With strong competition and private electricity retailing to be rolled out islandwide in Singapore by the second half of the year, which electricity retailer is the cheapest in Singapore currently? We compare all 13 of them across 3 different plans (Fixed Price Plan, Discount Off Tariff Plan, off-peak plans) to find out!

A simple and accurate introduction to Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Platforms and a comparison of the players in the market today! Read real user reviews on these platforms today!

A cheap way to protect yourself or your other half from critical illnesses!

We created the ultimate movie ticket price guide for all our fellow Singaporeans because you can save up to 10% if you take time to compare ticket prices.

Kicking start your investment journey with as little as $100 per month with Regular Savings Plan. Find out who provides the cheapest Regular Savings Plan in Singapore?

Before heading down, check this price list out – we helped you see if it’s worth it!

We did a comparison on all the fibre broadband plans. Start saving on your bills today!

Search, Compare and Track. Does Google’s latest widget live up to its expectations as a new age flight comparison site? Read more to find out!

We did a comparison of all the SIM-ONLY plans for all the telco in Singapore. Here’s how you can save a total of more than $300 on your mobile bills!

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