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A Singaporean’s Price Comparison To Buffet Vs A La Carte

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Christmas Day will be upon on in less than a week and it’s that time where you gather around the table to have a nice family dinner. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, the holiday season is a great reason to spend some time with your family and eat!

For those of us who are tired of cooking at home and would like to eat out, where is the best place to go and if so, should we go for a buffet? Inspired by Seth Lui’s article, we have decided to compare the prices of the best buffet places in Singapore so that you can decide if you would like to visit these restaurants for a buffet!

International Restaurants

Source: DanielFoodDiary

Lime Restaurant

A vibrant and welcoming restaurant with a wide range of international dishes to entice the palate. Not only do they have an assortment of fresh seafood but they also serve exquisitely cooked food with their fresh ingredients.

A la carte menu is at approximately $41 per person excluding drinks. If you intend on having a feast especially during Christmas, opt for the buffet menu which costs $60+

Buffet: $60 SGD
Ala carte: $41 SGD (excl. drinks)
Source: Seth Lui

Melt Café

A sophisticated restaurant where you can find a mashup of different cuisines. Not only can you dine in-house but a patisserie counter is available where you can but the award-winning pastries to enjoy at home.

Assuming you will be enjoying your dinner with a glass of wine, you can expect to spend approximately $70 to $80. With an a la carte dinner at that price, you can go for the dinner buffet instead where you can enjoy endless options of the international cuisine.

Buffet: $85 SGD
Ala carte: $86 SGD (incl. wine)

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Japanese Restaurants

Source: Shin Minori

Shin Minori

Enjoy fresh Japanese food at affordable prices at Shin Minori. Here, you also get to enjoy their extensive selection of sake served by their wonderful staff.

Their a la carte menu excluding drinks is approximately half the price of the buffet menu, this means you’re not making a loss if you choose to dine from their a la carte menu!

Buffet: $39 SGD
Ala carte: $22 SGD (excl. drinks)

Kushi Dining Bar

Source: Buffet Singapore

Serving a wide range of tantalizing dishes, Kushi has something for everyone! With fresh seafood imported from Japan, get ready to enjoy extremely fresh seafood prepared by experienced chefs with 20 years of experience!

If you think you will be full on a sushi set consisting of 5 pieces of sushi and maki as well as 8 pieces of salmon sashimi then the a la carte menu would be great for you. For those of you who don’t think that’s enough, opt for the buffet menu where you can enjoy all the Japanese you want!

Buffet:$43 SGD (classic)
Ala carte: $33 SGD(excl. drinks)

Halal Restaurants

Source: 10best

Straits Kitchen

A restaurant located in Grand Hyatt serving local dishes for you to enjoy! From rojak to stingray, how can you say no? Enjoy the a la carte menu where you can have a main course, dessert and a drink at $39+.

However, if you feel like you can’t get enough of our local cuisine, go for the buffet option which is at $62.

Buffet: $62 SGD
A la Carte: $39 SGD
Source: Jacqsowhat


Craving Japanese food? Sakura is the place to go to where you get to enjoy a wide selection of halal Japanese food! Not only that but you also get to try out their buffet of quality and affordable seafood. Eating from the a la carte menu would cost $27 but if you enjoy eating an endless amount of sushi and sashimi, go for the buffet menu!

Buffet: 40 SGD
A la carte: $27 SGD (excl. drink)

Unique Buffets

Source: Spicerover

Don Quijote:

On regular days Don Quijote is a regular Spanish restaurant but on the weekend, they have a Tapas Brunch Buffet available at only $38. This is only $10 more than if you were to order 2 tapas that come to a total of $27. No way can you be full on 2 tapas alone!

If you want to get a little buzzed on the weekend, top up an additional $20 for the free flow of beer, wine and sangria!

Buffet: $38 SGD tapas brunch
A la carte: $27 SGD (excl. drinks)
Source: Hungrygowhere

Chicken Up

Wanna get a little messy? Go to Chicken up with a group of friends and enjoy a free flow of chicken, beer, and soju! With a buffet price of $35 for females and $45 for males instead of the ala carte price of $30, it is definitely worth it to opt for the buffet!

Buffet: (f) $35 SGD (m) $45 SGD
A la carte: $30 SGD

We know that buffets are the best way to make your dinner or lunch worth your money especially if you can eat a lot but for those of us who may not enjoy eating too much, are we making a loss by choosing the buffet menu? For restaurants like Melt cafe and Kushi Dining Bar you should opt for the buffet menu.

The reason for this is that choosing from the buffet menu, although $10 cheaper would give you a wider variety of food INCLUSIVE of drinks. Melt cafe’s a la carte menu would cost a dollar more than the buffet price making the menu the most value for money out of all the options in the list!

As we all know, we will experience a lot of spending during this time of the year so be sure to keep track of your finances and be sure to gather all the personal finance tips you can from our community!

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