The good and the bad of joining the insurance industry.

2 agent-friends trying to hit their targets: “I buy from you, you buy from me!” #truestory

“Charging teachers for parking their cars when most of the time they worked longer hours for students without asking anything back?”

That was exactly what we thought, but it wasn’t until we chanced upon a heartfelt Facebook post of Mindy, that we see the need to write about it.

You are not ready to embark on your first job until you have read this article. From how to build your career wardrobe, staying healthy at work, to all the personal finance must-do a first-jobber needs to know.

Is starting pay that good a representation of our education system?

Every single one of 500 NBA players, 1,700 NFL players and 1,200 MLB players earn at least $500,000 per year, while only 300-400 esports players can make an annual income above S$30,000-$40,000.

Tough times: From facing rejections to having to juggle with school work while job hunting.

As our nation grows, it’s important to plan your career path well in order to stay relevant.

Accounting clerks, payroll managers and market researchers. Those are some of the many jobs going obsolete in Singapore. Are you at risk of losing your job?

Do you belong to one of these 5 types of Singaporean working adults?

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