Need a change of environment? Here are some hacks (albeit scrooge-y) to let you study in cafes and non-eateries for almost FREE

Yes. You read that right. #dontsaybojio

Psst… Did you know that you only need to take 11 days of leave to enjoy 40 days off work in 2020? #dontsaybojio

With the advent of new technologies and mobile platforms, online companies often find ways to grow. Making it more efficient to shop is one of the benefits from this. Hence, consumers should be smarter with a full list of options to jump on and save money.

You can choose between spotting a UFO, winning the Olympics, the Academy Award or a date with a supermodel, and still not strike TOTO.

Been happily spending or gambling your Ang Pao money away? No more! Take a read to find out how you can make your money doubly huat this Lunar New Year!

Sick and tired of losing money on Ban Luck (Blackjack) every Chinese New Year? Use this guide to help you make “smarter decisions” to recoup some of these losses over the past years.

Seedly CNY Tools: Chinese New Year Games Guide Happy CNY from the Seedly team! It’s that time of the year again, Seedly smells money in the air. In order to save you all the searching, we have put together the instructions on how to play 3 popular card games during Chinese New Year: Blackjack, Poker […]

According to the Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute, more than two-thirds of purchases done in a supermarket are unplanned purchases. Here are several SIMPLE ways to reduce your grocery expenses.

We give you tips on where to buy Chinese New Year (CNY) goodies. Avoid expensive haircuts and how to save on that expensive outfit.

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