The new year has arrived and with that comes the possibility of an increased cost of living. In an article focusing on a similar topic, we shared three possible areas which will experience a hike in prices such as water, COE prices and a possible 2% increase in GST. Here are seven tips that we […]

Over the past months leading up to Christmas, We have probably spent more than we should. Not to worry! You can make up for your overspending by looking through this list of items you SHOULD be buying after Christmas.

” The success of most Singaporeans entering the workforce lies on domestic workers. Domestic workers lifted the burden of housework from us and make it easier and convenient for us to focus on work. If I did not have to do my own housework, I would have so much energy.”

Groceries represent one of the biggest buckets of spending for Singaporeans. According to ValuePenguin, the average Singaporean family spends about S$1,334 on food and beverages each month. Even if you were to avoid dining out and cook at home most of the times, feeding a family of 3 can easily cost S$1,000 on a monthly basis. While […]

$134 Million Spent On Water Bringing a bottle from home may seem like a burden especially with a bottle taking up space and adding additional weight. You would rather not bring that bottle and buy a drink from your local convenience store. Data from research firm, Euromonitor international shows that Singaporeans spent $134 million on bottled water […]

The history of Cashback originated from the idea of loyalty and encouraging customers to make repeat purchases. As savvy customers, let us find the best ways to save money in our everyday lives!

Here’s a simple strategy to take on the role as a money changer instead if you are planning to change a large sum of money SGD/USD to other currency!

Online companies often find ways to grow and make it more efficient to shop. This list of good products addresses interesting money-saving opportunities!

Get on these 4 apps to save $1,600 on lifestyle expenses!

Here are some ” Lobangs” for saving money on grocery shopping!

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