Brief: How Much Will Chelsea Receive For Winning The Premier League?

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What Is The News About:
  • Chelsea crowned champion for Premier League 2017 with 93 points on the Premier League table.
  • Chelsea set a new Premier League record of 30 wins in a season.
  • Chelsea will be the first champion club to enjoy the latest TV deal, worth over SGD12billion distributed amongst all 20 clubs in the league.
Fun Facts For Seedly Readers:
  • Each league position is worth about SGD3million from the bottom of the table up, with a total of close to SGD620million is up for grabs in prize money.
    Champion team Chelsea will receive close to SGD59million.
  • On top of that, Chelsea will receive over SGD124million from international TV rights, commercial contracts and the “equal share” payment. This is part of the TV deal for all 20 clubs in the league.
  • For every time Chelsea is shown live on TV this season, an additional fee will be given too.

Find out how much your favourite team will receive:

Premier League Prize Money

source: http://www.totalsportek.com/money/premier-league-prize-money

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