really huge fans of the STI ETF regular saving plans. Feel free to check it out!

Source of news: Straits Times

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