For those who’d find it a hassle to exercise, here’s a list of affordable fitness classes near your office, so that you’d be able to clog in a fuss-free workout.

A 20kg dumbbell is not going to be “lighter” in a more expensive gym. Check out these <$100 options to get your sweat on!

Should you just sit on your membership?

Think that you’re getting a great deal on your whey protein powder? You haven’t seen our Ultimate Protein Powder Price Comparison yet…

What are the types and cost of braces in Singapore? The top choice of metal braces ranges between S$3,600 to S$5,000. Ceramic braces, Lingual braces and Invisalign are far more expensive. Prices also vary depending on the severity of the patient’s teeth.

Should you spend like the influencers you follow?

Has anyone ever encountered a beautiful pair of running tights at Lululemon or Adidas, but flipped over the price tag and it shows a whopping $120? Why is activewear so expensive these days?

Given that beauty and skincare is considered a need, a general rule of thumb should you choose to adopt the above budgeting model of the 50/30/20 rule will be that all your expenses on needs (including beauty and skincare products) should not exceed 50% of your salary.

Between that tub of Whey Protein and that piece of chicken breast, which is cheaper for the same amount of protein? Tag that gym freak friend of yours!

Whoever told you that keeping fit is an expensive hobby has yet to read this article. Yoga session below $25, professional workout session below S$5, Zumba class below S$15 etc.

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