Brief: Singaporean Parents Now Have An Option For More Affordable Infant Milk Formula

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What Is The News About:

  • Parents in Singapore are generally upset about the cost of milk powder in Singapore. This is mainly because there was simply little control over the pricing and milk powder soar to a 120% in 10 years.
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  • With little alternative to whatever was sold on the shelves, the cost of having a baby becomes one of the main reason that Singapore couples think twice about having children.
  • Einmilk, a made-in-Singapore infant milk formula is owned by local company AE Solution and manufactured here by SMC Nutrition.
  • Einmilk uses milk sourced from New Zealand,  and comes in four formulations.

” Seems legit to us.”

What Does It Mean For Singaporeans:

  • The price of Einmilk is competitive compared to most of the brands out there, hence reducing the cost of having a baby now.
  • Price for stage 1 to 3 ranges from $33 to $39 for an 800g tin, while its lactose-free one is priced at $25 for 400g. This is definitely way cheaper compared to the average price of $56.06 for 900g in the market.
  • Parents can purchase Einmilk formulas U Stars supermarkets or get it online on Shopify. There are definitely plans to have it on the shelves of more retailers.
  • Einmilk is the brand by two local businessmen Eric Chua and Alvin Tan, who kicked off on the idea two years ago after seeing the lack of affordable milk formulas options available to Singapore parents.

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