Sick and tired of burning a hole in your pocket for quality steamboat at Hai Di Lao or Beauty in the Pot?

Here are some affordable steamboat places, without compromising on the quality of food.

Food is the heartbeat of us Singaporeans

Weekend getaway to Malacca? Here’s a compiled list of recommendations by our community members. PS: 80% things of this list will satisfy your taste buds!

Why the prices are so high and how you can make Instagram-worthy food at lower costs yourself

What Is Meal Prep? Doing a Meal Prep means making your week, or days’ worth of food ahead of time so you can heat it up in batches throughout the week, saving time and money. Here are reasons why meal prep saves you money as well as tips to begin.

Coffee — what keeps us alive on Mondays.

Reinventing Singaporean Hawker Culture

Here are some of the best Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore, based on real user suggestions and reviews from the Smarter Way Community by Seedly and ShopBack.

Here’s how to game your Economic rice (Cai png) ordering game

Wanting to unwind and relax with a group of friends can sometimes be hard if you’re unable to decide on which bars to go to and it gets even harder if you want to go to an affordable bar where you don’t have to worry about buying more than one drink. Not to worry, we’ve […]

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