Find out how the government plans to make pre-school and tertiary studies more affordable and accessible.

How much will you draw with the diploma you are holding, should you get a degree?

O-Level results are out. And if you’re planning to go to NUS Law, the JC route will save you S$8,190.30 as compared to going to Poly.

Everybody talks about the adventures they’ve had while studying overseas. It’s no wonder that when you break down the costs of individualised expenses, harsh reality kicks in.

Here we walk you through steps to take upon receiving your PSLE results.

Debunking the myth of secondary school ranking affecting the price of property in their area
” Live near a good school, it is good for your property price.” Really?

“The total expense for tuition for primary school subjects ranges from S$31,680 to S$117,560 over 6 years.”
Imagine sending your children to tuition for all his subjects since primary 1. Guess how much will that costs you?

Graduated with a degree that is no longer relevant or you have no interest in?
Are you on a job which you hate?
Lost in life?

Here are some ways that you can change things!

When planning for your tertiary education, should you take up a Tuition Fee Loan?
Is it really 0%, here we find out!

Embarking on a new chapter in life is very exciting but there will always be a tinge of worry in relation to finance. For potential university students or parents of students out there, here are the available scholarships for the relevant public universities that you can consider signing up for.

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