Brief: 3 Hacks To Increase Your Odds Of Getting NDP 2017 Tickets

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What Is The New About:

  • Singaporeans can now ballot for your NDP 2017 tickets through online, SMS, or SAM and AXS stations.
  • Singaporeans have until 4th June 2017 to ballot for their NDP 2017 tickets.
  • Any evil attempt to sell NDP tickets will result in the culprit being barred from balloting in future.

Life Hacks To Improve Your Chance On Getting NDP 2017 Tickets:

  • Should you have tried your luck last year and failed to obtain your tickets, there’s a relatively higher chance of you getting yours this year.
    Either that or, if you know of a friend who is in this category but prefers to watch the parade at the comfort of his home, buy him a cup of coffee in exchange for his favour to help ballot for the tickets.
  • Ticket allocation will be prioritised for Singapore Citizens.
  • As quoted on NDP ticketing website:” Each applicant can only apply for 2, 4 or 6 tickets. The lower the number of tickets applied for, the higher the chances of obtaining them.”
    If you are looking to bring your family of 6 to watch the parade, increase your odds of getting the tickets by activating all the 6 members of the family to ballot for it. Simply have each member in your family to ballot for 2 tickets each.
    Feel free to activate your whole ” Kampong” to help you do so.

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