How much do I need to spend to be Grab’s Platinum member? Here are some tips to “Level up” fast towards it, if you think it is worth it!

We did a comparison of all the SIM-ONLY plans for all the telco in Singapore. Here’s how you can save a total of more than $300 on your mobile bills!

To protect your pockets from silly mistakes, here are the most common everyday fines in Singapore you need to be aware of.

If you cannot count beyond your fingers and toes, personal finance will be a big headache with all the calculations involved. Well, that was until you chanced upon this article.

What if our smartphones could detect skin cancer?

I can choose between spotting a UFO, winning the Olympics, the Academy Award or a date with a supermodel, and still not strike TOTO.

Apps to learn new skills, survey apps to turn time into cash, complete personal administrative tasks, news apps to build up knowledge, brainstorm, check up on a friend and reflect.

Seedly CNY Tools: Chinese New Year Games Guide It’s that time of the year again, Seedly smells money in the air. In order to save you all the searching, we have put together the instructions on how to play 3 popular card games during Chinese New Year: Blackjack, Poker and In-Between Here’s the simplified guide! […]

Sick and tired of losing money on Ban Luck (Blackjack) every Chinese New Year? Use this guide to help you make “smarter decisions” to recoup some of these losses over the past years.

What Is Meal Prep? Doing a Meal Prep means making your week, or days’ worth of food ahead of time so you can heat it up in batches throughout the week, saving time and money. Here are reasons why meal prep saves you money as well as tips to begin.

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