the woke salaryman's illustration on how money can buy happiness

Can Money Buy You Happiness?

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“Money can’t buy you happiness”

We’ve probably all heard this from our parents before, as an advice to be down-to-earth and not be too money-minded.

Well, I did.

Seedly Q&A Can money buy you happiness?

And clearly, I’m not alone because someone in the Seedly community asked the same question as well!


Unfortunately, cancer statistics are not on our side. While you can’t pay your cancer to go away, the majority of that money will end up in your treatment plans.

Seriously? Why am I paying more for taking care of myself?!

Luckily, we’ve found ways you can eat healthy while saving money and keeping to your budget!


You can’t be healthy without some hard work, ya? Turns out, you can fit in your workout routine without worrying about emptying your wallet!


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