Feeling the pinch after graduating? Fortunately, you’re not alone. We’ve all been through & done that. So, read on more to find out how job interviews have changed over time & how you can be better prepared for them in 2018/2019.

Have you always wondered how much you are earning compared to the average Singaporean? Here’s a simple guide among Singaporeans and what you can do about it.

” What would you do if you found a penguin in the freezer?”

“You’ve been given an elephant. Giving it away or selling it is not an option. What would you do with the elephant?”

Always read your employment contract in detail before commiting to it. As an employee, you should be aware of your rights and entitlements regarding annual leave, off in lieu, and special perks that your company has to offer.

You get to shop for people, declutter your life and even meet and make new friends! What more could we ask for?

The good and the bad of joining the insurance industry.

2 agent-friends trying to hit their targets: “I buy from you, you buy from me!” #truestory

“Charging teachers for parking their cars when most of the time they worked longer hours for students without asking anything back?”

That was exactly what we thought, but it wasn’t until we chanced upon a heartfelt Facebook post of Mindy, that we see the need to write about it.

You are not ready to embark on your first job until you have read this article. From how to build your career wardrobe, staying healthy at work, to all the personal finance must-do a first-jobber needs to know.

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